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this isn't to flower and frisk, but to the creator of the blog. Thank you for taking your time and putting so much effort into the work you've shown. I appreciate every bit of these and I hope you are doing well! Since the chara sideline is over do you plan to go back to the story, or do another magic anon thing

Sadly, that was the very last Magic anon I can do for this blog, but Don’t worry I have something planned for later~

I’m just finishing up adding my sounds on my game and making some tweaks before I start streaming in a bit


Booth and Brennan, a great love story, THE great love story. I never knew where I stood on love. It seemed a foreign concept, and whilst it still does seem that way to me, I’ve found renewed faith in the idea of love as a whole. I owe that to Booth and Brennan and the love they have demonstrated over the past 12 years/seasons. I have never known, nor witnessed, a love so pure and magical. They experience the struggles of real life couples, they have realistic conflict, and they’ve been through more than any couple could ever imagine. But they’ve come out stronger on the other side. They ALWAYS come out stronger and that is owed to their individual traits but also to the love they share and the faith they have in each other.

Booth loves Brennan more than anything. His love for her far outweighs the negative feelings he has for anything else. It was because of Brennan that he decided to start recovering from gambling. It was because of Brennan that he picked himself up time and time again because he wanted to be a better person for her. The best thing about this is that Brennan never asked him to be a better person. She loved him just the way he was as well, and rather than making him feel small, she encouraged him to do better by reminding him of who he is. Booth does the same in return even before they were together romantically. And that’s because he knew right from the beginning and would do anything in his power to make sure she is safe and happy.

They have the fundaments of a healthy, loving relationship. They support, encourage, love, care, comfort, and help each other be better and do better. They are the definition of love. Their relationship was built on trust and faith in each other (absolutely not, ludicrous) and they developed a healthy friendship before they entered into a romantic relationship. They knew each other inside out. They could soothe each other with a simple touch. Ignite fireworks inside each other with a touch of a hand on an arm or leg.

Brennan never believed that love existed. She dreamed of getting married when she was a child and she even had a wedding dress picked out. But she didn’t believe that love would ever conquer her. As soon as Seeley Booth walked into that lecture hall, her life changed forever. Suddenly there was someone who cared about where she was and if she was safe, who wanted her to smile and laugh, who wanted to give her every good experience, who cared for her, who hugged her when she was sad, who came over with takeout at 12am when she couldn’t sleep. He wanted everything for her and he was determined to give it to her.

Of course, not all love stories can start off perfectly. They didn’t talk to each for a year and they butt heads more often than not but they had a spark that was undeniable. A spark that deserved to be explored. So explore they did. And what they found was something more than they ever knew was possible. They found a love that only some get to experience. They created a family on top of the family they’d already built with their squints.

Two lonely souls found each other and if Brennan believed in soulmates that’s what she’d call them. Two hearts. Two brains. Four arms. Four legs. One love.

UnderStar part 1

Hey everyone Mr.E here with another of my older stories. Last week i was working on Starco week 3 but yesterday i came down with a bit of a stomach bug. it’s passed but i decided as i take the day off, Why not post one of my favorite stories I wrote? My Star crossover with undertale. I really try to catch the feel of the video game so i hope you enjoy it. Honestly this is as fourth wall breaking, meta humor as the game itself and there are minor spoilers for the beginning. To really help you readers get into the mood, I am leaving it unaltered from the fanfiction format i used. this was a birthday present for my friend @hains-mae who actually did some great artwork for the story that i recommend you check out. that’s it for me, have an amazing week and i’ll talk to you soon

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What would they look like if...

Mod: I love the idea of alternate dimensions and exploring what characters may look/act like in different situations  It’s great for story and character development.  So, I’ve been toying with the idea of turning the poke’kids into humans for a while, (plus I’ve been inspired by the fanart by @frostbite338, ^.^) and I gotta say… They are ADORBS!!!

First, I did Squirt.  I wanted his outfit to be Squirtle inspired, complete with coat-vest, scarf, and Squirtle-tail-inspired hair to top it off. Not sure about pants and still undecided about the sock hat… I just can’t get over the hair…

Second, there’s Chip.  I’m still undecided about his outfit, but since he’s the tallest of the three, I think a high collar would be best for him, like a turtle neck. Maybe? I Dunno. I think it looks cool. I really want him to have a Charmander/pony tail or something too… I like the Jim-Hawkins-from-Treasure-Planet look.  (Bonus: Edward Elric anyone?)

Finally, there’s Bulbetta. I have, legit, no idea about the outfit yet LOL! But I’ve decided to give her a bob cut… and keep her shorter than the others - Mwahaha! >:)  

So, that’s about it.  See anything you like? Got some ideas? Should they be turned into something else? Let me know below. Cheers!

Oh, yeah, and bonus:

Catch ya later!

Edit: ‘cause I’m a ding-dong, edited for better accuracy ;p

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Hi, odd question, but do you know if we ever got a reason for Tamiyo travelling and recording stories or is it probably so she has great bedtime stories for her kids?

She’s a chronicler, driven by the pursuit of knowledge!

My Top 5 Kid Movies

1. The Lion King

I think it’s hilarious how much the Sons of Anarchy stole from this movie. Jax even looks like Simba.

2. Matilda

I just saw this for the first time, in the mornings while waiting to take my granddaughter to school.

3. Finding Nemo

Great story, great animation.

4. The Wizard of Oz

Confession- this movie scared the crap out of me as a kid. One of my favorite Coen Brothers movies, “O Brother Where Art Thou,” borrows heavily from this movie.

5. Toy Story 3

The ending, omg. So bittersweet.

I know little when it comes to love
But i knew that it wasn’t a love story
It was a story about love
We were two souls refusing to give up on each other
We reached the deepest part of our heart saw the world trough the same eyes
And aspired to the same peace
But oh man whats a great story without a tragedy
During the darkest night of the univers
Where the stars failed to shine
He though giving up on me was easier



Diving with sharks in South Australia

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…


Rotating supercell thunderstorm over Oklahoma, from 2012.

Summary of Danganronpa
  • DR1: Tell em' Naegi
  • SDR2: No Komaeda, Hope is not an instrument
  • DRAE: *leans into the mic* goodbye u little shits
  • DR3Future: dear boy
  • DR3Despair: they live and die by the meme
  • DR3Hope: Being Munakata is suffering
  • DR2.5: Fucking fuckers with talent, go fucking kill urselves
  • DR0: MatsudakunmatsudakunmatsudakunmATSUDAKUNMATSUDAKUN
  • DRTogami: all my friends are dead
  • DRKirigiri: Onee-sama
  • DRIF: Junko no-
  • NDRV3: why the fuck u lyin'
  • DR School mode/island mode: meet my harem, everybody