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I'll bet when Dice comes up in a conversation when he's not around, Devil's like "Yeah, isn't he great~? 💕"

Mr. Wheezy: (complaining to Devil) King Dice cut my hours because i snapped at a patron-

The Devil: (thinking about his secret bf) Yeah he’s great right?

Mr. Wheezy: What?

The Devil: Sorry continue.


After exhausting the little knowledge that Avery actually had about the content of the Lucas Dark books themselves, Theo was starting to exhaust himself of the small amount of confidence he actually possessed. And with every passing second, Avery could sense him slipping further and further back inside his shell. He knew that he had to think fast, so he just went with what Sabrina had told him about his interest in writing, hoping that he could spark the little boy’s interest just as he had sparked his.

Avery: “So, what is it that you like so much about the Lucas Dark books?”

Theo: “I don’t know, I guess they’re just pretty cool.”

Avery: “Would you say that they’re your favourite books?”

Theo: “…No.”

Avery: “Really? Why not?”

Theo: “Well I think all books are great in their own rights. I couldn’t pick a favourite; why would you when there are so many different stories and worlds you can jump into?”

Avery: (chuckles) “Spoken like a true author.”

Theo: “What?”

Avery: “You answered that just like an author would have, you think the same way that they do. You’ve got a real passion for literature, Theo. I can see it in the creative way your mind works.”

Theo: “You - you can?”

Avery: “Of course, this whole time I’ve been talking to you I can tell how passionate you are about characters and stories written by others, so I can only imagine how invested you are in those that you create yourself.”

Theo: (blushes) “I, uh, I’m not that great at writing my own stories.”

Avery: “I doubt that, so why do you think so?”

Theo: “I just… I never finish them or I don’t think that I’ll be able to write them as well as I imagine them to be, so they just…stay in my head.”

Avery: “Well even if they stay up in your head, they’re still yours. You still created them, that was all down to you, Theo.”

Theo was rendered speechless by everything that Avery was saying to him. As overwhelming as it was to be able to talk to an author like this, hearing him spout so much support and belief after going without it for this whole time left him at a loss of what to say or do.

Avery, on the other hand, wanted to try to get to the core of Theo’s ambition more than ever after relishing in the impact that he’d already made on the boy. He wanted to help, he wanted to make a difference, and this was his chance.

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ok but would it be illegal for me to walk out my door right now, continue walking and then just keep on walking forever and never go back home and maybe at some point die somewhere? that sounds like a great idea right now honestly and it's tempting

mood but i don’t think it’s illegal but like someone could file a missing persons report and all. if you’re feeling like that maybe watch some videos that calm you down or make you happy? have a shower? have a nap? have something to eat? draw something?

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Okay I'll try and probably fail, but okay xD I think you are 20 years old, your pronouns are she/her and you're female. Zodiac sign... Well, I know when your birthday is, but like... Um... Pisces? The last thing I know of, you're single. And now comes the hard stuff... Eye colour... I know there was this post about your eye colour... Um green or blue? I don't know anymore! You love drawing, rping and gaming, are an introvert and I think you're a fall person! Have a great day!

Holy cow, Spotty! You did great! Everything is right except the last one. But, I still like Fall time a lot because sweater weather so I’ll take it. Also in response to eye color, the answer is just “yes” xD You know me so well.

Slytherin: I could nap for four days straight.

Ravenclaw: I’m pretty certain that’s a coma.

Slytherin: Yeah, but imagine how well rested I’d be!

Ok guys, so here’s the deal. You don’t have to like this pairing, you don’t have to like the characters and you don’t have to like the show. But can we all please take a moment to acknowledge how important this scene is to Star Trek. Star Trek is over 50 years old. It’s always prided itself on championing great causes and the rights of everyone regardless of gender or race. It was the fandom that launched a thousand ships. It was the fandom that made it ok to ship. It is the fandom that has battled for this moment for years.

This fandom had multiple episodes scrapped because of networks being scared off by LGBTI story lines. Those networks, when it once did have a lesbian kiss, played it off as an ‘It’s ok because she used to be a man’.

This fandom where the writers and two of the actors were actually banned from having too many scenes together because their portrayals of their characters were not ‘family friendly’ according to the network heads.

And now, Star Trek has given us this. A strong relationship which is not being used as a punchline.

So please, whatever your feelings are for the characters themselves and Discovery as a series, lets just acknowledge how important this is for Star Trek.

We have hit the Final Frontier.

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favorite Steve moment? (you can do top five if necessary)

Oh maaaaan. Argh. So many to choose from!


1. Jumping on the grenade. Steve diving on the grenade is the moment where you see that he doesn’t even need the serum to be Captain America – this guy is 100% hero, pint-sized or not. He doesn’t want to be a soldier for glory, or out of bloodthirst. He genuinely believes he has a duty to lay down his own life to save others, and reacts accordingly without any hesitation. This is honestly the moment I fell in love with this goober.

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2. On va voir. Not only does this moment tell us Steve speaks French – and I love to headcanon that he picked up a whole smattering of European languages while fighting, but the spiky sex hair and the glower and everything just…. unf. (Look, I had to have at least one gratuitous sexy!Steve item in here.)

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3. The Triskelion Speech. This is such a poignant and quintessentially Steve scene. He believes every word, and genuinely believes people will step up, but he is also fully aware of what he’s asking them for and the cost. He doesn’t do it lightly. And it’s Cap’s strength that in believing the best of people, he’s able to inspire people to bravery and courage, and bring it out in others – even when situations are at their most dire. 

4. The elevator scene. The flipside of Steve believing in people so much, is that sometimes, they let him down. The moments leading up to this fight, when we see Steve assessing and realizing something isn’t right are great. We see how quick Steve is to detect the signs, put the pieces together, and realize what’s going on. His awareness and his ability to size up a situation are on display here – and then, it isn’t shock or rage on his face. It’s disappointment. But he grits his teeth and he deals with it and kicks ass – not because he enjoys it, but because that’s what he’s gotta do.

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5. “I can do this all day.” The way it reiterates, over and over, kills me. Because if there’s one thing Steve does, it’s endure. Even when he’s getting his ass kicked, even when he’s down and out, even when his heart is breaking, Steve gets back up and keeps fighting. He always keeps fighting.

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Honorary mention #1: Steve’s ridiculously extra fighting style, featuing, THROWING A FUCKING MOTORCYCLE, dropkicking the shield with a 6 foot high horizontal plank, pirouetting for days, JUMPING FROM GREAT HEIGHTS WITH NO PARACHUTE, STEVE, and generally doing shit that would give Evel Knievel a heart attack. Steve is so reserved and serious so often, that the sheer absurd extra-ness of his fighting style is absolutely hilarious to me.

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Honorary mention #2: The friggin’ flagpole scene. STEVE IS A SMART LIL’ COOKIE. He thinks outside the box, problem solves, and isn’t dependent on his strength. Steve might have brawn, but he didn’t always, and he got by for most of his life on his wits alone.

And now, Comics!Steve:

1. You Always Stand Up. This might be a Sarah Rogers line, but it’s Steve’s ethos through and through, and such a heartbreaking moment that tells us everything we need to know about how Steve became the man he is.

2. “No, you move.” It’s iconic for a reason. This speech gives me chills and always will. Steve is accused of being stubborn, and he is, but not without reason. Steve isn’t stubborn for petulance or ego; Steve digs in his heels and squares off when it’s the important things – like the soul of a nation – on the line. 

3. Those pages from Loose Nuke. Specifically, the exchange Steve has, where he talks about how his own parents were immigrants. They are particularly relevant in today’s climate. Steve isn’t here for discrimination, and he isn’t here for warmongering. “Isn’t that why we became soldiers? To fight for a peaceful world?”

4. That time Steve found an entire family squatting in his apartment and was totally chill about it and not only didn’t call the cops – he let them stay and helped them out. (Please read this whole post! It’s magical.)

5. That time Steve punched Nationalism right the fuck out. I hate when people assume, because of the name and the colors, that Cap is some hyper-patriotic jingoistic blowhard. Because nothing could be further from who he actually is. Steve will put America’s people and ideals ahead of her government and iconography every time. 

Honorary mention: The newest issue of the Waid & Samnee run, because this is my Cap and he’s back:

I know this went way beyond one favorite, but… I just REALLY LOVE STEVE, YOU GUYS. 

171209 방탄소년단 윙즈파이널 엔딩멘트
171209 방탄소년단 윙즈파이널 엔딩멘트


JUNGKOOK: yesterday I said that there were a lot of things I regretted, but there were so many people who were saying that it was okay or they liked it! so I was really thankful. and yesterday before sleeping I drank Theraflu and rested and anticipated this stage. and I think tomorrow will be even better, don’t you think, everyone? the song we just sang is one that’s full of emotion but I don’t want to have a sad ending. I got my own studio! it’ll be good if you anticipate it, I’ll work hard and produce a lot of cool songs so please look forward to that. today was really fun, thank you for that. I love you!

JHOPE: Was it fun? are you happy? good. we are satisfied because of that. if you’re happy and having fun and smiling, then that’s enough. we prepare a lot for a concert! before we go onstage we stretch and loosen our bodies with a trainer, we spend 30 minutes and decide things together about how to do certain songs. that’s how a concert comes to be, and it’s completed through your applause. at the end, of course, I want to rest and feel like I need to take a breather, but I overcome that feeling, and what helps me do that is everyone’s smiles and applause and cheers. it’s the biggest thing to me. you’re very important to me and you influence me so much. thank you and I love you. I also want to thank our members and my parents, they help me meet ARMY after all. I love you all so much, thank you for your energy!

JIMIN: No sad words will come out today! everyone here knows my heart so it doesn’t matter. did everyone have fun? the things I remember most from our tour is that… when we do the solo stages Jin hyung’s stage is after mine, so I see it, and his live is really great, right? since February he’s just been improving so much and I am very moved by it. wow, you’re all so pretty~ and wow, you all should be with us forever, what do you think? (cheers) okay, good. please be with us always, I’m thankful and I love you.

SUGA: From AX Hall to the Olympic Gymnasium to here… I’m so glad we could do this all with ARMY. although not everyone here is ARMY, of course, some people have been with us from the beginning, but there are probably some who just came for fun. but I wanna say–because this isn’t bluffing, this is confidence–I’m very proud of all of us and I think we can make you, fans today. (…) the people here all know. this is so much fun… I only wanna say enjoyable things to you. I’m so thankful, thanks for making this concert so fun. I love you!

V: Thank you, everyone. like the others, I practiced for a long time, but yesterday of all days I caught a cold. I’m not in good condition. I’ve been wanting to show you how much I’ve improved and all of the stuff I’ve been working on, but bc of this cold I haven’t been able to do that. my voice totally wasn’t coming out, but as soon as the con started a miracle happened and I was able to sing! (JM: he sang well, right?) I was like, what’s with this good news?? we received so many awards and so much love and attention this year and I’m so thankful, I hope you’ll all always be with us, forever. I love you!

JIN: I did this yesterday and want to do it today too. and I’ll probably do it tomorrow too! (sings in increasingly high tones) a-a-AR-MY!! we’ve been receiving so many awards thanks to ARMY. we’ve even now gotten 2 Daesangs (Grand prize) thanks to ARMY. I think that we’re warm because of ARMY’s love. it’s cold outside right? but it’s warm in here because of ARMY. when I see you… (puts on his heart glasses) (RM: nobody does this as well as him!) I wanted to do this in Korea once too. I’m very handsome. thanks to ARMY, I became this bright a person. thank you!

RM: I thought of something because of what Suga said. what does BTS mean? (JH: dutifully recites the meaning) I was thinking we should introduce ourselves again. older people know our name now! we’ve done so much lately. I’ve heard that people are saying we’ve been running and falling and getting up and running again, and now through DNA, we’ve even made it to the universe. from AX Hall to here, you were with us, so thank you. of course, we have to be at our concerts, as well as the staff and the various people who work backstage, but don’t you guys know that it’s your presence that completes it? in the future, let’s walk and run and fly together. I love you. with this concert, the curtain is going down on the Wings Tour but also on the BTS Trilogy as a whole. those episodes are what made BTS, and now it’s time to anticipate the stories that will unfold ahead. if there are people here who just came to see for fun, I’d like to thank you ahead of time for becoming our fans. and now, I’ll introduce our last song. I’m happy, and I love you.

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Cuphead on tumblr right now: great new art, jokes, legitimate appreciation for the passionate work behind the game and character designs

Cuphead on tumblr in a few months: Beppi the Clown inflation porn, King Dice dick shape headcanons, Wally Warbles kin drama, artist gets death threats over Hilda Berg porn, “the literal Devil is problematic, here’s 6 paragraphs on it”


My new hair🖤

In other news I start work on Thursday and have a interview at hot topic on Wednesday! I’m so excited! Things are going great right now.

I think a big part of how I see the world is that -

In college I was sick. In particular I was anorexic, and I nearly starved myself to death. I never accomplished anything, made commitments I couldn’t keep, lost track of time, and struggled with the most basic life tasks. I was anxious (mostly because I correctly knew that everything was going horribly) and lazy (because I could not possibly do enough things to matter, and doing things was hard and hurt) and unreliable and terrible. I ended up owing people a lot of money (I have since paid them all back) and failing at things that were really important to me and to other people.

And now I am in a good environment for me. I live with people who I can be reasonably assured don’t hate me and will tell me when they need me to do things differently, and I am no longer anxious. My work has clear expectations and is bite-sized and doesn’t pile up on me, and I reliably deliver it and do a good job. I have enough money I don’t have to deal with the mental overhead of deciding whether to buy the food I want, and I spend that mental overhead on better things. I am still messy and I am still bad at getting places on time, but I’m never late on rent. I am mostly a productive, honest, trustworthy, reliable person and I’m getting better at those things. I have friends and kiss girls (and the occasional boy) and I make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

Some of the difference was immaturity and lack of skills; much of the difference is that I had starved my brain until it stopped functioning; much of the difference was that I was in an environment that was not shaped to my strengths. But living through it gave me this powerful sense that the difference between a “lazy” person and a “successful” person, between a reliable person and an unreliable person, between a “good” person and a “bad” person, is a lot about whether they are in an environment shaped to their strengths. That almost everybody will be great in the right environment and really really struggle in a bad one. And some people have never ever encountered a bad one and think they’re just inherently great; and some people have never encountered a good one, and think they’re just inherently miserable and hard to get along with and unreliable and untrustworthy.

I absolutely think people are still accountable for the things they do in bad environments. I’ve worked really hard to fix the things I fucked up at when I was sick, and I don’t mean “it’s all the environment” to mean “it’s not you”. Just - the same you who was miserable and did bad things will be happy and do good things, in better circumstances, and lots of the human project is building those circumstances. 

I don’t know how to give everyone an environment in which they’ll thrive. It’s probably absurdly hard, in lots of cases it is, in practical terms, impossible. But I basically always feel like it’s the point, and that anything else is missing the point. There are people whose brains are permanently-given-our-current-capabilities stuck functioning the way my brain functioned when I was very sick. And I encounter, sometimes, “individual responsibility” people who say “lazy, unproductive, unreliable people who choose not to work choose their circumstances; if they go to bed hungry then, yes, they deserve to be hungry; what else could ‘deserve’ possibly mean?” They don’t think they’re talking to me; I have a six-figure tech job and do it well and save for retirement and pay my bills, just like them. But I did not deserve to be hungry when I was sick, either, and I would not deserve to be hungry if I’d never gotten better.

What else could ‘deserve’ possibly mean? When I use it, I am pointing at the ‘give everyone an environment in which they’ll thrive’ thing. People with terminal cancer deserve a cure even though right now we don’t have one; deserving isn’t a claim about what we have, but about what we would want to give out if we had it. And so, to me, horrible people who abuse others all the time deserve an environment in which they would thrive and not be able to abuse others, even if we can’t provide one and don’t even have any idea what it would look like and sensibly are prioritizing other people who don’t abuse others. If you have experiences, you deserve good experiences; if you have feelings, you deserve happy feelings; if you want to be loved, you are worthy of love. You flourishing is a moral good; everybody flourishing is in fact the only moral good, the entire thing morality is for. Your actions should have consequences, sure, and we should figure out how to build a world where those consequences are ones that you can handle, and where you can amend the things that you do wrong. When you hurt people, that can change what “you thriving” looks like, because part of thriving is fixing, and growing from, things you have done wrong; but nothing you do can change that it is good for you to thrive.

I reject that I ever deserved to starve, and so I reject that anyone, ever, deserves to starve. I reject that I ever deserved to suffer, and so I reject that anyone, ever, deserves to suffer. Happiness is good. Your happiness is good. And without a single exception anywhere I want you to thrive.