Thorki astronauts AU?

Maybe they’re estranged brothers, who pursued the same dream of becoming an astronaut and, somehow, ended up as part of the same mission. No-one is happy about it - in space they will spend a lot of time in close proximity to one another. But maybe NASA is pressed for time, or they are the only two people right for the job?

Once in space, they get by mostly by ignoring one another. But then some kind of a catastrophe takes out the rest of their crew. So they are trapped, alone, drifting into the void with small hopes of salvation… And they are forced to set aside their differences if they hope to survive.

More importantly: incestuous UST + zero-gravity sex!

space-doritwo said: her horns are solid points, her teeth is filled with knives, with two long teeth, the hair is a sawblade, she probably wears those pointed shoes, and the specibus would be a nightmarish combination of a sword-cane and lipstick-chainsaw

the kanrezi lovechild’s weapon of choice:

(thats probably their typing quirk too. their personalities squared might just make a karkat.)

SOOOoOOOO i did my drive #4 for driver’s ed and it went fine. tomorrow is my pretty much final drive (the very last one is really different) and i’m soooo stoked. after i was done driving i was just like. holylyyy SHIT LIKE I’M DONE and this huuuuge weight was lifted off my shoulders!!! like i can’t even explain how confusing but wonderful it felt?? and, i sent out all the e-mail last night to let people know i’m dropping out of the one act musical i was directing. i had to know my boundaries and the boundaries of my leads and of the play itself, and it was making me physically so anxious every time i had to go to rehearsal that i was just like, this won’t work. i’m terrified to check my e-mail but like, i fucking made a concrete, final decision and stuck with it and now i will actually have FREE TIME in august!!! i’m trying to take a lot of weight and anxiety off my shoulders and i think it’s working !!!! 

You ever put yourself on hold for someone that you know is never going to come around? Yet you still keep finding excuses to hold on to whatever little hope is left. You start making excuses for that person. Maybe they’re not ready. Maybe they need time. Maybe they still have a lot of healing to do. You keep making excuses because you’re trying to convince yourself that the wait will be worth it, when really in your heart you know that it’s just not meant to be, It’s just not meant to be and you find it so hard to let go of that person because you love them. Because you love them and you don’t want to miss the moment in which they realize that you’re there with open hands, but what if that moment never comes? What if you spend your whole life waiting on someone who is never going to find it in them to love you? What do you do then? How do you move on?


I thought I was being spared for something great.                                                                                                                                      WITNESS ME

My Very Important Rant

Can people please stop tagging posts under tags that are completely irrelevant to the post? I’m getting sick of scrolling through the Isaac Lahey Imagine tag and not being able to actually read any Isaac imagines because most of what’s under the tag are imagines from other characters. Same with going through the Brett Talbot imagine tag and not being able to read any of those because the majority of the posts are Liam and Theo imagines. Your vine edits, personal thoughts, and theories also do not be long under any imagine tag.

Sorry but it’s annoying

Thank you guys so much for 500 followers. I can’t express how grateful I am to you guys! 

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Some of you are apparently worried about me since I’ve been absent from social media for all of 3 days but no worries fools I’m just trapped in the abysmal crack also known as a hotel room with air conditioning that has 2 levels: hot and satans taint temperature after drunk sex in a tent after the sun rises next to old faithful. Kind of similar to Bonnaroo. That shits hot, people.

This was supposed to be our family vacation and it is so I shouldn’t discount it even if it’s nothing like I envisioned I mean what in life has been for the past several years? Nothing. So yes. I’m good. Just sleeping on the floor of a hotel room with a $7 fan pointed at my genitals in hopes of falling to sleep at some point until then I’m gonna watch Wentworth and think about all the Quiznos sandwiches that have led me the point I’m at today which is probably less than the amount of S***** ones I’ve ingested no I don’t want to talk about it.

At least it’s a week off work amirite?