I’m so proud of my people. My town was affected by the earthquake from last monday and there’s a lot of people helping. All civilians. All volunteers. I haven’t seen a single oficial help but a few police and army officers. Thank you mexican brothers. That’s why our country is a great place to live. #fuerzamexico

Why I Fell in Love With Your Sign

Aries: Your wildness is intoxicating. Your aggressiveness and passion makes me want to spend every second riding on your high. I fell in love with you, because you raised the stakes and made life exciting again. 

Taurus: You are adorable and your charm never fails to woo me. Your love sends me falling for everything that you do; your cute laugh, your delightful hugs, and your darling chivalry. You remind me of an old school love. I fell in love with you, because I need to protect you.

 Gemini: Your flirtatious and competitive nature makes me learn to let go and not take myself so seriously. I’m infatuated with your carefree persona, but allured by your intellectual and darker side. I fell in love with you, because you keep me fascinated by you. 

 Cancer: Your gentleness and warm heart wrapped its arms around me right away. Your feelings were so raw. You felt pain, happiness, and wishfulness making me want to share my every waking thought with you. I fell in love with you, because you made me human. 

 Leo: Your confidence invigorates me and your energy gives me euphoria. Your touch is like magnetism and I can’t help myself when I’m with you. Your everlasting smirk and your thrilling drama complete me. I fell in love with you, because you electrify me.

 Virgo: Your ambition and determination leaves me in constant admiration. You ooze dominance and are incredibly compelling. I’m mesmerized by your will, strength, and intelligence. I fell in love with you, because your power consumes me with desire.

Libra:  Your calmness surrounds me like a rain coating an umbrella. Your intelligence and wit keeps me smiling. Your love is sweet and pure as if I don’t need to be anything but myself. I fell in love with you, because you make me feel like I can be myself.

Scorpio: Your mysteriousness intrigues me. Your intensity keeps me living on the edge and you consume with your love. You make me want to yell and scream, but you make me want to kiss you and hold your hand to wherever we escape to. I fell in love with you, because you defy everything I’ve ever known. 

Sagittarius: Your love for the world is exhilarating. You make me feel every breath I breathe, even when we are on the ends of the earth together. Your laugh fills the room and your warmth envelopes my heart. I fell in love with you, because you won’t ever let me let go.

Capricorn: Your wisdom continues to captivate my soul. You know everything to say, everything to do. You shift the perspective of the world; all my doubts, all my anxieties, all my sadness feels like nothing when you’re there. You shield me from the demons of life and guide me to angels. I fell in love with you, because you protect me.

Aquarius: You are everything I’m not. You always finish my every thought, my every sentence, and my every desire. Our romance is reveting. You’re the one that entices my fire but keeps my flame cool. I teach you how to love yourself, and you teach me how to love others. I fell in love with you, because you complete me.

Pisces: Your deep soul enchants me like a beautiful dream. I’m hypnotized by your mind and the way you think differently from anyone else. Your creativity takes me to a place of child like wonder, but your intelligence takes me to a place of great knowledge. I live to feel the way you feel and long to see what you see. I fell in love with you, because you amaze me. 

Daddy Dearest (Jason Todd x Reader)

Request: “Request for Jason Todd being your daddy ;)” from anon.

A/N: Hell sounds like a great place to live right now. JASON IS DOMINANT AF IN HERE!!!! SO DOMINANT!!! DOMINANT™!!!! ANON I’M SO SORRY IF THIS IS TOO DIRTY FOR YOU!!!! 





Jason pushed you off of him, “Fuck, your God damn teeth!”

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BAU Team x Reader / Reader x Mystic Falls Gang

Requested By Anon

“Ok so this case came in from a new deputy and they haven’t informed their Sherrif of our involvement yet however I really think we should look at the case.” Garcia informed you all as you sleepily shuffled into the meeting room.

“Great.” You croaked and sipped from the flask of ‘coffee’ in your hand as she handed out the tablets.

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It’s a good night

Pairing: Chris LaSalle x Reader

Word Count: 1852  (lol this was supposed to be drabble like)

Warning: Fluffy stuffz

You had done it and you were so excited that you were going to burst.  The move from Tampa to New Orleans had been a huge change for you but you did it.  As you danced around the newly unpacked living room, a knock sounded from the front door drawing your attention.  You laughed as you saw your new landlord standing there.

“Afternoon, Loretta! What can I do for you?”  There was a bright smile lightening your face as you leaned on the door.  Loretta held out a gift basket for you.

“I wanted to make sure you were settling in alright and know that I am glad you are here.”  With one hand you took and basket and the other you hugged the woman.

“Loretta you are the best. Thank you so much.  Come on in.  Don’t mind the mess though.  I still have a few boxes that I have to get upstairs.”  She followed you inside looking around the front hall and living room.

“Mess?  This looks wonderful.  You have made a lot of progress in just two days.  I hope you are taking a break too.  Get some time in for yourself before you start work.” Laughing you moved to set the basket on the coffee table.

“You sound like my mother. Yes, ma’am.  I was hoping to go look around down town tonight for a little while.  Any suggestions on where to go?”  

“Oh my dear you are in for a treat then.  My good friend Dwayne owns a bar in that area.  He is playing piano tonight with some of the jazz boys.  It’s a mighty fine show.  You should come on down and join me for a bit.”  The excitement welled up further in your belly.

“Oh Loretta that sounds great.  Should I dress up or anything?”  Loretta shook her head with her signature smile.

“Just wear something comfortable.  It’s not a fancy place.  Though you may see a good looking man or two.”  She winked at you as she headed towards the door.  “I will see you tonight, my dear.  It usually starts getting busy ‘round nine so I will make sure to save you a seat.”

“I will be there! See you tonight.”  Loretta left and you started dancing like a mad woman around the living room again. New Orleans was getting better by the day.

You twirled in front of the mirror making sure your sundress looked good from all angles.  When you felt satisfied, you brushed your [Y/H/C] hair, slipping on a headband.  The basic flat sandals completed your look.  It was comfortable to sit and enjoy the music and cute enough to make you feel good about yourself.  The scenery from the back of the cab made you smile.  All the lights of the city and the happy people on the sidewalks and streets. The bar was not difficult to find. Loretta was right when she said that the place started picking up around nine.  The music had people up and dancing as you made your way to the bar. You saw Loretta before she saw you. She was sipping something with an umbrella as she watched the entertainment.  Laying a hand on her shoulder you took a seat on the empty stool next to her.

“You were right, they sound great!”  Loretta turned, grinning at you.

“So glad you made it, my dear.  Get a drink; their next song will be coming up.”  You motioned to the bartender for a beer.  By the time you had finished half of the bottle a good-looking guy walked by you, stopping to hug Loretta.

“Evening Loretta.  Did I miss anything?”  The man made a similar gesture, as you had to order a beer.

“Only a couple songs, Christopher.  Dwayne is on fire tonight.”  You smiled at the exchange finishing off the bottle and setting it on the counter. Turning your back on the bar, you leaned against it.  Loretta nudged you with her elbow.  “[Y/N], this is Christopher.  One of the finest NCIS agents in NOLA.  Christopher this is my tenant and newest New Orleans resident, [Y/N].”  Smiling wide you extended your hand out towards him to shake.  Chris did the same.  His hand very warm in yours.

“Mighty fine ta meet ya, [Y/N].  Just call me Chris.”  You nodded to him, a bright smile plastered on your face.

“Nice to me you too Chris. You two work together?”  He took his beer from the bar moving to sit on the other side of you.  Loretta took notice immediately with a knowing smile.

“Yeah, we been working together a few years now.  We are like family.  What brought ya ta New Orleans?” The two of you talked for well over an hour before you realized that Loretta was no longer sitting beside you.  She had moved herself to a table across the room with Percy so they could watch not only the entertainment but also the sparks flying between you and Chris.  The pair had a bet going on how long before Chris asked for your phone number.  Percy said he would wait until the end of the night. Loretta disagreed and said it would be before midnight.  You and Chris seemed to be enjoying yourselves very much.  Chris pulled out his phone not long after leaning over to put your number in it.  Percy groaned loud passing a five-dollar bill to Loretta.

“I told you.  Look at them.  There is something special right there.  Just wait and see, we will be at their wedding someday.”  Percy rolled her eyes as she sipped at her beer.

“Yeah we’ll see.  You know how LaSalle is with the ladies.”  Loretta gave her a stern look before refocusing on you and Chris.

Chris was easy to talk with. Your second beer was still full as it sat on the bar.  The two of you had been discussing the sights of the town and all the places you needed to try once you were settled.

“I am going to gain a hundred pounds living in this city I think.  All this stuff sounds so good.  Please tell me there are beautiful places to go walking so I can work off those beignets you were telling me about.  I will probably eat those every day.”  You laughed though it was lost in noise of the bar.  It had only grown worse in the last thirty minutes.

“There are a few good places to walk or run.  Maybe I could show you sometime.”  Chris suggested before he downed another water.  He had decided against more than one beer, in hopes he would be able to drive you home after hearing you had taken a cab downtown.  You grinned at him.

“I would love that.  Mind if we go outside now, though?  The noise is getting to be a bit much in here for me.” Chris nodded setting the water glass on the counter.

“Come on Sugar belle, there is a few tables outside we can try.”  Your cheeks flushed at the name as Chris held his arm out for you.  Glancing over at Loretta across the room, she motioned for you to go with him.  If Loretta was encouraging you to go, Chris must be a good guy.  You looped your arm through his and the two of you walked outside into the cooler evening air.

“Oh that is so much better. I can hear myself think again. Thank you.”  You flashed him another bright smile.  Those smiles appeared so easily around him tonight.  His own face lit up as he pulled out the closest chair for you to sit.  It had been ages since anyone had the manners to do that for you.  Who was this wonderful guy?

“I’m glad ya feelin’ better. It does feel good out here tonight. I’m glad we got outta there.” Leaning back in the chair you looked around the walkway and the street watching all the people pass by.

“This place is so alive. I am so glad I have a chance to live here and enjoy it all.”  Chris hadn’t taken his eyes off you since the pair of you had moved locations.  His enjoyment right now consisted of watching your enjoyment.

“This is a great place ta live.  Ah love it.” When you looked back at him, the expression on his face made you blush.  You were starting to like this guy a lot.  It was exciting and scary all at the same time.  So much changing for you now.  For another two hours, you and Chris continued with the easy conversation. It was almost two in the morning when you looked at your watch.

“Oh my God.  I can’t believe how late it is.  We have been talking for four hours Chris.  I have to get home.  I still have a ton of unpacking to do before work next week.” You stood up gathering your purse and phone.  Chris stood up with you not wanting the night to end.

“Ah know ya took a cab here, but Ah can take ya home if ya want.  That way you aren’t wastin’ the money.”  With a nod and a grin, you agreed.

“The money wasn’t anything to worry about but I like that I can spend a bit more time with you.”  Now it was Chris’s turn to blush.  He looked even cuter as he tried to hide it by looking down at the ground.

“Come on Chris, which way to your vehicle?”  Holding out your hand to him, you waited for him to take it.  You could tell he was surprised for a moment then he took your hand in his and walked off towards his truck.  The ride back to your house went entirely took fast in your opinion. There was not enough time with Chris but you took what you could.  As the truck pulled up to the house, he told you not to get out yet.  He ran around your side and opened the door for you, helping you down out of the cab.  

“When you are out with me expect to have doors opened for ya.  You deserve it.”  Grinning like a crazy person, you leaned against the truck.

“So does that mean I can expect to go out with you again?”  Chris laughed nervously as he stood before you.

“Ahm hoping so.  Will you have dinner with me tomorrow?  Ah want to see ya again, [Y/N].”  Your hand squeezed his forearm.

“Pick me up at six tomorrow. I will be ready and waiting for you.” If he could have jumped up and down with excitement, he would have.  Instead, Chris beamed at you.  

“Ah will be here own time Ah swear it.  Now get in the house before Ah keep you out here all night talkin.”  You laughed leaning up to kiss his cheek lightly.

“Okay fine.  I will see you tomorrow, Christopher.”  He watched you walk in the house and close the door, making sure you had turned on the lights before he got in his truck headed home.

“Damn, it’s a good night.”

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From Con to Con (Part Five)

Part One

Part Four

A/N: Guess who got a lot of writing down this week because work was slow! Hopefully I’ll get my stuff together so I can post more chapters soon. :) Thanks for all the comments, likes, and reblogs. Love you guys! 

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: drinking, language, self-loathing, physical and verbal abuse

Word Count: 2,517

Tags: @dont-hate-relate-pls, @nekodresden85, @baritonechick, @i-dont-understand-that-url, @sympathyforluci, @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll, @authoressskr, @your-not-invisible-to-me, @cantchoosejustonefandom, @chelseypaigeake, @crowleysminion, @laffytaffyhumor, @smoothdogsgirl, @destiel-addict-forever, @multifandomlove2002, @agent-superwholockian, @b-northington, @waywardswain, @prettyboy-spn, @oriona75, @thatone67chevyimpala, @shititskatelyn, @spnackleholicswainer, @bloodstained-porcelain-doll, @multi-fan-dom-madness, @ebeers1673

Forever Tags: @eileenlikesyou-maybe

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So my country has officially turned ‘you’re worth how much you earn’ into a law. Which means sexually harassing women with lower paying jobs in the workplace is officially waaaay cheaper than harassing managers, doctors and the such. Or that if you lose an arm working or have some sort of fucked up accident, your indemnity will also be linked to your salary. :) isn’t this a great place to live in?

I am now seriously considering moving to Uruguai asap

anonymous asked:

Hi Emily, I'm planning to move to England! :D any advice?


hmmmm well the advice would probably vary PRETTY WIDELY depending on where you’re from, but here is some VERY SERIOUS basic stuff:

  • your relationship with tea begins the moment your flight touches down. you will be repeatedly offered tea, the procurement of tea will frequently be prioritised by those around you, and discussions surrounding tea will occur ad nauseam. if you wish to blend in, I suggest you develop a taste for PG Tips. the less milk you have in it, the more respect you earn, but if you have no milk at all, that’s weird and will be a conversation topic. two sugars in it will get a raised eyebrow; any more and you will be discussing diabetes for the next half an hour. asking for a herbal tea will likely put your host into a state of either smugness or panic, depending on whether or not they still have that fancy berry blend they got six months ago on a health kick. if you don’t drink tea at all, you will confuse people. this may be your preference.
  • talk about the weather. in any scenario. at any moment. to fill a silence, remark on the weather.
  • try a cream tea, absolutely try a cream tea. scone, yes. jam, yes. cream, yes. in that order. do not believe anyone who tells you the cream should go under the jam. this is crucial.
  • the order of supermarkets from cheap to posh is Lidl, Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer; unless your name is Moneybags McGee, don’t do your weekly shop at M&S. be seduced occasionally by their delicious cakes, but do not succumb to the temptation of their full range.
  • Halloween is not such a big deal here, especially outside of big cities, because people are too shy to put on costumes and prat about. if you love Halloween, you need to find a Halloweeny clique and fight for your right to party.
  • you will frequently be greeted by a question that sounds like “higheryawright?” this is, in fact, “hiya, are you alright?” you should under no circumstances reply to this question with how you are actually feeling. saying you are “good” may seem like you’re bragging. it’s best to go with “not too bad, not too bad”, along with a knowing look at your interrogator. they will give you this look in return, a wry smile, like you’re sharing a joke. this joke is that life is shit, but you say it’s not too bad, and you keep going at it.
  • if you put up two fingers with your palm facing inwards, towards yourself, like an American peace sign, that is swearing in the UK - like a slightly softer fuck-you than just flipping up your middle finger. I used to think all the American people I knew who threw up peace signs in photos with their palm inwards were trying to be really edgy and flip off the camera. if you want a UK peace sign, you need your palm facing out.
  • the weather. I’m serious. check the five-day forecast and you have conversation topics sorted for the week.

this was all a little tongue-in-cheek friend, THE UK IS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE TBH we have big diverse open-minded cities and beautiful countryside. and it’s full of people, which makes it the usual human blend of terrible and stunningly beautiful and boring and awe-inspiring. it rains a lot, too. 

if you want some more specific tips/answers, feel free to ask!! I’m here for being a resident Brit ;D <3


Pairing: Seth Rollins/Colby Lopez x Reader

Prompt:  you’re my new neighbor and we’ve never spoken but you saw me shoveling snow all day and i guess it must be pretty obvious how cold i am because you brought me a jacket and made me hot chocolate

A/N: Getting started on Christmas fics :) If you ever want to be tagged in any of my stories for a specific character or just all in general just lmk :)


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Send "ஐ" and I will generate a number for a fantasy related AU
  1. Shrek: My muse is locked in a tower and your muse must save them for a rude, wicked, little prince/princess.
  2. The Little Mermaid: Mun’s choice of who is the merperson and who is the sailor
  3. Labyrinth: My muse wishes away someone that is important to them and comes face to face with your muse, the Goblin Monarch
  4. Beauty & the Beast: My muse takes the place of someone else in your muse’s prison. Pretty self explanatory. Most people know the story of Beauty & the Beast
  5. Cinderella: My muse is poor and dreams all day of a time when she won’t be stuck with her evil stepparent and stepsiblings. Your muse is the prince/princess that meets my muse.
  6. Snow White: My muse runs away from a bad home situation and finds a great place to live in a shelter in the middle of the forest. Your muse will eventually massage life back into my muse with a soft kiss
  7. Mulan: My muse defies all cultural and social convention to fight in a war. Your muse is the one in charge of the armies.
  8. Legend: My muse is a fairy in love with your muse, a human. Though it cannot be.
  9. Peter Pan: My muse tells stories to children every night and your muse whisks them away to Neverland.
  10. Peter Pan Option 2: My muse tells stories to children and your muse is a captain of a magnificent ship that just so happens to steal my muse away from Peter Pan.
  11. Interview with the Vampire: My muse is an interviewer and yours is a centuries old vampire.
  12. Interview with the Vampire Option 2: Your muse turned my muse against their will into a vampire.
  13. The Wolfman: My muse is your muse’s widowed sister in law. Feelings are high when your muse has been bitten by a werewolf.
  14. The Wolfman Option 2: Your muse has been bitten by a werewolf and my muse is the Gypsy Woman that saves you from death.
  15. Van Helsing: My muse is a monster killer and yours is a vampire hunter and they must work together to defeat a great evil
  16. Van Helsing Option 2: My muse is a vampire and your muse is a vampire hunter.
  17. Dracula: My muse is the first victim of your muse.
  18. Dracula Option 2: My muse is the reincarnation of your muse’s one true love
  19. Dragon’s Heart: One muse is a dragon and the other is a dragon hunter
  20. Pea Pod: Aliens have invaded and our muse’s closest loved ones are acting different. Our muses soon realize they are being taken over by the invaders
  21. Once Upon a Mattress: My muse is a poor princess/prince sent to marry your muse. But they must pass a test to be shown as worthy. The test is laying on a bed of mattresses with one tiny little pea beneath it.
  22. Hey Brother: My muse is an animal (mun’s choice) and your muse shoots their loved one. By some old magic, your muse is turned into that animal and has to depend on my muse to get them back to normal.
  23. Don’t Go In the Water: There’s a shark killing people on the beach. One muse is the town sheriff and the other is a marine biologist and must team up to kill it.
  24. Pirates of the Seas: My muse is a pirate captain searching for treasure. Your muse is a mysterious being leading mine to their destination.
  25. Evil Us: Our muses are twins/siblings/cousins that just so happen to kill people.
  26. Monster Mash: Our muses are classic monsters at some lame boo bash. What type of monster is up to muns.
  27. Children of the Corn: My muse is a creepy child in a town where adults have been murdered. Your muse is an adult who breaks down in this creepy town.
  28. Nightmares: My muse has a nightmare about a horrible man/creature that can kill them in their sleep which just so happens to be your muse
  29. Independence Day: My muse is a government official and your muse is seen as an idiot in lots of social circles for their belief in aliens. This all changes when aliens invade and they have to rely on each other.
  30. End Of Days: Zombie AU of your choice
  31. Mad Love: Our muses are both dangerously in love and completely bad for each other. One muse is completely murderous while the other is the henchmen/woman.
  32. Tangled: My muse is locked in a tower and your muse comes to help them by climbing up their long hair
  33. Shaggin’ Wagon: Your muse was a spy in the 60s and was frozen to be brought back to modern times. My muse is a modern spy that is set to be your partner.
  34. Ghost with the Most: The roles are up to the muses, but one muse is a mischievous ghost and the other has just recently moved into the ghost’s old home
  35. Let Them Eat Cake: My muse is the ruler of another country and is sent to marry your muse.
  36. Happy Days: 1950’s AU. Set within a world that is in black and white, my muse (a black and white inhabitant) falls in love with your muse (a technicolor inhabitant)
  37. Burlesque: My muse is a fairly conservative person while your muse is a burlesque dancer/owner. My muse wants to learn how to dance and your muse teaches them how.
  38. Ah, Real Monsters!: My muse falls through a portal and enters a world where all bedtime monsters live. They soon come to depend on your muse, a monster, to help them get home.
  39. Crypt Keeper: My muse is being held by yours in a crypt where no one can hear them.
  40. Clown Killer: Our muses are kidnapped by a killer clown and must work together to escape him.
Washing the Impala

A/N: This is a challenge  for the lovey @not-moose-one-shots.Also thank you for the read over and beating @taste-of-dean Tagging my usually crowd of people at the bottom. Gifs are not mine. Feedback would be appreciated. This goes out to the Dean girls the ladies who have ever dreamed of washing the impala with Dean.

Prompt : “It’s plaid; I thought you would like it ”

Pairing : Dean X Reader, just a touch of Sam


Word count : 692.

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

You and Dean were good friends, you’d known each other for years. He taught you everything you knew, even though you only wanted to be a part time hunter. He did show you the ropes of hunting though. You lost everything you had ever cared about but you did make a good friend in the process. You had to admit it was a great place to live in, there was plenty of room and Dean always gave you space when you needed it.

You went to the garage in the bunker, Dean was there he was giving Baby a wash. You walked over to where he was. “Need any help?” you asked.

“Sure,” he said smiling at you.

He handed you a sponge that was covered in soap and water. Much to your surprise he let you help him. He handed you the hose which was a bad mistake on his part. After you rinsed the car and got rid of all the suds, you squirted him with the hose. Dean grew a mischievous grin on his face as he poured the bucket of dirty, soapy water on you. “No fair! At least that was clean water in the hose, you got me all dirty. Rinse me off at least?” you pleaded, handing him the hose.

He started washing you off as Sam walked in seeing your situation. “What happened, why are two all wet?” asked Sam.

“Ask her,” Dean said, pointing his finger at you.

“Two words, water fight and it was so worth it” you said.

After you were dried off a bit you were still shivering because you couldn’t get warm enough. Sam handed you Dean’s red and blue plaid shirt. “It’s plaid; I thought you would like it. Plus it will keep you warm. It’s Dean’s you know” said Sam.

“Thank you Sam I love it.” Putting on the plaid shirt you realized, it was a little bit big on you, but it kept you toasty warm. It was so warm and had that clean smell, you figured that it must have just come out of the dryer.

Dean was already in the library and you went to join him there. You sat down at the table in the library .“Is that my shirt?” asked Dean.

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Caspar’s New Neighbour

Caspar blinked as he watched the young woman struggle to open the door while also holding the box.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help, because he did, but he was also curious to see how she thought she would manage it. Because the door to his building was difficult enough when both hands were empty.

“Do you want a hand?” He asked, wincing as she jumped and the box fell to the floor.

“Holy shit.” She leaned against the door, her hand to her chest, eyes wide.

“Sorry.” Caspar mumbled, dashing up the stairs to lift the box. “I hope there wasn’t anything breakable in this.”

“No, just some books.” She offered him a small smile. “Although my heart may need some restarting.”

“Sorry, again.”

“It’s fine.” She laughed, going to grab the box, but Caspar stepped back, shaking his head.

“I got this. Just lead the way.”

“You sure?”

“Was heading inside anyways.” He shrugged, a smile on his lips. When she turned back to the door, he studied her.

She was cute, not really his type, but there was a flash of someone else’s face through his mind, someone that would look good with this girl at his side, someone that would definitely consider her his type.

“I’m Caspar, by the way.” He told her as he followed her into the building.

“Y/N.” She replied, glancing over her shoulder, that smile still on her face.

Yup. Caspar thought, Joe would love her.

“So you’re new here?”

“Just moving in today.”

“It’s a great place. Ever lived in London before?”

“No. Actually, I’m from the country.” Y/N told him shyly, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. “But there is a good job opportunity here in the city. So I moved.”

She’s perfect for him.

“You’ll love the city.” Caspar grinned over at her.

He spent the next hour helping her bring boxes up from her car, chatting easily with her.

And once the boxes were in her flat, which happened to only be two down from his they had discovered, he helped her start to unpack.

As he talked with Y/N more, Caspar only realized further how perfect she would be with Joe. But he didn’t want to flat out ask her to go on a date with his mate, because he didn’t want to scare her away.

So he concocted a plan.

“What are you doing tonight?” He blurted out as they sat on her floor, pizza box open in front of them.

“Caspar, I just moved to London literally today.”

“Well, you could have had plans.”

Y/N let out a laugh, “I don’t, but thanks for thinking I have friends.”

“You have me now.” He smiled. “And I was going to invite some of my mates over. So you can become friends with them too!”

“I don’t want to intrude…” She turned shy again, but Caspar shook his head.

“You won’t be. Plus, I kind of know where you live. So I can just come steal you.”

“Fine. I’ll come over. On one condition.”

“What’s that?” He asked, taking a bite of his pizza.

“Let me use your shower? Because I’m all sweaty and refuse to meet your friends looking like shit.”

“Deal.” Caspar nodded.

Hours later, he swung his front door open to reveal Y/N standing there, looking nervous.

“Oh good, thought I’d have to come steal you.”

“Well, you did let me use your shower…”

“Who’s at the door, Casp?” Josh called out from behind him, and the blonde moved to the side, allowing her to step in. His eyes immediately found Joe across the room, watching for the other man’s reaction when he saw Y/N.

And Caspar had been right all along.

Because as soon as Joe’s eyes landed on hers, his face turned to one of awe.

“Everyone, this is my new neighbour. Y/N.” Caspar gestured towards the boys. “Y/N, these are the boys.”

“Hello.” She offered them a small wave, but Caspar noticed that her eyes were locked on Joe, a small smile directed towards him.

“We have Josh, Conor, Jack, Mikey, Oli…” Caspar pointed at each of the boys as he named them, smirking as he finally pointed at the last one: “And this is Joe.”

“Hi.” Joe smiled over at her, taking a half step froward.

“Hi.” Y/N replied.

“Joe, why don’t you show Y/N where the drinks are?” Caspar encouraged, watching as his best friend blinked in surprise before nodding.

“Right. Drinks. Right this way…” Joe put a hand on the small of her back, leading her towards where the drinks were.

Josh raised an eyebrow at Caspar as he moved to join the boys, leaving Joe and Y/N alone.

“You had this planned, didn’t you?” Josh asked, but Caspar just acted surprised.

“Planned? I planned nothing!”

“Right.” Josh chuckled. “Well, looks like you’re plan is working.”

Caspar looked over his shoulder to see Joe and Y/N standing close together, laughing softly.

Yup, He thought to himself. They’re perfect for each other.

“I wish that I lived in Sweden because It seems like such a great place to live and also because Victoria is such a good role model. I hope she is allowed to have her chance to rule because she is someone to aspire to be like and history would be better off with her having a place in it. (Although I understand how Swedes could feel different.) All of the Swedish royal ladies are just fantastic in their own ways.” - Submitted by Anonymous

Day five: tropes, kinks, or cliches

Typical rom-com situation. Peggy ends up as Steve and Bucky’s college roommate, and they make it nearly a year before the mutual attraction is acted upon.

(I’m sorry for any typos, I’m dead tired and can’t be assed to proofread right now.)

Spring Semester Surprise

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16 Things I Would Want, If I Got Dementia

Originally written for Alzheimer’s Reading Room.

When you work in dementia care, people tend to ask you a lot of questions. Probably one of the most common questions that I hear is,

“Are you afraid to get dementia when you’re older?”

Honestly, there are many things that scare me much more than dementia does. Don’t get me wrong: dementia is a terrible group of diseases. I’ve been fortunate, however, to see many of the beautiful moments that people with dementia can experience.

Just in case I do get dementia, I’ve written a list of rules I’d like to live by.

If I get dementia, I’d like my family to hang this wish list up on the wall where I live.

  1. If I get dementia, I want my friends and family to embrace my reality. If I think my spouse is still alive, or if I think we’re visiting my parents for dinner, let me believe those things. I’ll be much happier for it.
  2. If I get dementia, I don’t want to be treated like a child. Talk to me like the adult that I am.
  3. If I get dementia, I still want to enjoy the things that I’ve always enjoyed. Help me find a way to exercise, read, and visit with friends.
  4. If I get dementia, ask me to tell you a story from my past.
  5. If I get dementia, and I become agitated, take the time to figure out what is bothering me.
  6. If I get dementia, treat me the way that you would want to be treated.
  7. If I get dementia, make sure that there are plenty of snacks for me in the house. Even now if I don’t eat I get angry, and if I have dementia, I may have trouble explaining what I need.
  8. If I get dementia, don’t talk about me as if I’m not in the room.
  9. If I get dementia, don’t feel guilty if you cannot care for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s not your fault, and you’ve done your best. Find someone who can help you, or choose a great new place for me to live.
  10. If I get dementia, and I live in a dementia care community, please visit me often.
  11. If I get dementia, don’t act frustrated if I mix up names, events, or places. Take a deep breath. It’s not my fault.
  12. If I get dementia, make sure I always have my favorite music playing within earshot.
  13. If I get dementia, and I like to pick up items and carry them around, help me return those items to their original places.
  14. If I get dementia, don’t exclude me from parties and family gatherings.
  15. If I get dementia, know that I still like receiving hugs or handshakes.
  16. If I get dementia, remember that I am still the person you know and love.
I never wrote about my new apartment...

I wanted to get through the honeymoon period first.

It’s not perfect but I have significantly less housing-related stress than in the last place. No one chain-smokes in the hallways, there’s no urine under the stairs, no trash on the floors, the super sweeps every day, he is pleasant and helpful, the neighbors are friendly, my dog has made BFFs with everyone, I have yet to hear an all-night party, no one is obviously cooking drugs…and the apartment itself is great. Having a place to live where I don’t fear sparks coming out of the outlets is therapy in itself.

The last building I lived in was cursed. The mood started with the aggressive neglect by the landlord, and spilled over into the tenants’ suspicion towards one another and anti-social behavior. I’d walk by other buildings in the same neighborhood and see clean, glossy floors in the lobby. I’d think, “I bet there are no cigarettes on the stair landings! I bet no one smashes beer bottles on the stoop for fun!” :/