Sarah Siddons (1755–1831) is the first indisputably great Shakespeare actress, a performer of towering reputation whose art inspired eloquent tributes in both prose and verse from some of the finest writers of her time, as well as almost as many paintings and drawings as there are of Garrick. (via Who was the first great Shakespearean actress? | OUPblog)


Great performance by Rinat Ibragimov of the 3rd Suite Courante! 

Tumblr wouldn’t let me reply to the original post for some stupid reason, so here we go. I absolutely hate seeing shit like this from pretentious, elitist “BOOK ONLY” fans. First off, the monster does learn to speak in Bride of Frankenstein, but even before that he conveys everything in the speech above through one of the great mime performances in all of cinema. He is an entirely sympathetic character and says as much if not more through visual cues than he could in dialogue. Maybe people would be able to see that if they actually paid attention to the movie without the attitude of “ITS NOT GUD CUZ ITS NOT THA SAME”
Adactio: Journal—On The Verge
Verging on the ridiculous.
By Jeremy Keith

Read this, please.

It’s an interesting piece from Jeremy Keith about The Verge’s statement ‘mobile browsers suck’.

“Bloated, invasive ad tracking isn’t a law of nature. It’s a choice. We can choose to change.”

Do you want a really great example of performance and ads working decently together?

Look at tumblr.

How many ads do you see when you load your dash?
One? Zero?

But you are gonna say: “Marlon, tumblr is a different kind of business”.
Well, it is, let’s compare with facebook then, it’s not the same, but kinda similar.

Open your facebook feed.


Thumblr has 420mil++  users, man!
It really is a matter of choice and like it or not, business plan. In my opinion, tumblr does it beautifully and sometimes, even with a bit of fun to it. Like the 90′s ads.

I wanna know your thoughts on the matter.

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Water Polo

Today I had the pleasure to participate to the women’s national waterpolo team  practice. A good friend of mine (Brenntag) invited me there and I gladly accepted. Although all pro sports are tough, I must admit I had been understanding waterpolo. I would have never thought it was so tiring, however I really enjoyed it. I will definitely support this beautiful sport from now on and hope to play again soon. I wish the team good luck and great performance in the future!

Astazi am avut placerea sa particip la un antrenament al lotului national feminin de polo in apa.Am primit invitatia de la un prieten vechi( Brenntag ) si am acceptat cu mare drag.Orice sport de performanta este greu dar recunosc ca am subestimat dificultatea acestui sport. Nu as fi crezut ca este atat de extenuant, insa mi-a placut foarte mult. Cu siguranta voi sustine de acum incolo acest sport frumos si sper sa revin cat mai curand. (Le urez fetelor mult succes si performanta mai departe!


Ariana, Gaby, and Burim - “Gorilla”

This dance was so cool! I loved this choreography from Sean Cheesman. The overall look and feel of this dance was very visually engaging for me. I loved the beginning pose where they looked like they were a giant spider. It creeped me out, but in a good way. The sticks were an interesting prop to use and I loved the costuming. The dancers all did great performing this routine and the dancing to the scatting in the begging was awesome!

I finally noticed Ariana this week. She’s been blending in for me, so I’m happy she got to stand out in this routine. Her and Gaby killed this choreography. I think Ariana did a great job getting into the vibe of the dance and flowing with the music and hitting all of the beats. Gaby did a great job getting into character. Gaby looks insane in the beginning of this routine! But both girls did a wonderful job dancing and performing. I loved them in this!

Burim I thought did good. He did well adapting to the style and I feel like he was just starting to enter the competition this week. The great thing about him is that he’s so good at getting into character. No matter what happens in the dance and no matter how good or bad it is, I always believe his performance. This routine is no exception. He didn’t quite get the style and technique of the dance as well as the girls did, he needs to work hard to get those same lines as the girls and to hit the same beats as they do (sharpness and timing wise), but I think he did a commendable job. He kept up with them to the best of his ability. I think he actually got lucky getting an African jazz instead of a regular jazz, because this is such a flexed feet style. He had a little more wiggle room technique wise, but if he does keep working in these styles, he need’s to work toward better musicality and better lines. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance though.

One thing about the judges commentary… I’m actually pretty mad that Jason tried to make that miss of Gaby’s foot Burim’s fault. It’s her job to put her foot there. Was he supposed to leave Ariana hanging? How is it his fault that she slipped off his hand? I didn’t even notice the slip at first actually. I thought they were doing different things, so it’s pretty sad he called that out. I can see the slip now, but worse things have happened on this show without being called out. Thought it was weird.