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I'm so devastated by the news and very heartbroken... But i'm just wondering why people talk about him on stage ? Is he going to perform his new v v great song ?

He will perform on The X Factor tomorrow night as a tribute to his mum, we don’t know anything about the song but I guess it is going to be the new one. I just hope he keeps it together, don’t want to see him cry. She wouldn’t too. xx

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G & B are finishing out the year in style. B sold the most albums this year, had a successful tour and festival appearances. Inducted into CM Hall of fame etc. G well she had a great tour, performed for major comp, graced the cover of many magazines, Glamour Mag award, snapchat winner(lol), one of top searches on Yahoo, #9 on SNL performances, top cartoon on Nic. Wow and they both found each other how on earth can they top this year. All we need is a joint interview and it's been perfect year.

Yeah, it’s been a pretty great year! And if they keep opening up and sharing, next year might not be so bad, either, lol. 😄  Also, The Voice. 😍


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