Armored Lady Monday

Lucina in her Great Lord Armor again, she is just so much fun to draw in that armor, but this drawing is to both draw her and to announce i made a separate blog dedicated to fire emblem art, so i can draw aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the stuff i want over there, and ill reblog some of it here.

check it out! (it has both sfw and nsfw so beware)


so u know, if u like my fire emblem stuff, feel free to go there :D


25 July ‘16 | (44/100)

more bio notes!! tumblr didn’t post this earlier ugh

hey guys so sorry for being away for q a long time and not posting!! was rly busy with prelim exams and gna be semi hiatus all the way til o levels!! (87 days left *gasps*)

hope everyone has had a great Monday and wish you guys a rly nice week ahead!! :D press on yall!! 😊x