There aren’t many people who love Mondays, and that is why we decided to share a list of couple of things we try to do every Sunday to prepare for new week and enter it in our best shape. Hope you find something here useful ^^ 


 1. Write down everything you need to do and everything you need to remember about this week. 

Planning is the obvious key to being organised, so we don’t need to explain why you need to do it. What you, however, need to remember about is to write down everything- literally everything, from birthdays and tests, to watering plants and taking out the trash. That way, it’ll be easier for you to create specific to-do-lists for each day of the week and not forget about the, seemingly, little, but not less important, things.

 2. Check the weather forecast and check if you have appropriate clothes in your wardrobe 

Although this might sound a little uptight for some, we prefer to believe it’s actually easier to do your laundry on Sunday when you have some free time (and even deal with ironing and folding) and have clothes ready, than to run around like a drunk gremlin on a Wednesday morning, looking for clean clothes, because it’s suprisingly cold and you don’t have any clean sweaters. 

 3. Pack your bag just before going to bed 

Chances are, at that point, you won’t take anything out of it, and you will have your bag ready in the morning, therefore avoiding the drunk gremlin situation mentioned before 

 4. Clean your room

 If you are only to clean your room once a week, do it on Sunday. Open windows, clean your desk, vacuum and throw out the trash. That way you’ll begin new week in a fresh and clean environment and there is nothing that’ll make you feel more productive.

 5. Try to finish your work

 Obviously. But remember that all-nighters should always be a last resort and that not so many things actually deserve them.

 6. Call your friends and family

 No matter how busy are, you should have sometime in your week designated only for contacting your friends and family, updating them on you life and hearing about theirs. It’s better to talk with someone once a week, than not talk to them at all (obviously), even if at that point you may only be able to have a 30 minutes conversation over the phone. And Sundays are great for that, mostly because most people are more able (and willing) to talk on weekends than in the middle of a busy week.

 7. Do something for yourself (don’t overdo it though) 

Pamper yourself a little. Watch an episode of your favourite show, or have a very nice dinner. You worked hard this weekend and you deserve it. But be real with what you can, and what you can’t do- if you’re really busy, going to a cinema and a dinner later may not be the greatest of ideas, and maybe this week, getting a coffee in a nice cafe will have to do. 

 8. Workout

 Workouts are important and super great and you should do them not only on a Sunday. But what makes Sunday workouts really great, is that usually you have time for a longer and nicer one and they give you a motivation boosts which last till Monday 

 9. Plan your meals for the week 

You don’t need to get them ready right away, but you should have a general idea what you’ll be eating this week. So you can plan you shopping and cooking and cleaning (and yes, we know, we get boring with this constant planning thing, but it really is crucial) 

 10. Avoid all screens 

30 minutes before bedtime It’s a general rule and you should do it every day, not only on Sunday. It’ll be easier for you to fall asleep if you give your brain (and eyes) some time to relax 

 11. Go to bed slightly earlier and wake up slightly earlier

 Try to go to bed 30 minutes earlier and to wake up 30 minutes earlier. It (for reasons unknown to us ^^) makes wonders for your productivity and motivation

 12. Take a nice, long bath 

You should never underestimate good baths abilities to wash away the whole week, and there is nothing nicer than going to bed on a Sunday with super smooth and moisturised skin, and waking up on Monday already clean and smelling nice ^^

 13. Do something that’ll help you improve yourself 

 Do one lesson on Duolingo. Write another page of your book. Stretch. Improve everyday, specially on Sunday

 14. If you have time, prepare yourself food for Monday 

 Mondays aren’t great, but having food makes them slightly better

 15. Try to relax

 There is a reason why we created weekend.You can’t (and shouldn’t try to) cram the whole weekend- try to relax and enter new week with rested mind

You Look Like You Need a Drink (M)

Originally posted by hidden--demons

Summary: After a bad week with the worst luck imaginable, you happen upon a local dive bar run by an attractive young bartender who livens up your evening.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 7,221

Warning: Bartender!Yoongi, tattooed!Yoongi, sexual harassment, sexual themes, power play, manners kink, alcohol use, profanity

A/N: I wrote this last year for my dear friend’s birthday and swore this fic would never see the light of day. I have since “remastered” it, so to speak, so I’m sharing it here. SURPRISE!

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🌜spells & days of the week🌛

lil chart for when to cast your spells RE days of the week


🌚 moonday!! great for fertility, healing and personally i like to cast all my self love and positivity spells here too 🌙


the day of mars so strength 💪  and courage spells will be more potent! also gr8 for agriculture so bless your pets and plants🍃


mercury day!! communication, study 📖  and travel. i like to do spirit work on a wednesday and it’s good for wealth too. 💸


🍀 day of jupiter. lucky lucky thursday. i don’t have much to say about thursday except luck and fortune. i’m anti thursday🍀


VENUS. U KNO WHAT THAT MEANS. 💞 ALL the love and relationship potions go riiiight here. incl. self love if you’re not a moon worshipper like me and didn’t do them monday. in fact do them both days. do them everyday 💕


saturday (saturn) is good for clearing obstacles. saturn is all about renewal and liberation so bear that in mind. i’ve put emojis for everything but idk what to do for this so here is the saturday dog 🐶


again…sun…day…🌞 good for health and success, but also recharging and happiness! ☀️


11.09.2017: White themed study space & some of my nature photography. First official day of second year of uni done. Woke up at 5 am and tried cramming some old statistics from last year into my head while wondering how one could forget almost everything in a span of 6 months (plus panicking a bit because active knowledge of the old stuff is required for the new stats stuff). After drinking liters of tea I went to the Statistics lecture with my flatmate and went unsuccessfully to the library to borrow a book required for tomorrow’s lecture readings. Then my other roommate decided to teach me how to make Chinese dumplings and we had a great evening (I’m a dumpling-expert now). Hope you all had a great Monday, xx Amber :)

“It won’t hold!” Even says, mild frustration in his voice as he tries to get the yellow flower to hold in Isak’s hair.

“Your ears are too weird.” Even put his tongue in the corner of his mouth, eyes focused on the flower and hands moving away very slowly when he finally got it to stay in place.

“Excuse me,” Isak huffs offended “I have the best ears! My ears are made for flowers.”

Even lowers his hands to his side, shifting his gaze from the flower to Isak’s green eyes and raises his brows.

“Oh yeah?”

“Mhm.” there is a fond and wide smile spreading over Isak’s face. He grabs for Even’s hand without needing to look down. Interlocking their fingers.

Even’s lips turn to the side with a smile as he tries to keep a straight face, nodding his agreement. Isak belly fills with warmth at the way Even looks at him. He moves half a step closer to Even (more was not possible, with every breath their chests now touched then and again) and tilts his head back to keep looking at Even.

Isak leans in for a quick but soft peck. How the hell do you make even monday mornings great? They keep smiling at each other for a minute, until Isak voices that question out loud.

Even laughs, turns his face away and back again the way he does, dipping a bit in the knees as he does. They are alone at the tram stop so Isak wraps his free arm around Even’s waist, nuzzling his recovered nose with his boyfriend’s. Even lets out a pleased hum.

“Hmm I missed that.”

Isak smiles even wider at that, cheeks almost hurting from it, bc me too. He nods, which bumps their noses together again. 

“Evi?” He asks, swinging their entwined hands gently back and forth. At the inquisitive sound Even lets out he continues: “I love you.”

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THIS is is a lucky charm so you can all have a great week

Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 15 - After the Battle

I seem to be stuck in a b/w realism rut right now. Sometimes it’s easier to get the details right without color to worry about. And I know I already did a painting for this scene, but it’s just such a good scene!

Hope you all have a great Monday!
We’re another week closer to September!

Truly - Reggie Mantle

Anonymous said:

Can you do a Reggie one shot where he first dates the reader for a bet and she ends up in the playbook and she breaks up with him, but have a happy ending.

Originally posted by dempseytapefour

This is bad, I’m sorry.

It had been a rough week to say the least, but it had oddly started out with the promise of greatness. After school on Monday, you were told by Veronica that Chuck heard that Reggie Mantle had taken an interest in you. You merely shook your head and denied being affected by the idea of being Reggie’s girlfriend.

But by Tuesday, during lunch period, you were talking to the towering jock about plans for Pop’s. He had pulled you away from the busy ears of Veronica and Betty; but even while talking to him, they shot you all-knowing glances.

“Ms. Green has me lost in her class. Thanks for agreeing to help me out.” You nodded at him as you met his bright brown eyes. “I’ll see you at Pop’s around five, right?” You had curled your lip into your mouth, biting it in thought. Every fiber of your being told you not to trust him, for he had a reputation of sorts when it came to girls. But, you were weak to the look he gave you.

“Yep. At five. See ya then Reggie.” He shot you one of his charming smiles before walking off to his friend’s table. You were too caught up in walking over to your own friends, and dealing with your unneeded excitement about the date, to notice the way his friends high-fived him. Even if you did see them, or take note of their hoots and hollers, you would’ve brushed it off as banter.

Sadly, you didn’t take note and Tuesday afternoon, you were sitting across from Reggie Mantle. He wore a grin on his face the whole time, one that you mistakened as happy nervousness. Until now, Saturday, you had figured out what was hidden behind his perfect teeth and handsome smile; but on that Tuesday, he was a superb gentleman.

“Are you sure you don’t want a milkshake Y/N? Fries maybe?” You looked up from the textbook that was in front of you and met his soft gaze.

“We are here to study, are we not?” Reggie smiled at you, but you tried your best to act like you weren’t pleased by it. He looked somehow more attractive when he smiled like that.

“Yeah we are, but I just thought that maybe,” he leaned over a scooted the textbook away from your reach, “just maybe, we could get to know each other better.” You raised your eyebrows at him and he laughed. “What? Too forward?” You let out a long sigh and leaned forward to face him. You rested your chin on your hands and looked into his eyes.

“You have a reputation, Mantle, so you know why I’m cautious.” He held your gaze and you stared back without backing down. “Getting into pants is a talent of yours,” you added quietly, but Reggie still heard you. His lips fell into a slight frown at your words.

“You just have to get to know me better. I like to think I’m more than the rumors you hear.” You felt a heat rise to your cheeks, even now remembering his words. For that was when you gave in and got to know Reggie better. You learned about what he wanted to do after high school, his family, and in return you told him about yourself. By the time you remembered to study, it was eight at night; near your curfew.

“I have to go if I’m going to make it back home in time.” You grabbed your belongings, packing them into your school bag. As you shuffled out of the booth, Reggie followed suit.

“I can drive you home,” he said, “I am the one that kept you out this late. Please let me drive you.” You turned and gave him a serious look.

“Alright. Just don’t try anything funny Mantle. I got my eyes on you.” As you turned your head you noticed how the corner of his lips twitched upwards slightly. It wasn’t like the boyish smiles before, this one seemed more true in a sense. You trusted that smile, so much so you let him drive you home and walk you to your door.

“We didn’t study,” you said and Reggie truly smiled again.

“Then maybe we should we should meet up again.” You met his eyes was you rested your hand on the door handle. You smiled as well, unable to stop for doing so.

“Maybe we should,” you teased. “How about right after school. Meet up on the football field and study in the bleachers.” Reggie’s smile widened and you let out a breathy laugh. “What? Am I the one being too forward now?” Reggie laughed and met your eyes once more.

“Well you do have a reputation, L/N,” he teased and you smiled. “You’re a good girl,” he added, “but that’s pretty good compared to my own.” You frowned slightly and leaned against the door frame before opening it.

“Sorry about that,” you whispered, “I know you better now though. No more quick judgements.” You held out your hand and Reggie took it to shake it.

“No more quick judgements,” and after that, there were no judgements at all. Everything else went rather quick. By Thursday, you and Reggie were sneaking around the school; pressing kisses to the others skin and whispering meeting times in the other’s ear. It seemed that fate wished your love affair short, or at least Veronica did. After an after-school investigation by Betty, Veronica, Ethel, Cheryl, and Kevin, the football team’s playbook was released.

“I’m sorry Y/N, but you need to see this,” Veronica handed you her phone. Displayed on the screen was a picture of the playbook. Your eyes scanned past Polly Cooper’s name, down the list and then you saw it. Your name, listed below Veronica’s, and next to yours there was a pair of all too familiar initials.

R.M. - Y/N L/N - Good Girl - 7 points

“I gotta go,” you whispered, giving Veronica her phone back. Before she could stop you, you were darting out of the lounge, searching for Reggie Mantle. You made your way to the football field bleachers, the place that had become your go-to meet up spot after you shared your first kiss there. There he was, waiting for you and totally oblivious to what knowledge you now possessed. You climbed the bleachers and stood, staring at him with tears in your eyes.

“How dare you,” you had said, you could remember the rage coursing through your veins. “Why did you do it? How could you do that to me?!” Reggie’s eyes were wide as he stared at you.

“What are you talking about babe?” He stood then, his hands reaching for your face but you had pushed them away.

“You know what I’m talking about, Reg. Don’t lie to me. I know about the playbook.” His face fell then, his frown deepened.

“I didn’t mean for this, it started as a bet and” he looked down and then back at you, “please hear me out.” You shook your head and wiped at your eyes. You should’ve listened to your instincts and stayed far away from Reggie Mantle. But your heart had no room for logic; except in that moment.

“We’re done, whatever this even was.” With those words, you stormed off and away from Reggie. All of those events lead you to now; crying in you bedroom about the boy who never, truly loved you.  You shifted and sniffled under your blankets as you looked out your window. You used to enjoy sunsets on Saturdays; the way the colors blended so perfectly, like missing puzzle pieces. Lying in your bed now however, the shades were dulled by the ache in your heart.

You ignored the buzzing of your phone as it blew up from texts, most likely from Veronica. Reggie hadn’t messaged you once. It was better that way, or so you thought. Every time you closed your eyes you flashed to that first ‘date’ at Pop’s. He let you in and you let him in, but the sharing of intimate information seemed to hold no value to him.

When you weren’t thinking of his sweet attitude you were lost in the memories of the stolen kisses shared in closets. He had even told that he loved you in the cramped quarters of his car. These hidden moments once gave you light but now looking back on them made you teary.

Even if your relationship was brief, Reggie had managed to worm his twisted way into your heart; against all odds. Once he was there, you felt like he was going to stay. The lack of texts told you otherwise. The harsh truth was before you and you couldn’t even bear to face it : Reggie Mantle didn’t love you, he never did. Not at all.

A soft knock at the door broke you from your thoughts. It was either a family member or Veronica had broken into your house in order to cheer you up. You let out a breathy, rough laugh that the idea of the raven-haired girl ready with ice cream in hand. You uncurled yourself from the blankets and walked towards your bedroom door.

“What is it-” you looked up and nearly slammed the door shut. “How did you get in my house,” you hissed and Reggie was caught off guard. From what you could see in the somewhat dim light, his eyes were red; as if he shed tears.

“I told your parents we were working on a class project,” he whispered. “Please let me in.” You huffed at his pleas and shook your head.

“I already did, but you stabbed me in the back anyway.” Reggie rubbed a hand across his face and sighed heavily. He lifted his head and met your gaze.

“Just let me explain, it wasn’t like that.” You stepped away from the entrance and allowed Reggie to step into your room. He glanced around the walls, as admiring them, before turning to face you as you closed the door.

“It started with the playbook,” he whispered, but you couldn’t meet his eyes. He continued anyway, hoping you’d listen. “I wanted to prove myself so they gave me you. I know how that sounds, believe me. It was nasty thinking about it, but the pressure was there.” You walked over to your bed, sitting on the edge of it. Reggie stood still, talking as you moved.

“But at Pop’s it felt right. Like there wasn’t any system or points,” Reggie moved towards you, bending on his knees before you. He took your hands in his and looked down at them. “It was just you and me in that booth. No points. No bets. I swear.” He looked back up at you, his brown eyes pleading for your forgiveness.

“You said you loved me,” you whispered and Reggie nodded.

“I do,” he whispered, “truly. I knew when I drove you home that’d you’re it for me. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m sorry, so sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner. Maybe if I did things could’ve been different. But my feelings for you haven’t changed.” You freed your hands from his, resting them on his shoulders. You leaned slightly towards him as you soaked in his words and warmth. He was so close to you, just like before. You looked into his eyes seriously, your heart worried for you.

“Truly?” Reggie’s lips quirked up at the corners, like that smile that caught your attention in Pop’s. He nodded at your question.

“Truly.” You leaned your forehead against his, breathing in softly. “I love you, Y/N. This won’t happen again.” Your head went to the back of his neck, pulling away from him enough to tease him with your presence.

“Oh it won’t,” you whispered, “I won’t allow it.” Reggie smiled again and leaned up on his knees. You met his lips in the middle and collided with his in a passionate kiss. That kiss was a second chance for what the two of you shared. You pulled away, mumbling against his lips.

“I love you too, Reg.” He smiled against your lips as he pressed against you once more. With the playbook burned, you had nothing holding you back from him. For Reggie truly loves you and even the prettiest of flowers have messy beginnings.