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hi feasts!! ive been following u forever and i was wondering if u had any tips on how to draw profiles?? ive been trying so hard but they always look like poop emoji. ur art is so beautiful and nice so if u have any wisdom to share i will cry and thank u from now until the moment i cease to exist


mine look like poop emoji too!! so im not confident that i can give the best advice, but i do at least have a few things i can say

i think a lot of people make the mistake of drawing the eyes and mouth the same way as if they were drawing them from the front. its important to keep in mind that these things look different from the side:

a lot of stuff that isnt too obvious from the front can be made a lot more obvious from the side, for example the shape of the nose and jawline. like if you’ve ever messed around in the sims (or any 3d character creation) and something looks great from the front but then you rotate it to the side and realize you made their eyes really sunken or gave them an overbite when you didnt mean to…. so profiles are a p good opportunity to show off these kinds of characteristics

if youre having trouble keeping your proportions or positioning right but youve got them down for your front views, something that helped me in the past was figuring out positioning for facial features first from the front and then just kind of rotating them to the side. we can mess around with nishiki for example:

kept track of the bottom of the chin, the top of the head, the height of the eyes, where the nose/mouth/eyebrows are, where the ears start and end

and of course references are always a ton of help!! to start you off, posemaniacs has rotatable models and you can get a really nice breakdown of everything from them. and if you can get in a lot of practice drawing from life, that’s the best for learning anything really ^ q^..

thank you!! sorry i couldnt be of more help!