Okay, here’s the scoop on Stick-Gods buttons/merch/etc.:

Regarding the odd white edges on the buttons, I contacted Zazzle with my concerns. They sent me a new batch; still had the same issue. They still look pretty darn great from the front, which is, of course, the important part of the button, and they seem otherwise well-made.

Who’s bothered by the white sides? Again, I don’t want to sell y'all something flawed, but I’m not sure what other online retailer to use that’s good for buttons. x_x

Meanwhile, on the textile end of things, I had a small adventure with Spreadshirt. When I started putting together SG merchandise, I figured I might end up with two different shops—one exclusively for shirts and one for buttons (if I did other items, I’d go with the retailer with the best price for you guys). Zazzle (originally, heh) was my best option for buttons, but their shirts are too damn expensive. Spreadshirt, on the other hand, seems to be used by a lot of people, but you can’t sell individual buttons (who buys packs of 5 other than people stocking up to sell at a con, maybe?). SO, I investigated Spreadshirt’s shirt quality.

Hrm. Not sure if I’m just a picky artist, but the colors are noticeably off and the white outline looked awfully blurry considering the resolution of the image I used (I mean, I couldn’t take a clear picture either, but that’s another matter :P).

Soooooo. Who here has had experience with Spreadshirt (or Zazzle, for that matter)? Thoughts?