“Honestly, it’s awesome that people are listening to me. It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to start conversations and not just have someone see what you’re saying, but really take it in and start their own discussions about the world around us.” - Rowan Blanchard, Girl’s Life Magazine

Shadowhunters Tv faqsy thing

I updated my TV FAQ on my website — long past due for doing that — and then it immediately crashed from traffic, so I thought I’d repost it here. I’ll try to keep my website updated as production goes on.

1) Who is in the cast?

Cast announced so far:

Katherine McNamara…Clary Fray

Dominic Sherwood…Jace Wayland

Alberto Rosende…Simon Lewis

Emeraude Toubia…Isabelle Lightwood

Matthew Daddario…Alec Lightwood

Isaiah Mustafa…Luke Garroway

Alan Van Sprang…Valentine Morgenstern

Harry Shum, Jr… Magnus Bane

2) Who would you like to play Sebastian/Maia/Jocelyn/Raphael/etc? What do you think of this actor I like for Sebastian/Maia/Jocelyn/Raphael/etc?

I feel like the casting team has done a great job so far, and I trust them to cast the future roles. I try not to participate in any kind of fan casting, or giving opinions on actors who have not been cast. If you are really dedicated, you could tweet to ABC Family, or to the casting director on Twitter, with your thoughts. :)

3) Have you met the cast?

No – at the moment we are on different continents. Hopefully I will meet them on set, since they will be filming through October. You can follow them on their Twitters.

4) When will they start filming?

The projected start date for filming is May 25.

5) When will the show air?

The likelihood is that the show will air in early 2016. There’s no specific date set yet, though.

6) Will the show air in other countries than the US and Canada?

Unfortunately,  there’s no way for me to know that. You’re better off looking out for news in your own country.

7) Where’s the best place to get news and information about the show?

Well, TMI Source ( is a great resource. ABC Family is also running many of its own social media accounts, which are worth following:

8) Will Dominic dye his hair blond/Will Kat dye her hair more red/Will Matthew wear contacts?

I have absolutely no idea, and no influence over those kinds of decisions. I’ll probably find out when you do–when they release promo photos.

9) Are you involved with the scripts?

No, I am not involved with the scripts. I don’t know what happens in the show, and the scripts are embargoed, meaning that they are distributed to only a very few people, so that no information will leak.

10) But IMDB has you listed as the co-writer of the first episode!

IMDB is wrong. I am not a co-writer, or a staff writer, or a consultant on this show.

11) Why is Luke a police officer? Why is Simon an accounting student?

Again, I’m sorry, but I don’t know. I’m just not involved in those kinds of decisions. We will just have to wait and see how it plays out.

12) Do you like the cast?

Yes, I like the cast.

13) Do you know anything about who will be cast next?

I sure don’t! I have no idea literally about who is even being considered for other roles. And if I did, I am legally forbidden from saying so anyway. So asking me is sort of a wash.

14) Will the TV show take up where the film ended?

No. It is unrelated to the film. It is not like Buffy — it is a reboot. It begins from the beginning of the first book.

15) Will Raphael/Ragnor/Church be in it?

I don’t know. I only know who was cast, and that those characters will be in it since they cast them.

16) What happened to the cast of the movie? Didn’t you like the cast of the movie? Are you sad that the cast of the movie aren’t playing the roles in the TV show? 

The cast of the movie are well and thriving doing other projects. I like them all very much, and consider it a privilege to have met them. The Mortal Instruments movie and the Shadowhunters TV show are two totally different projects made by totally different people, and therefore have different casts, just like they’ll have different sets and different scripts. I’m also a fan of the cast of the TV show, and don’t want to pick favorites as it seems hurtful to both parties.


I get tired of people downplaying her acting ability. I’m not claiming that Yoona is the best actress out there but to show improvement with each drama you’re cast in, is not something that most actors/actresses do. The fact that she even puts effort into trying to improve should be appreciated. You don’t have to like her, her dramas or her acting but you shouldn’t discredit someone who puts effort into what they do. Just because PM&I didn’t achieve the greatest ratings, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a quality drama. I mean, if you gave the drama a try but genuinely didn’t like it, that’s fine but to those of you who want to dislike something because Yoona is in it and that it’s a “SM drama” is sad. SM stepped up their game with this one although the ending wasn’t in everyone’s favor, it was still a good drama. The chemistry was amazing, the cast did a great job and the drama itself is worth a try, I would recommend it.

I’m very thankful to my fellow S♡NE’s, YoonAddicts and non-fans that humbly support her.

These early fan casting suggestions for Game Of Thrones are absolutely terrible

As we all know, nothing is ever truly gone from the Internet. Case in point, here’s an amazingly ‘90s assortment of casting choices for a would-be Game Of Thronesmovie, courtesy of a Song Of Ice And Fire superfan website. Judging from the names picked out and the Tripod hosting, the site looks to be a relic from somewhere around 1999. Some of the suggestions include:

Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger) As played by… Gary OldmanKevin Spacey 
Drogo As played by… Cuba Gooding Jr.
Hodor As played by… Arnold Schwarzenegger
Cersei LannisterAs played by… Nicole KidmanMadonna 
Jaime Lannister As played by… Val KilmerDolph Lundgren
Joffrey Lannister As played by… Macaulay CulkinTaylor Hanson
Jon Snow As played by… Ryan GoslingEdward Furlong
Sansa Stark As played by… Jena MaloneNatalie Portman
Daenerys Targaryen As played by… Sarah Michelle GellarLacey Chabert

More at



Sorry it took so long! You can find everything here: (X)

For those who haven’t watched it yet (in it’s raw version), part 1 is around 3 hours long, and covers events from the beginning to around vol. 4 of the manga (although some events are removed/changed due to time constraints, but they manage it in a way to keep the event flow smooth). The cast is great, and do an amazing job, so it’s definitely worth the watch.

Also, would like to take the opportunity to give props to our awesome translator, Facets-and-Rainbows, without whom none of this would have been possible!

(Edit: There seemed to be an issue with the subs link, it has now been fixed! Feel free to send an ask if things stop working again)


- We came here to rob them and that’s what we’re gonna do - beat their heads in, gouge their eyes out, slash their throats. Soon as we wash the dishes.

baby!Ustinov tho 


David Lynch and the Twin Peaks cast made some damn fine coffee commercials

One of the more memorable combinations of unexpected celebrity pitchmen and utter weirdness arrived on Japanese television in 1991, when Georgia, a Coca-Cola-owned brand of iced coffee drinks, hired David Lynch to direct a series of four commercials for the product. A mystery runs through the four commercials, with Agent Cooper helping an unnamed Japanese man attempt to find his wife, Asami. 

More at


It’s high time to prove our devotion! TM cast&crew did a great job and we have no right to let them down! So let’s vote for the nominations:

  1. Favourite TV Crime Drama
  2. Favourite TV Crime Drama Actor
  3. Favourite TV Crime Drama Actress


    4.  Favourite TV Duo

Though we are not presented in the list, we still have a chance to get into this nomination. Just write in


in the line on the left then choose someone else (I pick each duo in order) and press “cast votes” button!

Everything is in our hands so vote as much as you can! :)
Dear Mark Ruffalo: Casting trans actors – G-TV News
Dear Mark Ruffalo,
By Lola Phoenix

This is a great, important piece and it does a great job of explaining why trans people need to get cast to play trans roles. This quote is also important to me for even more reasons:

The short story is this: An immediate family member of mine is stealth — as in no one knows they are transgender. They “pass” well and so they don’t have to worry about harassment on a daily basis, unlike some trans people. But one day they found themselves with severe stomach pains. They went into the hospital and at first the doctor treated them kindly and offered a scan. Then they had to tell the doctor they were trans.

The doctor did not come back into the room. They were dismissed from the ER with Vicodin and the nurses said it was just a bad tummy ache. A few days later they were being prepped for an emergency appendectomy. Luckily, the surgeons got the swollen appendix out before it burst and killed them.

I could have lost that family member because of transphobia, because of hatred, because fundamentally people seem to have a problem reconciling that when they look at a person, they aren’t a person if their gender isn’t easily categorised and put into the right boxes.

This is why it doesn’t make sense to insist that we can only talk about oppression when it’s systemic. 

This is why it doesn’t make sense to draw a line between discrimination and oppression, or to say that the legal system has to be involved before we can call it oppression. 

This is why it doesn’t make sense to focus solely on assault and first-degree murder when we talk about oppression. 

This is why it doesn’t make sense to act like that viewing any group as less worthy, or less than human, is no big deal. 

All that big stuff stems from the little stuff. It’s not the other way around. It’s not, “Oh, it’s legal to discriminate against this person, so I guess I will start hating them and hurting them!” 

Look at bathroom laws. In order for the main problem with them to be the fact that they’re laws, we would have to live in a world where we had to present our birth certificates to use public bathrooms. 

The biggest problem with them is that in passing them, local governments – perhaps even unintentionally – encourage people to verbally and/or physically assault the people they already see as less-than. Even in places that do not have bathroom laws. 

Institutional oppression affects us on the group level. It may or may not affect any one of us individually. 

Systemic oppression includes what our institutions, like the government, do. But it also includes all the casual acts of individual neglect and contempt that can lead to those institutional actions. 

It starts with microaggressions, which can range from a tiny reminder that our lives are not worth much to others, to an act that directly threatens those lives. 

It’s made of those individual aggressions, because every one of them sends a message to all of the rest of us that we are not valued and that we are at risk.  

Everything starts with that idea that someone else’s life is not worth as much as yours. That’s what feeds the beast. 

This is why the response to someone’s discussion of oppresssion should never be, “that doesn’t exist, because I don’t think your group is intentionally oppressed.” 

Microaggressions threaten lives. If we don’t talk about them, a lot, we have no way to identify their source and shut them down. 

When you shut down people who are trying to talk about this stuff, by telling them they’re wrong about what motivated it, or you’re offended by them calling it oppression, then you’re unintentionally supporting the system that also oppresses you. You’re keeping people from providing information that might help all of us fight this stuff.


Mentalistas and Mentalistos!

It’s high time to prove our devotion! TM cast&crew did a great job and we have no right to let them down! So let’s vote for the nominations:

  1. Favourite TV Crime Drama
  2. Favourite TV Crime Drama Actor
  3. Favourite TV Crime Drama Actress


    4.  Favourite TV Duo

Though we are not presented in the list, we still have a chance to get into this nomination. Just write in


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Everything is in our hands so vote as much and often as you can! :)

[Upload] Tenimyu 3rd Season Dream Live 2016

Welcome to a world of dreams!

3rd Season’s first Dream Live is finally out on DVD, and it’s fantastic!  The staff and cast did a great job of framing this as a dream world, where you can enter and forget your troubles for a few hours and just have fun.  From the opening song to the final line, it’s a great time, and I’m excited to finally share it with everyone <3

This took place back in May in the Orix Theater in Osaka and Pacifico Yokohama in Yokohama.  It’s the first time since I believe Dream Live 4th that they were in a theater rather than an arena, but honestly I think it turned out better for it.  It was really close, and the energy was amazing despite the smaller size ^^  All the teams got a fair amount of screentime, there were silly scenes and people showing up in unexpected places but there were also serious scenes and tears…I really recommend this, especially to Tenipuri/Tenimyu fans who haven’t gotten into 3rd Season yet. Please give these wonderful kids a shot.

It’s a little over 3 hours, including graduation speeches from Fudoumine, St. Rudolph, and Yamabuki (for Akutsu).  There’s also like 4 hours of bonus footage, including the bonus disc included in the special edition - Team Lives St. Rudolph and Yamabuki + related extras.  (However, I would like to note that the Team Lives included here are only the live portion, not the talk portion.  The talk portions were only available as a digital download, which I’ve uploaded here.  The backstages and virtual date videos are new though!)

So, seven hours of footage featuring everyone involved in Tenimyu 3rd Season so far!  What are you waiting for~?

But first:
-Please don’t upload this to streaming sites!  Individual songs, sure, but not the whole thing.
-If you want to share this with other people, please link this post or the tenimyutopia post, not the download itself.
-Please support Tenimyu by buying the DVD or Blu-ray if you can!  I know it’s expensive and not always feasible to buy them overseas, having been in that situation myself until very recently.  I really am happy to provide this and give back to the community that’s given me so many downloads over the years.  But if you have the money and a way to buy it from Animate (I’d be happy to help!) I really do recommend getting your own copy.
-Like Seigaku vs Yamabuki, I am planning on subbing this!  I can’t give a date because I learned last time that I will never make my own deadlines but I’m going to try :D;;;;; Please look forward to it!!

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