Dear Sunny Rae,

The past few days we have been moving into our new temporary house!  Your great grandpa has moved to Florida to stay in a hospital down there and needed someone to look after his super house and watch over his dogs.  We just so happen to love dogs and just so happened to be near by and house-less so this was perfect for us.  We have already had so much fun in this house including dancing around the living room like crazies to the 60’s tv music channel, taking a family bubble bath in the jacuzzi tub, cooking some yummy food in the massive kitchen, and sitting out on the patio and playing with the dogs in the huge backyard.  We have picked out this room to be your playroom.  This room used to be “the yellow room” and it was the room I always played in when I stayed the night over here.  This house used to be my favorite house to come to spend the night at when I was little and I have so many memories being here.  I can’t wait to make new memories in this house with you.  Yesterday was your great grandmas birthday and I couldn’t of been more happier to spend it with you in the house that she lived in. 

My entire life, I have been told that my great-grandmother had left me her china set and that someday I would get it. Finally, this year I got the china. It was all wrapped in newspaper from 1992 and in flawless condition. There was an envelope inside with two photos of me as a baby with both of my great-grandparents. This is such a beautiful gift and I feel so grateful for it. 

60 Years

After work we went out to eat with Navyy’s extended family to celebrate her grandparents’ 60th(!) wedding anniversary.  60 years.  A little cursory Googling tells me that in the US only 5% or so of couples reach their 50th anniversary.  So glad that we are now living nearby and can see them regularly.  I supposedly met a few great-grandparents, but have no recollection of them.  With any luck the Minky will have the great pleasure of having them in his lives for many more years to come.

My great grandparents <3

First of all, my mom and I came here to eat dinner with them. My Nonna made pasta and meatballs of course, chicken cutlets, arrencini (like a rice ball with meat and mozzarella), espresso and cookies! 

This was the highlight of my night right here..

Me: “How old are you gunna be, 81?”

Nonna- *nods with a sad face* :(

Nonno- “No, no, no! Just look at that face, she’s gunna be 90!”

Nonna- “Ay!” *raises hand as my nonno runs away"


Oh and also..they gave me $100 towards my DC trip in March :)


The tomb was built in 1930 and it’s one of the first niches built in the Peñaranda Public Cemetery in Nueva Ecija. It’s probably my 3rd time to visit this niche because we literally have to cross and walk over other niches built around ours. I believe we have the tallest tomb in the area because I can still see its peak from my lolo’s niche, where we really stay. 

This tomb still have available spaces for bones but my grandmother’s family, the Borbolla siblings, decided not to use it anymore after their mother was interned in the 1970s. Only 3 persons were interned in this tall tomb, Miguel and Dionisia Borbolla and someone I can’t recall.

My dad told me the story about the family’s history, we have Chinese blood. My great grandfather, Miguel T. Borbolla, bought Christian names during the Spanish occupation. His Chinese surname, Tan, became his middle name.

My 92 year old great-grandfather quite clearly BREAKING.IT.DOWN. at my cousin’s wedding back in October. I saw this and realized that no other photo in the world would ever be as good as this one. This unfortunately doesn’t show the hat he wore (it said “dam ships” on it. That’s all), or his cherry-themed shoelaces. And you can’t really see it, but he’s wearing one of his Senior Olympics gold medals. According to my 96 year old great grandmother, he was wearing more before they left the house. My Mimi subscribes to the Coco Chanel school of thought, though, and told him to take off one accessory before he left the house.

You guys get why I have so much soul now, right? It’s genetic.