Types of Witches & Witchcraft

What is a Witch? A witch can never be truly defined. It is a broad term used to describe a variety of people each of which follow their own paths with no two truly alike. 

Types of Witches

Kitchen Witch: (Cottage witch, Hearth witch) Works mainly within the home. Cares for the house and the family inside it. Prepares the meals and adds there own special magick to it. Provides the home with protection and keeps the house clean. 

Green Witch: Works with nature. Includes working with plants, nature deities, herbal remedies, earth, crystals, and faeries. Incorporates nature deities in their craft such as Pan, Demeter, Epona, Gaia etc.  

Eclectic Witch: Creates their own practice based on information and traditions borrowed from different practices and religions in. In order to create a path that works best for them. (Make sure you are not stealing from closed religions!)

Elemental Witch: A witch that works with the elements (water, earth, fire, air) in their day to day practices.   

Hereditary Witch: A witch that is born into a family of practitioners. They create and continue their families rituals and ceremonies. They commonly have a family grimoire or book of shadows that they pass down through generations. 

Sea Witch: A witch that uses the sea and its materials in their practice. Gets their power from the seas energy. Incorporates shells, salt, saltwater, driftwood, etc into their practices. Works with deities such as Poseidon, Njörðr, Neptune, etc. 

Solitary Witch: A witch who prefers to practice on their own.     

Faerie Witch: Someone who works in peace and harmony with the Fae. They take great care of their garden, place offerings out for the Faerie, and make them feel welcome and at peace.

Cosmic Witch: One who works with the stars, moon, sun, etc.  

Urban Witch: A witch that lives in the city and uses the objects they find for their practice. They come up with creative ways to garden on there small patio and store things in the little space they have. 

Pop Culture Witch: A witch who incorporates characters and ideas from movies, TV shows, and books into their practice. 

Science Witch:  Science witches are basically witches who incorporate the scientific method and ideology into their craft. In my experience no science witch is alike since each individual has their specific idea of how the relationship between science and magic works. A large part of being a science witch seems to be the belief in the placebo effect in relationship between the spellcaster and the spell. Science witchcraft is kind of a blurred line between the laws of science and the known universe and the realm of magic and the laws we can’t see. We believe in the possibility of a crossover between the two and embrace it and use it to our advantage in our craft. Taking into consideration the effect science has on the magic we are using and sometimes crediting the spell result partially to magic and partially to science - sometimes even considering the same thing. -This definition is from @drinkthemoonlight, Very appreciated, Thank you so much! - 

Druidism: A Celtic, nature based religion that works with Mother Earth. 

Wiccan: A  religion that follows it’s own set of rules and guidelines.  Such as the three fold law and “hurt none and do what ye will.”

Pagan: A religion that works closely with nature and it’s deities.

This list barely covers the different types of witches but it is all I can think of for the moment. I will be updating soon. 

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Academy==

From what I've listened so far:
  • Wolf 359: Aliens? They like classical music, and we're going to exploit them because ~capitalism~.
  • The Penumbra Podcast: Aliens? Their stuff is pretty cool, but they're extinct and we live here now.
  • Kakos Industries: Aliens? Great gardeners. We're taking credit for their existence. If they try to conquer Earth, we're taking credit for that too.
  • Welcome to Night Vale: Aliens? Whaaaaaaat? Who said anything about aliens??? They TOTALLY don't run the government and use humanity as a testing ground for reality-altering technology. LOOK AT THIS CUTE CAT AND ALSO MY HOT SCIENTIST HUSBAND STOP THINKING ABOUT ALIENS WE'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO THINK ABOUT THE ALIENS!!!!!
  • Alice Isn't Dead: Aliens? *deep sigh* This country is obsessed with the idea of "otherness". We label those who are different from us, those we deem unworthy of sharing this land, as "other". As "illegal aliens". Why? Is it such a crime to be different? Is otherness inherently bad?


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do you happen to know any genderbend viktuuri fanfics? I've been desperstely looking for them but haven't find any (゜´Д`゜)

Okay, so these fics are awesome. I haven’t found many, but there are a few! Let me know if you’ve seen some more that I should add on. Enjoy!

(This AMAZING fem!victuuri artwork is by @frosty-haddock! Check out their blog! This art was posted with permission, do not repost!)


Welcome Home by boysblush, Explicit, 6.1k
It’s been years since they moved in together, since their last Grand Prix, since they retired, since the wedding . All of this time has passed and Yuri still fangirls over her wife— the most beautiful and celebrated professional skater, Viktoria Nikiforov. LOVE OMG WOWOWOW

Words and Intention by euseevius, Teen, 3.7k
Katsuki Yuuri’s life, from the first time she sees Viktoriya Nikiforova on ice, to the first night in their shared apartment in St. Petersburg. Great fic!

Our Garden of Delights by boysblush, Explicit, 3.5k
Her and Viktoria have the whole day off, finally having the time they want to themselves. For Viky that was to go do some light shopping, but for Yuri, she just wants some quiet to catch up on reading. For a little while at least.

Hard out Here by Cornflower, Teen, 4.1k (WIP)
“Who are you working for? Russia, the Mafia?” Yuuri blurted, pulling out her gun and pointing it in the criminal’s direction in one smooth motion. “Oh Yuuri,” Viktoriya giggled, eyes dark and pupils blown wide, “if I told you that I’d have to kill you.” LESBIAN SPIES AU DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING

Frustrated Yuuri and naughty Viktoria by Blaubeere, Explicit, 3.2k
Viktoria can’t keep her hands off Yuuri even during an interview, and now Yuuri has had enough of the teasing. Fluff and smut!

[we] are unstoppable by DiAnna44, Mature, 6.7k (WIP)
Vik and Yuuri make history. As the first ever female w/female pairing to enter the pairs skating competition. Things happen. Thumbs up!

Self Indulgence by Shahrazaade, Explicit, 2.8k
It is a fact universally acknowledged that Katsuki Yuuri will take every opportunity to eat out her girlfriend, Victoria Nikiforova. Spicy!

вкусно by frangiblefealty, Explicit, 4.2k
“I’m surprised. Greedy little поросенок like you, I would expect more,” whispers Viktor, and kisses her. In which Yuuri gets caught doing what she’s been doing for years.


Great Britain:  Cambridge, Crawley, Caernarfon, Oxford, Brighton, Bibury, Polperro, Luss, Berwick Upon tweed, Erlestoke, 

-for more  of my UK shots and more travel:travel britain european travel world travel UK travelLondon travel

A great addition to your garden or back yard. - Bee watering station. 

Bees need water just like we do but often times drown in open water. To make a bee watering station you can either do what is shown in the photo above and fill the bowl of a dog/cat watering jug with stones or you can fill a small dish with marbles and add water to that. That way the bees have something to land on!

Schuyler Sister Modern Headcanons

requested from anonymous: Angelicaaa ELIIIIIZA and Peggy Schyler headcanons (please and thank you)

a/n: this was really vague so i just interpreted it as if the three of them were roomies together, please let me know if you meant it differently!

  • what is their morning schedule?
    • angelica wakes up pretty early and she showers in the morning, her showers don’t take very long so she takes her time getting ready for work
    • she has a habit of skipping breakfast but eliza and peggy usually bug her until she takes a granola bar or something, just in case she gets hungry
    • she has like twenty granola bars just stuffed in her purse and she just hands them out when her coworkers complain of being hungry or something, angelica just throws a granola bar at their head
    • although angelica wakes up pretty early, eliza wakes up before angelica does. eliza prioritizes cooking over getting ready and she makes pancakes and coffee for everyone
    • as soon as angelica finishes showering, eliza goes in and she showers
    • she gets ready for work while checking up on her sisters and nagging angelica to take a granola bar or eat the pancakes but nope, the only thing angelica does is down all of the coffee and then asks eliza nicely to make more coffee since angelica can’t make coffee at all
    • eliza makes more coffee and goes back to getting ready peggy on the other hand is one of those people who sleeps through alarms
    • the only thing that makes her wake up by herself is either a, the smell of whatever eliza is cooking or b, eliza singing in the shower
    • peggy gets ready relatively fast and she eats her food pretty fast as well, downing maybe four cups of coffee before she is bouncing with energy and she is ready for anything
    • lafayette picks peggy up since they both work in the art museum and he has a giant small crush on her possibly 
  • what is their night schedule?
    • they usually spend a good portion after work talking about how their work went, mostly asking if either lafayette or peggy have made a move yet.
    • they all agree that laf and peggy would be a very cute couple and that peggy should ask him out the next day.
    •  she doesn’t
    •  angelica usually cooks dinner while eliza usually bakes brownies or some other kind of treat for dessert afterwards
    • peggy doesn’t really understand cooking, like she is great at gardening and at painting and at eating but she doesn’t understand how to not be bad at cooking
    • angelica giggles whenever peggy insists on cooking something for angelica and eliza, they usually end up ordering take out but she never gives up, not even when she’s almost burned their house down several times
  • what do they do for fun?
    • peggy loves planting and she has this huge garden on the roof of the apartment building (this is a reason why peggy absolutely despises living in an apartment, she much rather live in a house with a yard)
    • peggy mainly grows vegetables and herbs but she also loves planting flowers. she tries and raises awareness about the bee population decline 
    • eliza loves baking, as mentioned before and when she gets stressed out, she’ll make like ten batches of muffins. eliza also loves shopping and learning how to do things from like diy tutorials. she is an amazing piano player and plays it all of the time
    • she also is a natural photographer, she loves taking pictures of the city and of the flowers and food peggy grows. peggy shoos her away and sprays her with the hose if she still takes photos
    • angelica can actually demolish both of her sisters when it comes to any game that involves strategy. the only person who can actually beat her without cheating is washington. alex has cheated before and was called out on it two seconds after the fact.
    • she also lives to argue with everyone which can result in her not getting any sleep as she is too busy tweeting at thomas and alex to point out the seventy different ways why they are both wrong

The only good that ever came out of any 'superfood’ craze was when the big thing was mulberries, and one of my co-workers (who I hated) was going to buy some dried mulberries online for like $20 a pound, and I, knowing that mulberry bushes grow like weeds around our area, said “Hey hold off on that I can get you fresh for $10 a pound.”

And then I took a couple gallon buckets and picked like 8 pounds in about 30 minutes off the trees in the empty lot down the street from work and brought them in to him the next day and he was thrilled and kept going on about how incredible I was and what a great gardener I must be and paid me $80 for 30 minutes worth of work in the weed lot.

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do you have any headcanons about remus?

  • has a specific smile for each of his friends. uses them a lot.
  • is rarely angry. but when he is angry Watch Out, buddy, and buckle up because you’re in for a long rant. peppered with cursing, probably. actually, a lot of cursing peppered with the Thing that’s actually bothering him.
  • slouches and flops a lot. sitting up straight is not in his vocabulary.
  • but sarcasm is. his friends joke he should have Sarcasm tattooed in invisible ink on his forehead
  • does not have face scars, because those would have been mentioned in harry’s description of him. he does have them everywhere else, though, and they’re gnarly.
  • can fall asleep anywhere. does so frequently. snores loudly.
  • is super great at container gardening, weirdly. his family never really lived anywhere long enough to put down roots, and what’s better than food you can take with you. you know remus lives there the back flat is full of vegetables in pots.
  • keeps a secret pet garden gnome named pickles.
  • the middle support for all the questionable, but enthusiastic Marauder-made Gryffindor/Potter Quidditch banners. he is in charge of face painting, too, because of that thing Sirius did in fourth year that landed them all in detention.
  • is known to have a really good sense of smell, even if people don’t know why. has a side-hustle going where, for a small fee, he will tell you what the specific smells in your amortentia sample is.
  • is the king of bartering with people because he never has cash. 
  • takes walks in the woods with james, who doesn’t go on and on about how cool the latest full moon adventure was. they just chill and be.
  • will see his mates being stupid and see the impending disaster ten seconds before it happens but says nothing because the consequences will be an Opportunity for Growth 
  • is perpetually exhausted but tries not to fix it with caffeine (or something more), because it makes the inevitable crash even worse. he definitely hates taking anything, because his body is so fricking weird.
  • is perpetually in pain, just of varying degrees. has scars on the inside of his mouth from biting down on his cheeks.
  • firmly believes that you are what you ingest and tries only to read cheerful(ish) books and cheerful(ish) music, lest he give in to his darker, depressive impulses.
  • hates hates hates it when james does his homework, but never complains when a very specific set of tailored, thorough lectur + book reading notes appears in his bag on full moon weeks. 
  • loves his mates more than literally life itself. ride or die, bros.
  • almost cried when he found out what his patronus was a wolf. 
  • is very proud of being a prefect, but went to dumbledore and asked to be removed from consideration for Head Boy because the prophet always runs a little blurb on the HB & HG and he didn’t want the undo attention.
  • was the one to talk james down when he inadvertently killed someone in a skirmish with death eaters.
  • does not carry any grudges, except against peeves because of a thing that happened fourth year that he really, really doesn’t like talking about.
  • teaches the other marauders how to sew because they don’t and they ruin entirely too many clothes and he’s not their goddamn mother.
  • except he is, really, and they do such a shit job he ends up redoing their work.
  • pretends to believe his friends when they claim they’ve outrgrown a jumper or a pair of trousers or shoes and pass it on to him.
  • mastermind behind most of the marauder programming for the hogwarts pirate radio station and revived the idea for the second wizarding war
  • is the friend who will patiently listen and ask just the right questions to let you draw your own conclusions abt how to solve Current Life Crisis


I’ve long been a fan of this series of beautiful, tranquil little films from Nowness, which make great springtime viewing :-).

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Ok let's be real if I was dating a girl who can go anywhere in the world in less than an hour we'd go visit new places every weekend. So if you feel like it maybe supercorp traveling around the world for those supergirl prompts? (Also I guess Ireland is a must)

SO…. I turned this prompt into a prompt for a visiting Ireland one-shot! Hope you still like it!

“Did you like Ireland?”

Kara and Lena lay intertwined on their bed, Kara’s head on Lena’s chest as Lena tapped on her tablet and played with Kara’s hair.

“From what I remember of it…”

“Do you miss it there?”

Lena sighed as she set her tablet next to them on the bed knowing there was something that Kara was thinking about that wasn’t going to go away until they talked about it.

“What’s brought on all the questions Kara? What’s wrong?”

Kara rolled off Lena onto her stomach, propping her chin in her hands.

“I was thinking… we should go to Ireland.”

“You want to go to Ireland?”

“You haven’t been since you were a child, you always talk about how much you want to back and visit. And we’ve both been working like crazy…so I thought a weekend off would be nice. I could get J'onn to cover m-“

“You can’t do Ireland in a weekend Kara, even with access to the L-corp private jet the flights alone would take up most of the weekend.”

“I could fly us there…”

“You want to carry me across the ocean? To Ireland?”

“Don’t you trust me?” Kara’s eyes danced, she knew Lena hated flying, it was something they had been working on. She also knew there was no way that Lena was going to turn this down.



They planned for this to be more of a trip down memory lane for Lena than it was anything else. Lena had been right to say that they would need more than a weekend to truly see Ireland, even with Kara’s super speed. So they stayed in a beautiful hotel Lena had booked for them in Bray, the area outside Dublin where her mom had been living when she met Lionel, and had been her home the first four years of her life, and explored the area.


Lena wasn’t ready to see the house her mother lived in yet, afraid it wouldn’t match the house she had built in her head from her vague disjointed memories. Unable to voice her fears, she and Kara walked around the neighbourhood looking into shop windows, Kara listening intently to the pieces of stories Lena still had locked away. They weren’t stories that came up often, stories of Ireland or of Krypton, but Kara knew that Lena grasped to those memories much like she did, holding onto little pieces of the world that had been torn away from her.

It was dusk by the time they finally slowed down, deciding to stop for a coffee.

“Do we need to go back to the hotel room for the key to the house?” Kara tried to ask causally, not wanting for force Lena into anything if she wasn’t ready. Even if it had been Lena’s casual confession a few months ago that she had found and purchased the house shortly after turning 18 but had never visited that had prompted Kara into suggesting the trip in the first place.

“It’s in my purse.” Taking the last sip of her coffee Lena rose from her seat eyebrow quirked as Kara quickly gulped back her last few mouthfuls abandoning their mugs on the table as she followed her out the door.

The air had grown cold as the sun disappeared and wind blew in over the water. Lena’s hand buried in Kara’s warm pocket, Kara’s hand wrapped protectively over her own as she gripped it with white knuckle strength. Her other arm snug around her waist clutching her coat in an attempt to settle her anxiety and cut out the wind.

It felt like forever before they were at the short iron gate locked in place above stairs leading down in between a tiered garden to a little brown brick house. Lena took a deep breath, she didn’t recognize it from the outside, only remembering that there had been a great big garden lush with plants. Which it probably would have had if the garden was in full bloom and she was still looking at it from the perspective of a four year old. Grasping the gate she pulled it open letting Kara pass through first, securing the gate behind them and heading to the door.

It was a two floor home, the kitchen, living room and dining room on the main floor, and three bedrooms on the second floor and a small sun room off the back. Kara snuck away peeking through doors and exploring cupboards as Lena slowly made her way through the house.

“Lena?” Kara’s call floated up the stairs to Lena rooted to the spot in one of the bedrooms overlooking the backyard. Moving away from the window Lena made her way back down the stairs.

“Kara. I remember which room was mine. I remember the tree outside the windo-“

Lena cut off as she found Kara squatting in the doorway between the kitchen and living room. Her fingers ghosting over the flat surface.

“You were so tiny.” Kara whispered as her fingers traced a smudged pencil line with Lena’s name scrolled down next to it.

There were other names on the wall around her’s, probably from the family that had been living in the house after her mother passed. But the four lines marking her height each year still remained, a small reminder of the time she had spent there. Standing up Kara rummaged through her bag until she pulled out a pen she had clipped to a small coil notebook. Holding a hand out to Lena she pulled her towards the door and out of her daze.

“No cheating.” Kara stared down at her feet still sitting in heels a couple inches tall. Rolling her eyes Lena slipped out of them feeling herself sink as she dutifully lined her feet against the wall standing still as Kara dragged the pen above her head marking another line and writing Lena’s name and the date.


“Not quite.” Lena smiled as she switched places taking the pen from Kara’s hand and running it on the wall just above her head and adding Kara’s name. “That’s better.”

Lena smiled as Kara pulled her into an embrace kissing her temple as they stared at the two new names on the wall.