Striking Photographs of Paris Compare Present-Day Flooding to Great Flood of 1910

Artist Julien Knez  who is known for their massive collection of French vintage photography dug up a few reminiscent images, which resemble the current flood in Paris. Over 100 years ago, the Seine River’s water levels peaked up to 8.6m leaving a disaster, which cost the Parisian government over 1.5 billion dollars in damages.

Although the water levels have risen to 6.10 m, Knez images demonstrate the fear, curiosity and isolation of the city of lights and its people by the current flood and the Great Flood of 1910.  A historical moment in modern society that has left the city paralyzed, ee urge everyone to take a look at these striking photographs, which compare the same landmarks of Paris in 1910 and now in 2016.  

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1910 The Great Flood of Paris

Just a theory but I feel like the great flood of France is supposed to be part of the story seeing that in the trailer you see a flooded part with the Eiffel Tower, the fact that they’re singing about La Seine, which was the river that caused the flood and not to mention the year that they set the story in.

Should be interesting though. I remember showing the trailer to a few other people and alot of them were confused by the flooded part. If you would like more information on the great flood of Paris then visit the wiki page here