Wow wow wow. I commission the wonderful @hamilpop for a Queen Levana Blackburn and she came today. I’m freaking out she looks so good. Thank you so much @hamilpop ! I sadly don’t own fairest but I’m buying it soon and I’ll add on to this post with pictures of her with it. This is sooooo cool.

Tongue-Tied And Oh So Squeamish

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @geeksandfreaks6713.  “Can you do either a frank or gerard imagine where the reader has a stutter?”

A/N: I’m so sorry it took me so long to finish this. T_T

The shopkeeper eyed you as you entered the comic book store, making you nervous. Normally, you shopped at the store on the other side of town. But, they didn’t have the specific issue you were looking for, so your search had brought you here.

You scanned the shelves, walking past the Marvel and D.C. sections. There were some great comic books, but not the one you were looking for.

Maybe they don’t have it,  you thought with a frown. I might have to order it online.

“Can I help you find something?” asked a voice behind you, and you jumped. It was the shopkeeper. He was a burly, intimidating man.

“Y-y-y–yes,” you stammered. “I’m l-l-l-looking f-for….”

“Geez,” the shopkeeper interrupted, rolling his eyes. “Can’t you talk normal?”

“S-s-s-sorry,” you mumbled as you stared down at the ground, cheeks burning. Your speech impediment was so embarrassing, and people could be so rude about it.

“Spit it out, kid,” the shopkeeper barked. “I ain’t got all day. What comic book do you want?”

“I w-w-w-want issue o-o-one of….”

“Of fucking what?” the shopkeeper snapped, and you flinched.

A man in a beanie, who had been browsing the horror comics, set down the volume he’d been thumbing through and walked over to you.

“Hey,” he said, glaring at the shopkeeper, “why are you yelling at this girl?”

“This fake geek girl can’t even talk,” the shopkeeper explained. “I’m trying to figure out what the hell she wants, but if it’s going to take her ten minutes to get a sentence out, I got better things to do.”

“Great customer service you got there, buddy,” the man said sarcastically. His tone became gentle as he turned to you.

“Hi,” he introduced, smiling softly. “My name’s Gerard. I’m a huge nerd, so I hang out here a lot. I pretty much know where everything is. So, if you want to tell me what you need, I promise I’ll help you better than this jerk could.”

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Everybody gather around. I am going to tell you the angriest I have ever been at work. 

About a year ago, I had this walk-in 10 top. They were nice, not the nicest, but they were nice enough. I’m told that this table is going to be 10 people, but I notice that only 8 are present. I am then told that this is a surprise birthday dinner for seat 4′s Mom. With that being said, I naturally assume that the 2 missing people are the mom and whoever is supposed to be bringing her. 

Right? Right?

Is that what you guys would think if someone told you it was a surprise for their mom? There’s supposed to be 10, but only 8 are there? Would you not assume that the mom and her driver are missing? Yeah, that's I what I thought, too.


FastFoward. I’m getting them drink refills, bread, butter, just all the basic needs to keep them happy while we wait for the mom. Because I’m told it’s a surprise dinner for her birthday. The mom. Who is not there.  I consistently ask if everyone is doing okay, “We are great.” They said. They said this to my face. 

While I’m keeping them happy, I get sat again with a 6 top. Since the 10 top, (but its an 8 top…because the mom isn’t here, yet remember?) is doing, “great”. (They said great), I go on and get the 6 top started, I do all the basic things in record time and I go to take their order. As I am taking the order, this lady from the 10 top (8 top) is trying to talk to me while I taking this table’s order.

 Pause. We all know how fucking annoying it is when people forget home training and try to interrupt you while you are talking to another table. Its the worst thing that pisses off literally everyone who is involved. 

Moving Foward. This woman is trying oh so desperately to get my attention. She has it immediately, but I don’t want her to know that. So I turn back and say, “I’ll be there in 1 minute.” She aint having that shit. She then yells, “Why didn’t you take our order? We’ve been here 20 minutes and you have taken our order yet!!” I look back at the guest whose order I’m trying to take and they give me this sympathetic look. The look that dad’s on tv gives their kids when they want to have fun with other kids, “Just go.” That look. 

I turn back to the 8 top and I say, very politely, “Well, I haven’t taken your orders yet because aren’t we waiting for the birthday girl?”  At the same time, all 8 of these fuckers point to the woman sitting in the middle, “The mom’s right here!!” The woman who has been there since the beginning. 

Bitch what? Excuse me? 

So now, all of a sudden, everybody at this table is angry as fuck. A solid 10, my guys. I try to tell them that I didn’t know that the mom was here. Why? Because I was fucking told it was a surprise birthday dinner for the fucking mom. I don’t fucking know what your mom looks like. Don’t tell me its a fucking surprise if she’s already here. Its not a surprise dinner, its just fucking dinner because she already knows! Do you not know what a fucking, “surprise” is??

Yall. Then they said, “Why didn’t you ask?” Ask what? “Are one of you the Mom?” Why the fuck would I ask that if you told me before I even introduced myself that it was a surprise dinner. That implies that she isn’t here yet and is about to be surprised. 

I immediately told my manager that I didn’t want to take care of them anymore because they were all too mad to calm down and I wasn’t going to fuck up my tip-pool because they think I’m a bad server because I didn’t recognize a complete stranger. My manager goes to inform them that they will be getting a new server and they all go, “ Why? She is so good!” Fuck you, Debra. You didn’t say that when you cussed me out because you think I purposely ignored you. You think I want you here? Nah. I’m here to make money. And to make money, I need tables in and out. And so far, you all have wasted my time, energy, patience, and probably shaved years off my life because I’m so angry.

Bitch, bye. 

I get back to the 6 top and they are all like, “I am so sorry that happened to you,” They understood my anger. And yall don’t know how utterly petty I can be. I gave this table the absolute best service of my career solely because this table is directly next to this fuck ass birthday 8 top clusterfuck. I wanted them to know that they fucked up with me. I am a great server, dammit!

*Customer Service voice* So now. Guys, its your turn. Tell me the angriest you have ever been at work. 

Great Label Company!

Wow, what fantstic customer service. I ordered woven labels from Because they are woven, they take 3-4 weeks, but they are one of the only companies I could find that didn’t charge a plate fee. I bought 100 labels with



for about $35. I received them today, and they are lovely, but there is no dot between artfire and com. I emailed them to just let them know, and told them I could add it with my purple Sharpie, and people would figure it out anyway. Well, they are remaking them and sending me all new labels. Compared to my horrid experience with, ItsMineUSA ROCKS! I highly recommend them for labels!!!


Look who’s home!!

Bought Reinhardt too for a friend and I must say that it is so great, now I think of buying one for myself too. I am glad to see the guys from Funko started to add more details to their figures!

Once again, recommending Blizzard’s gear store, for great customer service and fast shipping!

P.s. McCree can’t stand because of the tip of his boots, they are upwards and can’t sustain the weight of his hat who seems heavy enough to carry all his sins. Or maybe there is Hanzo hidden beneath it!!!

thegayestofagendas  asked:

I worked two grocery jobs and two fast food jobs. Two of those jobs, I was lucky enough to have Greek managers, which means you're not jus employees, you're family. The customers are still shit, but knowing your manager is behind you is always great. I leave my customer service jobs in the past now, and wish you, and everyone else still working those jobs much luck, and to have good managers and coworkers.

Your coworkers can make or break your entire work experience. I’m glad yours were so good! :)

These came a few days ago but didn’t get them put together till now. IM SO HAPPY THANK YOU @acornpress FOR THESE WONDERFUL CHARMS. Great customer service and quick turnaround time. Even got some extras so I don’t have to buy these from myself LOL. Will deff be getting more from them for my next two charms ;D I totally forgot to put a coin to show size but these are 1.5 inches big. That’s like almost the size of two quarters kinda.

Also for pre-orders only the charms will have the start and koi charms attached to it. Orders after pro-orders are done will have a little randomly colored acrylic star! Sorry if my posts are so off I’ve never made/sold charms and Im only just starting to using tumblr LOL. Social media y u so tricky

Again the link for these is here. Now with reviled order bonus! —