The Rat Pack ii

The Rat Pack: some of the most recognized faces in style, swagger and confidence.  Humphrey Bogart, Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and more started this group over fifty years ago - those are some big shoes to fill.
This being said, I think these gentlemen would be proud and would tip a cap to the dapper men that I was with recently, coined The Rat Pack II.
These men are the epitome of confidence, talent, style and pride - pride in themselves but as well in their crew.  Being amongst these gents was like walking with giants and veterans; beings that touched the clouds and knew the world over already.  I walked away apart of something great.
A couple of these gentlemen traveled quite a bit just to be at the Hotel Chantelle, that evening - Blake Scott came from LA and Nathan McCallum came all the way from Australia to get to the States and be with us.  Amongst the rest of us was Moti AnkariMarcel Floruss, Steven Onoja and Denny Balmaceda.  Of course, none of this would be possible without Lisa Dengler taking the time to photograph us.  It was a blast to be apart of this collaboration.
Who knows when the whole crew will be together again.  But, like the original Rat Pack, proximity won’t determine the greatness of a legacy - the hunger of the pack will.

sugarshai replied to your post “Listen to shawn mendes-stitches. I also think thats how wilbur sounds…”


What about Musical!AU? Because I’ve always loved the idea of Wilbur jokingly trying out for the spring musical in his senior year and getting in based on the fact that he actually sounds good and have a great range (he’s also the most melodramatic person in the world). Violet, on the other hand, has always worked backstage with tech crew and finds it hilarious (and strangely proud) that he’s doing it.

I wanna take some time and say thank you to each and every one of you following me. I’ve made some great friends the passed couple of years and I’ve also lost a lot of them. I started using tumblr during what I’d like to call the most difficult time of my life. I had lost my dad, one of the only people in my family to ever understand how i felt. Seeing him get taken away from me was hard, but after time wounds heal and you can keep moving forward. I found friends on this site that I’ll remember forever. Friends that I believe helped me overcome my situation. That helped me by pulling me out of the emotional trainwreck that I was in. After that, years passed by and while I made new friends, the old ones kept dissapearing. I had love from my followers and everybody’s kind words kept me going strong. Now, 4 years later I can say that I’m as strong as I have ever been, and I hold some of the dearest friendships I could ever imagine. As for friendships that ended, im sorry. I hate losing friends and I hope you prosper and have the best in life. I honestly never thought that I’d get more than 20 followers, but here you all are. I appreciate each and every single one of you, and I’d like for any of you to consider me a friend. I’m here if anyone needs anything. I’ve gone on long enough. (sorry if you read this far.) Have a great day! And again, thank you guys.

i think the appeal of carisi and barba, even though they don’t interact all that much on the show and lack the chemistry of liv and barba, is that we can just see the potential. sonny is such a puppy. such an eager, bouncy, puppy desperate for approval (and isn’t THAT a fun thought bc praise kink amirite). and rafael is such a fucking cat, prickly and fond of preening and impatient and rude.

and together they’d make such a good pair, bc opposites attract and what not. they’re a great odd couple, right? like i bet sonny’s apartment is a total disaster of clothes and paperwork and coffee cups and books, and rafael’s apartment is probably some cold modern monstrosity (except for all the pictures of his family–there’s lots of those). and they each hate the others’ place, so they do their best to make small changes. like, rafael buys sonny bookcases and desk organizers and sonny pics up little knick knacks that remind him of rafael that he makes rafael display throughout the apartment.

“I’m a great believer in people coming into your life, and you into theirs, for a reason. And I know that when Liv and I met, it was for a reason - I really needed her and she really needed me. And at a certain point, I think we stopped evolving with each other, stopped progressing, and made a very mature decision to move on, even though there was still a great love there. There’s not one gossipy thing that I can share. I’m thankful that we had the time we had.” - Joaquin Phoenix