Good Morning from Scotland

Trotternish Dawn, Brothers Point, Isle of Skye by Cardigan Ieuan
Via Flickr:
Rubha nam Brathairean (Brothers Point) is the most easterly point on the Isle of Skye. It was home to early Celtic Christians hundreds of years ago. Beyond the point lies the island of Rona and the mainland of Scotland over the Inner Sound.

Martha from Bake off

I’m actually forming a rather large crush on Martha from Bake off. She’s an awsome baker and manages everything all at the same time. AS levels were hard enough but doing bake off at the same time wow. She’s clearly slightly nerdy *hawt* and Is of course very pretty I really hope she wins and yeah

  • Matsukawa: i am Distressed
  • Matsukawa: it's five in the fuc king morning and ive been staring at a wall for three hours trying to think of what this thing is called. it's like. fuckin the greatest invention humanity has ever come up with and there like. break sticks but they taste sweet and they're more square
  • Matsukawa: isn't there like a country in the name too.. hungary cinnamon bread. great britian sticks. france bread
  • Matsukawa: france bred france brad france bread france sticks francebreadsticks France France revolution

And now for something completely different…

A celebration of Britain’s Greatest Children’s Characters!!

I hope to turn this into an actual illustration/poster someday…

Also, it would appear in real life that it is impossible to sit on Big Ben’s ledge… because it doesn’t have one. lol