ASOIAF/GOT MEME : Nine characters - 7/9→ The ‘Great Bastards’ of Aegon IV Targaryen

Shiera Seastar - ’The Star of the Sea’  | Ser Aegor Rivers - 'Bittersteel’

Daemon Blackfyre -'The Black Dragon’ | Lord Brynden Rivers'Bloodraven’


To tell you the truth, I’ve gotten a little more confident with using guns. [x]

The Great Bastards | Andrej Pejić as Daemon Blackfyre

“The rightful king, Daemon Blackfyre. The King Who Bore the Sword.” The old man’s mustache quivered. “The men of the red dragon call themselves the loyalists, but we who chose the black were just as loyal, once. Though now … all the men who marched beside me to seat Prince Daemon on the Iron Throne have melted away like morning dew.”

Aromantic people are often stereotyped as cold, heartless, unloving, shallow, unsociable, etc. And that’s wrong, of course. But I rather enjoy calling myself heartless as a joke. It’s like giving amatonormativity the middle finger.

Hello, I’m a heartless aromantic bastard who isn’t going to return your lovey-dovey feelings or structure my relationships in a way that’s convenient for you, and you’ll just have to deal with that.


“Do you like games, little man? Let’s play a game. Run to your brother. The sooner you make it to him, the sooner you get to see him. That’s it! That’s the game. Easy. Ready? Go. No, you have to run, remember? Those are the rules.“ 

-Ramsay Bolton, “Game of Thrones”    


Lady Shiera was the natural daughter of King Aegon IV by the ninth and last of his mistresses, Lady Serenei of Lys, the last daughter of an ancient but impoverished line of Valyrian nobility. “Sweet Serenei,” Aegon called her, but about his court she was considered cold and haughty, and some said that she was much older than the king, and preserved her beauty by the practice of dark arts. Considered by many the most lovely of Aegon’s mistresses, Sweet Serenei died in childbed, bringing forth the last of the king’s “Great Bastards,” the daughter she named Shiera, Star of the Sea.

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“Daemon was the better man. The old king saw it too. He gave the sword to Daemon. Blackfyre, the sword of Aegon the Conqueror, the blade that every Targaryen king had wielded since the Conquest…he put that sword in Daemon’s hand the day he knighted him.

A boy of twelve.”