great smoky mountains


exploringnc Frozen waterfalls in North Carolina captured over the last couple of days. A rare and beautiful sight! Waterfalls include Catawba Falls, Big Crabtree Creek Falls, Falls Creek Falls, Toms Creek Falls, and Upper Toms Creek Falls, all located in northern NC and the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC

A few favorite memories from today:

✨woke up on 5 hours of sleep

✨stocking up on gels at every aid station, felt like a scavenger hunt

✨laugh crying at Danielle when she tells me she casually pooped in a persons bush the other morning

✨realizing we have matching calf muscles

✨at the grocery store afterwards: ”so y’all ran 13 miles today? Why?”

✨Danielle telling me her magic secrets, which included squeezing lime juice over watermelon

✨having to call maintenance to fix our lights and realizing all we had to do was push the reset button on the outlet

✨realizing whiskey + Bloody Mary mix really isn’t a terrible combination

✨us clapping and cheering when we hear thunder in the distance because we are both in love with late afternoon thunderstorms

✨talking nonstop, unfiltered with someone who gets you


Exploring the hills, waterfalls, wildlife, and outcrops of the Thunderhead Sandstone in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Original caption:

We knew last year after we ended our vacation at the smokies that we had to come back, now a year later we were super exited to drive back. The cabin we rented last year was occupied so we found another one, on top of the mountain it said…they forgot to mention the wild off road with creeks to cross and angles that were almost to steep to drive without a 4×4.So we ended up in a cabin roosa’s nest super nice house with great mountain views after a long day we opened up a bottle of wine to cheers on the beginning of a two week mountain adventure…

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