great smog of london

The Great Smog of 1952

#in 28,556 Londoners died in the Nazi bombings of World War II. But did you know that 12,000 residents of the Capital died in the Great Smog of 1952? In early December of that year, a cold front moved across southern England and people began to fire up their coal furnaces to keep warm. The prevailing winds stalled and a heavy smog descended over the City. Thousand of people became ill as visibility declined to less than one foot.

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There were about 8.2 million people living in Greater London in 1952. 

Could such a tragedy happen again? Is it happening already?

There are about 20 million people living in Beijing. According to The Economist, Beijing has pollution levels that are four times as high as Los Angeles.

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Smog in Beijing

“Beijing city officials announced on January 6th that by month’s end they would start reporting readings on “PM 2.5”—particulate matter that measures 2.5 microns or less in diameter, fine enough to enter deeply into the lungs and bloodstream and cause the most serious health problems.”

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