great saiyaman and world tournament saga

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Hello audric Do you think Videl or gohan developed feelings first? I saw that they were on your otp list so I hope you don't mind ^~^

It was definitely Videl who developed feelings first, you can see them slowly developing throughout The Great Saiyaman Saga, World Tournament Saga, and the early Majin Buu Saga.

Episode 207:

When Videl arrived at Gohan’s house in order to get him to teach her how to fly, she eventually sat down and had dinner with the family, and when Videl was detailing to Chichi about how she lived her daily life in a mansion with 50 rooms and servants at the ready, Chichi couldn’t help but feel as though a golden opportunity was just beyond the horizon. So, she suggested that Gohan and Videl get married in the not to distant future. And when Goten repeated the question, Gohan was quick to deny the possibility:

However, judging from the way Videl was looking at Gohan afterwards, the thought of marrying him didn’t appear to be all that bad to her:

She looked as though she was giving it some serious contemplation here.

A little while afterwards, as Videl was making her way home after their first day of training, Gohan suggested to her that it may be best if she cut her hair short.

Now, after hearing this, Videl initially assumed that Gohan made the suggestion because he thought shorter hair would look good on her. So she asked him, while blushing, if girls with shorter hair were more his type:

However, Gohan’s explanation of his suggestion was just so that her hair wouldn’t get in the way during her fights, and well… This wasn’t the answer Videl was hoping for, so she got just a little bit upset:

And Gohan was understandably left rather bewildered:

Women eh? Lol.

Episode 209:

Now once the World Tournament had begun, Sharpener used it as an opportunity to flirt with Videl and get closer to her. However, Videl couldn’t have possibly been less interested in his advances if she tried. So while he was talking about the possibility of getting some juice with each other later on, Videl was paying him no attention whatsoever, and was instead scanning the area, and eventually, her face lit up:

And why was she suddenly beaming? It was because she saw Gohan walking by with the others:

Videl would then subsequently leave Sharpener to go and meet up with Gohan so quickly that she was gone by the time he had even finished talking about a possible date between them.

This obviously didn’t sit too well with Sharpener who tracked the two of them down not too long afterwards, and commented on how friendly they were being towards each other, much to his chagrin. Videl would then very bluntly suggest that Sharpener was jealous:

And Videl, in a very bold and direct move, would subsequently take a firm hold of Gohan’s arm and walk off with him in a very suggestive manner, right in front of Sharpener, just to make it crystal clear to him who it was that had her affections. Gohan on the other hand, appeared to be rather flustered at how forward Videl was behaving, but the latter was perfectly fine with it:

At this point, I’d say that it was clear that Videl had acknowledged her growing romantic feelings for Gohan, and had no qualms with making subtle advances, because she felt comfortable with him.

Episode 220:

Once the Majin Buu Saga had gotten underway, and Videl was accompanying Gohan and Kibito to find the source of the threat, there came a point at which Videl couldn’t go any further because she felt as though she was just slowing them down because she hadn’t yet grown accustomed to the wind blowing in her face, meaning she couldn’t keep her eyes open.

So she decided to turn back. But as she was watching Gohan leave, she began the realise just how deep her feelings actually ran:

It was here that she put any lingering doubts amongst fans to rest, and made it clear that she harboured very deep romantic feelings for Gohan, as she declared that when he would return, she would endeavour to date him:

Episode 241:

However, life could take a cruel twist of fate, as Goku would eventually make his way to Kami’s Lookout, and had the burden of delivering the awful news that Vegeta and Gohan had been killed by Majin Buu:

The news obviously shook Videl terribly, and she would then shed tears and refuse to believe that Gohan had actually passed before they really had the chance to really be with each other:

Episode 250:

As we know though, Gohan wasn’t actually dead, and had been found by Kibito and the Supreme Kai to extract the Z Sword.

After the Elder Kai had been freed from the sword after Gohan snapped it in two, Goku formulated a plan to get him to help them. He saw that the Kai was as big a pervert as Master Roshi, and so Goku suggested they allow the Kai to do things of a sexual nature with Videl:

And Gohan… Didn’t take too kindly to the suggestion, lol:

So I think it’s fairly safe to say that at this point, even though Videl wasn’t his girlfriend at that point, Gohan was beginning to develop some feelings for her which went beyond mere friendship.

And of course, we all know what eventually happened:

The relationship between Gohan and Videl was undoubtedly the one that experienced the most on screen build up and development of any canonical couple in the Z series. They may not be my favourite Dragon Ball couple (that will forever be Vegeta and Bulma), but theirs definitely felt the most natural, and It was really nice to witness how they steadily progressed ^_^