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Like they’re standing next to each other in every video and in that picture he’s got his arm around her and her back is touching his front😩

And then in one vid they’re signing this sweet lil kid’s toy title belt and as AJ hands the toy to Alexa he takes her real women’s title and holds it for her to make it easier for her to sign the toy😩😩

And they’re all talking and laughing and bantering😩😩🔥🔥😳😳

Anyway, today is a great day to remember that Nikki Bella is a great wrestler, is consistently putting on solid to great matches, and is constantly adding on to her arsenal, even after coming back from a near career ending injury. And that she can hold her own against anyone, even the four horsewomen.

Today is also a great day to remember that Nikki’s ring gear is, in fact, not a “bikini,” and that women like Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and Ember Moon wear just as little, if not less to the ring. It’s ring gear. And it’s perfectly respectable to wear.

Likewise, today is a great day to remember that shaming Nikki for her decision to get breast implants is in fact sexist, and the exact opposite of women empowerment. Denying a woman her right to her own body autonomy is awful. Women getting breast implants do it to make themselves happy and more comfortable with their own body. Doing something that is entirely for their own happiness has been something that society has, for far too long, tried to tell women that they’re not allowed to do. 

We have been told since birth that our bodies are not our own, and even if there’s something we might not be okay with it, unless we have society’s approval, we can’t do anything to change that. Women are also told that they need society to tell them when we’re attractive. So, when women do something that is clearly about them making themselves feel attractive (ie, breast implants), they are told that that is selfish and arrogant, and don’t they know that women need to be quiet and humble?

Nikki getting breast implants is not shameful, or lacking in power. It is the opposite. It is Nikki showing that her body is solely her own, and no one else’s opinion matters in regards to her own happiness and comfort. That she has total body autonomy, and to hell with random strangers trying to attack her for doing something for herself that they didn’t give her permission to do. That is a level of self confidence that little girls and women should strive to achieve.

Yes, today is a great day to remember that Nikki Bella is pretty damn empowering.

It was the 80s

I just can’t wait for the 80s theme to be explored further. (For instance, I’m waiting to see if the show is going to make a reference to the surge of homophobia that started in the early 80s.)

We have had multiple people who were popular in the 80s and are just shadows of their former selves now–Gunner Lawless, a great wrestler when Dean and Sam were kids, in season 11 fallen in such a dark place that he got trapped in a terrible deal with a demon; Vince Valente, a popular rockstar in the 80s, now in such a dark place that he said yes to the devil.

And Mary. Mary comes straight from the 80s, when she was living her dream life. She was “winning”, she had what she desired. And now, of course, she’s lost all of that–and it was pretty much her own fault. She now has to deal with the dramatic differences between back then and now. She only looked comfortable when in the car that she had back then listening to the music she listened to back then, and using a phone with buttons. She lives in the past, just like Gunner, who pretended to be the great wrestler he used to be, pretended not to see that his times were gone, and like Vince, who pretended to be the great rockstar he used to be, pretended that he could just go on performing.

She made a deal with a demon, just like Gunner. Will she say yes to Lucifer, just like Vince?

Machobombed movie posters

So a friend of mine has been posting lots of photoshopped pictures of the late,great wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage and I thought I’d give it a shot since I fondly remember watching wrestling in the 80s and early 90s.

A long time ago in a wrestling arena far, far away…

I need your clothes, your championship belt and your motorcycle.

Come out and get you one in the yarlbes, brother! Oooh yeah!

When it comes to smashing viruses, Macho man is the program to defend your computer grid.

Jaw dropping.

Honestly…. I can’t complain. I’d rather Sasha be champion but holy hell. They did it. Sasha and Charlotte are fucking PHENOMENAL ATHLETES and I love them. No matter what, thank you to both of these great women’s WRESTLERS for their amazing efforts. 

You headlined a PPV, you made it in the Cell, and you proved why you are not to be taken lightly. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

RIP Joanie “Chyna” Laurer

After changing the women’s wrestling landscape, Chyna more than deserved an induction into the Hall of Fame - which she never received, due to backstage issues. The best WWE can do for her is to give her what she wanted and acknowledge her incredible achievements. RIP Chyna. No matter how hard WWE tried, nobody could ever forget you.

Roman Reigns confession by anonymous

Lots of people already hate Roman, how the fuck does WWE think pointing out the fact he’s related to The Wild Samoans, The Rock, Umaga, The Usos, Rikishi, Yokozuna, and many other great wrestlers is going to make people like him?! It’s just made more people hate him and think he’s only getting these opportunities because of his family.”

Message for the Nasty, Negative Universe

Watching the main event last night on Extreme Rules, shined light on something for me. I am truly an evolved Reigns fan. Hearing those boos and negative chants from the crowd last night would usually have me upset. I would wonder why in the fukk are ppl trashing him like this? Do they not see what I see? Are they seriously saying this man can’t wrestle? Do they know that if they were given the opportunity to face him in the ring, that he would DESTROY their asses?! Because uuummm.. THEY DAMN SURE CAN’T WRESTLE! But instead of angering myself with those questions, I was rooting for Roman. Damn near had my heart beating out my chest, because I was so nervous about him potentially losing HIS title. Roman gives his heart out every damn night for every damn event! Yet, majority of the Universe would spit the nastiest remarks at him in doing so. Let me say this though, Roman MAY feel conflicted sometimes with how he’s being received by them. BUT! He’s not there to kiss anyone’s ass. He’s not there to constantly prove to them that he is a star wrestler and GREAT at what he does! Roman wrestles for his love of the sport and his love for his Bloodline. He’s the son of Sika, nephew of Afa, brother of Rosey, and cousin of The Rock. Why not keep the cycle going along with his cousins, The Usos (whom are already one of the most dynamic Tag Teams of all time), and represent his family’s highly respected Dynasty in wrestling?! Roman has way more important people in his life (his family and his empire) that he’s doing this for, so soon the negativity will no longer be a factor. That man’s name WILL be on the list when there will be one of the greatest Samoan wrestlers of all time. Even the Universe can’t deny that! That man’s name WILL be on the list of the Greatest Wrestlers of All Time when he’s retired! Roman WILL be in the HOF! Roman WILL be one of the highest championship ranking wrestlers! The Universe can laugh and say all of that isn’t going to happen. But, it surely will and even they KNOW it deep down! People want to be so stuck on his promos and mic skills, which he has no damn control over, but forget that they don’t win championships! The constant battle he puts his body through every night IS what’s going to win those championships! This empire will continue to grow along with him, both in positivity and numbers! WE GOT THIS! So I suggest the naysayers get ready for it!

I’m a stan of bayley and i don’t stan her because of her “10-year-old” act. I stan her because she’s a great wrestler and she’s entertaining. People need to push aside her ‘I’m a hugger’ gimmick and start focusing on the fact that she ones of the most talented women wrestlers today.            

i just wanna state for the record,

nobody’s saying roman’s a bad wrestler. i personally completely acknowledge that he’s a great wrestler. it isn’t like i don’t like roman, but this feud doesn’t make any sense.

there’s no build, it all seems like it’s out of nowhere. i’m not invested enough to believe that roman and the undertaker have a valid reason to feud. 

but since it is happening, y’all gotta realize roman’s the designated heel. it’s the undertaker, nobody’s gonna boo the undertaker. 

Great Gozu - Ultimate Wrestler

That moment when they make an intimidating character thats actually a really nice person. Gozu’s chest is so big because he has a great heart! I really wished he had more of a background story in despair arc, but he didn’t even show up!

The new theories about who the mastermind is are wild! But I hope I wont have to lay another fave to rest.