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Little Wrestling Things I Love:

When a wrestler loses after an amazing/difficult/important match and the winner celebrates quickly and then leaves. And then it’s just the wrestler that lost and the crowd. And the wrestler is hurting and sad. And they stand all alone in the ring and the audience just showers them with love and support and comfort and cheers. And it’s amazing.

Worth the Weight ~Baron Corbin Imagine~ *Smut*

Summary: When the number one contender for the women’s championship gets a low-blow from Creative about her weight Baron takes it upon himself to show her how beautiful she really is. 

Warnings:smut, body shaming

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I slammed the wooden door behind me, the paper sign reading ‘Creative’ flapping at the force. I pulled my hoodie over my freshly curled hair and purposefully walked down the hall quickly. Fresh tears pricking my blue eyes and threatening to ruin the elaborate match makeup that the sold out arena would never see. I passed by numerous stage hands and talent, keeping my head down in order to make it to my locker room and leave in peace. But the glee of giggles stopped me as I glanced over to see Eva Marie adjusting her new ring gear in a mirror as she laughed with a few of the other Divas.  She was preparing for my match, taking my opportunity. I felt my fists clench. But how could I be mad at her? I let this happen.

I heard my name called and paused to glance over my shoulder. My friend Becky sat cross legged on a stage crate concern painted on her features. Next to her stood Baron who’s concern mirrored Becky’s. His shirt stuck to the fresh layer of sweat that had accumulated on his body from his earlier match and his dark hair was pulled into a bun on top of his head.

“Don’t ya have a match?” Becky asked. The tears intensified and I blinked furiously glancing back at Eva.

“Not anymore” I mumbled lowly before tucking my head down pushing on to my locker room.

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u.s. presidents: fun facts
  • george w. bush was a cheerleader in high school
  • thomas jefferson owned a sheep he described as “that abominable animal” and he kept it in front of the white house where it killed a young boy in 1808
  • martin van buren popularized the phrase ‘ok’
  • in 1969, jimmy carter reported seeing a ufo to the international ufo bureau while in georgia 
  • john quincy adams skinny-dipped in the potomac river early in the morning and once, journalist anne royal sat on his clothes and refused to give them back until he agreed to sit down for an interview
  • james buchanan was the only president never to marry
  • andrew jackson taught his parrot to swear. it was all fun and games, until the parrot had to be removed from jackson’s funeral because it wouldn’t stop cursing.
  • warren harding lost an expensive set of white house china in a poker game
  • thomas jefferson invented the swivel chair
  • in 1912, john shrank shot teddy roosevelt in the chest, but the president gave a speech for one hour before hospitalization
  • george h.w. bush vomited on the japanese prime minister
  • ronald reagan’s love for jelly beans is considered the launching point of the jelly belly brand’s popularity
  • lyndon johnson loved fresca so much that he had a special button installed to call an aid to bring him some
  • john adams had a dog named ‘satan’
  • james madison was princeton’s first graduate student
  • william henry harrison had a pet goat with him in the white house
  • abraham lincoln was a great wrestler. when he moved to illinoise in 1831 he ran into local bully jack armstrong, who challenged him to a wrestling match that all the townspeople gathered to watch and wager on. abe won
  • andrew jackson was drunk during his inauguration 
  • ulysses s. grant got a $20 speeding ticket on a horse for riding to fast down washington street
  • james garfield was ambidextrous and could apparently write in latin with one hand and in greek with the other
  • chester arthur owned over 80 pairs of pants
  • benjamin harrison was scared of electricity. he was president when electricity was first installed in the white house, but was terrified of being electrocuted and refused to touch the light switches.
  • herbert hoover’s family lived in china before he became president, and they would speak mandarin around the white house so others couldn’t understand them.
  • JFK had a shoddy harvard application and an even worse recommendation, saying that he was “careless and lacks application”
  • johnson was famous among white house staffers for having no shame about asking people to follow him into the bathroom to continue conversations as he relieved himself
  • gerald and betty ford were fashion models…they even posed on the cover of cosmopolitan 
  • bill clinton is a two-time grammy winner
“Before A Fall” - sneak peak

A/N - Something new I’m working on that’ll be up after I’m done with “Spin.”  The premise is the seven deadly sins imagined as people.  This part is when Pride meets Greed and Anger.  (Or: when Roman meets Seth and Roman meets Dean.)

People get it wrong.

There are no seven deadly sins mentioned in the Bible.

It’s something that theologians and scholars have come up with over the years, an easily digestible and easily understood list of things that God deemed abomination:  Pride.  Anger.  Greed.  Envy.  Sloth.  Gluttony.  Lust.  But nowhere are these deemed deadly.

The truth, as is often the case,  is something far murkier and much harder to believe.

It’s not a list.

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Mustafa Ali confession

All the racist hate Mustafa Ali gets from the WWE Universe for being Pakistani is disgusting. People didn’t even give him a chance before being racist towards him and constantly discredit his wrestling skills. I’m really happy he doesn’t let it get to him though and is always correcting the ignorant racist assholes on Twitter. He is a great wrestler and a great person and I’m very happy to see him WWE.

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Unpopular Opinion

I cringed when Roman called Serh his little brother. I’m gonna be honest and say I still haven’t forgiven the dude. And don’t get me wrong, Seth is a GREAT wrestler and I root for him all the time. But if a face to face apology isnt canon in WWE Creative, then I’m still not satisfied. P.S And I’m not a fan of Seth being teamed with Roman and Dean on seperate occasions. It was as if Ambreigns broke up the shield and Seth is just the neutral party. And yes, I’m aware its ‘just wrestling’ and it’s not a big deal….but I’ve invested nine years in WWE storylines…..I gotta react to SOMETHING.

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The anonymous busted down the wall to the blog with a sledge hammer. "HOLY FUCK, AVA MUN! Did you know that Ava was in the military with David? What proof is there? Well, in the Clem flash back when she was stealin' medicine, there was some camp fire conversations that were cut from the game BUT STILL FILES THERE. Ol' Davey talks about Ava being more muscular than he is and was a hell of wrestler in the army."

[I HAVE NO IDEA IF I NEED TO ANSWER THIS IC OR NOT I’M SO CONFUSED BUT– There is also this part where he flat out states that they were in a unit together. I had no idea about the wrestling thing tho.]

Typical Conversation with Anti-Roman Smark
  • Me: I grew up in a home where local and WWF wrestling were on our TV every weekend. My step-father used to tape matches and watch them every Sunday afternoon before the territory system finally died out. Then, our family watched the WWF on TV for years. I was obsessed with G.L.O.W. when I was a tween and would try to mimic the moves with my cousins in the living room. I've personally watched local and regional wrestlers and MMA fighters in matches around my hometown of Indianapolis off-and-on for years, depending on how much money I had. When I moved out to L.A., I continued to attend local wrestling matches and started following NJPW, TNA, and ROH in its early days via downloads online. Now I live in New Jersey, where it's not uncommon for me to attend JAPW and other smaller promotion matches throughout the tri-state area. And I've been a fan of WWE for over 20 years, and occasionally go to shows, live events and PPVs when my money is right.
  • Smark: ...
  • Me: ::says something positive about Roman Reigns::
  • Smark: You're a joke! You only like him for his looks because you're a shallow fangirl who wants to bang him! You don't know what a great wrestler looks like! You should actually take the time to watch other promotions for once and learn what *real* wrestling is, you sad pathetic loser whore! KILL YOURSELF!!!!!1111!!!
  • Me: ::looks into the camera like I'm on The Office::

“I thought that the rules associated with the ROH Pure Title were pretentious and overblown until I saw the unification match between ROH World Heavyweight Champion Bryan Danielson and ROH Pure Champion Nigel McGuinness from “ROH Unified.“ It was then that I realized that the rules regarding the three rope breaks were actually brilliant since it required them to show what great WRESTLERS they were to escape from pins/holds. Maybe the fact that it was Danielson and McGuinness that did it.”

Always on My Mind~Seth Rollins  Imagine

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“ Get you’re ass out already Charlotte! I need to change!” She has been in the bathroom for so long. It was almost time for you to shoot a promo. You were back. 

“ Relax, jeez women. The queen has to look good” Rolling your eyes at her. She always did this sort of thing. Always took her time in the bathroom getting pretty. Charlotte was a friend of yours but when she took her time in the bathroom taking forever. It annoyed you and she knew it. 

“ You must understand us women need to look good out there” 

Closing the bathroom door, you faced the mirror. It was good to be back to wrestling, to the ring, to your friends. To your home. Wrestling was your home. There was nothing in the world better than wrestling. 

Slipping into your ring gear, applying light make up as you headed out taking much less than Charlotte did. “ Shut up” she muttered seeing you were going to tell her it took you less than 20 mins to get ready. 

Giggling, you playfully shoved her to the side with your hip as you head out the door. 

Finding the other girls sitting at catering. 

“ What are we talking about?” you glanced between Foxy, Nia, Dana, Bayley and Sasha as they were chatting. 

“ I was just telling about my trip with Charlotte. She’s so funny. That girl loves to sing her lungs out” Nia said, chuckling shaking her head. 

“ You got to love Charlotte” 

“ So, are you happy you’re back? “ 

“ Of course, wrestling is my home” you smiled looking around before looking at Bayley who was smirking.

“ Someone else wants to be your home, I heard” Raising your eyebrow at her. Who could she be talking about? Was it Seth? The two of you have been getting closer. 

“ I wonder who could it be…” Sasha made a “hmm” sound, a smile on her face. You were getting butterflies in your stomach just thinking about him. He was somewhere around these halls. 

“ Don’t deny that you don’t think he’s cute” Dana nudged you, wiggling her eyebrows. A giggle escaping her lips. 

“ Mhmm” you felt your face starting to get warm just the thought of him. 

“ Awe! She’s blushing. She totally digs him” Foxy squealed putting her hands over her mouth. She told you that you and Seth would look so cute together and have cute babies. The girls awed seeing you acting all shy because of Seth. Well the mention of him.

“ Is he a nice guy like everyone says he is?” you nodded. “ Yeah, he’s fun to be around. He’s funny, even his cackle gets me laughing. He’s an amazing man”

The subject soon changed as Raw was getting closer to starting. You were glad the attention was off of you and talking about Seth. You did like him, he was cute and handsome. But you were just you. There was nothing special about you or anything that brought out that would catch his attention. 

“ It’s almost time” Bayley reached over squeezing your wrist gently, she was so happy that you were back. When she came onto the roster, you beamed seeing her running down the halls giving hugs to people. But the first hug she gave was to you. The friendship between the two of you was very close, she was more of like a sister to you. 

“ I am so excited and nervous” 

“ Awe, you’ll be fine” 

“ How about a group hug for Y/N?”  you chuckled getting up with the girls as they surrounded you hugging you. They were great friends but you couldn’t wait to see Seth. 

It was time. Starting of Raw and you were first to go out to your music. A mic was given to you, you gripped it taking a deep breath. Glancing down seeing the grip on the mic tightened. Picking your head up, you heard the start of your music. The crowd hearing your music, were cheering and screaming. 

Bouncing on your feet, you walked from behind the curtain. Giving a little skip going to one side blowing a kiss to the crowd before going to the other side pointing to them, nodding your head. Glancing around, the fans were cheering for you and singing to your theme song. It brought a smile to your face knowing how much people loved you. 

But you were out here for your return and you knew before even speaking, Seth would come out. You could not wait to see him. Side ways skipping down the ring then turning around doing the same on the other side before slipping into the ring.  Throwing your hands up in the air, the crowd cheered. 

When your music was down, you rose the mic to your lips starting to say something when you were cut off with Seth’s music. Of course, he walked from behind the curtain out to the ring with a mic in his, smirk on his face opening his arms.

“ Will you look at that, the princess that brings hell is back!” he laughed slipping into the ring facing you. His brown eyes taking what you were wearing, he walks around you. 

“ I’m ready to bring hell” 

“ You’re all talk the talk Y/N. I see nothing special about you. I bet people here paid admission just to see your face” 

“ My face is beautiful I know. You dream of it every night” you chuckled. 

“ I wouldn’t dream of you if you were the last person on earth Y/N. When I first met you, I found you attractive but then you opened your mouth. Let’s talk about your music Y/N, If I had to guess what Chewbacca having it with a dinosaur sounded like, your music would be pretty close” he cackled, the gap in his teeth showing. 

You shook your head, gripping the mic in your hand before raising it to your lips.

“ I’m not offended by what you say. I’m just glad that you’re stringing words into sentences now” the crowd cheered hearing you, Seth closed his eyes pursing his lips before you continued, “  Awe you didn’t like that? Well don’t let your mind wander…it’s far too small to wander on its own.”

“ Shut up! You’re nothing but a loud mouth. These people here are a bunch of idiots to even think of as someone to look up to. All I see is a big mouth and a tiny head” 

“ You want to talk about these people? Well these people are people that let us live our dreams day in and day out” 

“ They are pathetic as you are” boos were heard around the arena. He was so close to you breathing down your cheek. Turning your head a bit, looking him in his brown eyes that held something you never see there. Regret. 

“ Let me ask you something Seth, every day before my injury. You come out to the ring to pester me. To make my blood boil. Sometimes I want to rip your head off your shoulders. But sometimes, I am confused on why you do this to me? Why me? Why me out of every women back in the locker room? I thought I was a pathetic nobody” 

He ran a hand down his face, pacing the ring looking out the WWE Universe before facing you. It was now or never. 

“ I know, I’m a jerk to come out here and insult you the way I do. I can’t help it. Every time I open my mouth, I just want to be around you. But when I did, it slipped before I got a chance to fix it” 

“ What are you talking about Seth?” 

“ I don’t need anyone or the title to make me happy. The only person I need is… you.. I like you Y/N..” 

You’re jaws dropped at what you just heard. All through the years, he came out to insult you. It was part of the script but sometimes it hurts, he knew it. Outside the ring, you two were close but he never got to the part to talk to you about his feelings or have a heart to heart conversation with you. 

This was new to you. To him too. He looked to see the shocked look on your face,nodding his head. He was hiding the hurt in his eyes. 

“ I..I..-” he just dropped the mic exiting the ring. Did that just happen? 

Running around backstage trying to find Seth. Where did he go? You ran right after him after what he told you. Looking around for him backstage until you saw the back of his shirt, that hair was of his. 

“ Seth!” you called out to him. He continued to walk pretending not to hear you. You caught up to him catching him by his arm, stopping him in his tracks. 

“ What was that out there? I know we throw insults at each other but what was even that all about…” 

He turned his head, his brown eyes staring into your own. The way he was looking at you send shivers down your spine. 

“ I like you Y/N. A lot. I can’t help it” He looked down at the ground continuing, “  You’re so perfect in my eyes. The way it came out wasn’t the way I was planning on telling you. But it did” He looked so heart broken. It made your heart sink into your stomach. 

“ You’re a great wrestler but your also a great person and I felt so attracted to you. Not because of your looks, yeah you’re gorgeous but the way you care about others. The way you are around people, you make them happy. You make sure a smile never leaves a person’s face. You’re special in my eyes and you found a home in my heart. I know wrestling is your home but I want to be a part of your own home. I want you to be my home, my heart and my everything” 

Picking up his face with your fingers searching through his eyes to see if he was just playing around. He wasn’t. He was telling the truth.

“ You mean that?” He nodded, a smile itching on the side of his lips. 

“ Good” 

Hooking your arms around his neck bringing him down as you placed your lips on his kissing him. As you were kissing him, you heard squeals from behind you. Pulling away from Seth, turning your head there stood Foxy with her hand over her mouth squealing. Charlotte with a smirk on her face and hands on her hips. Bayley clapping her hands. Sasha with her arms across her chest smirking and Nai yelling yes girl over and over. From behind her stood Roman who was chuckling at the girls. 

“ Why are you looking at us? Smooch him again Y/N!” Roman shouted. You chuckled turning your head seeing Seth looking down at you leaning down as he kissed you making the girls squeal once more. 

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What are your thoughts on CZW?

It’s a great promotion that features an interesting array of different styles of wrestling. For fans of hardcore wrestling, the yearly Tournament Of Death is something I’ve personally known people to travel upwards of 10 hours or more for, let alone people flying in from other countries. I think CZW has a bad reputation of being a “hardcore promotion”, when in fact, the company puts a focus on several match types, from technical masters to great female wrestlers. I think it’s one of the best promotions in independent wrestling.

“I don’t get the Ember Moon love. She has zero defined character. She comes out dressed like a Mortal Kombat character, and then immediately takes that off and becomes a smiling generic babyface. She’s basically NXT’s version of Petey Williams: no character, and is a good to great wrestler (depending on her opponent) with a somewhat forgettable moveset, but has a flashy finisher that always pops the crowd. I’m sure she’ll put it all together eventually, but I don’t think she should be the one to dethrone Asuka.”

Machobombed movie posters

So a friend of mine has been posting lots of photoshopped pictures of the late,great wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage and I thought I’d give it a shot since I fondly remember watching wrestling in the 80s and early 90s.

A long time ago in a wrestling arena far, far away…

I need your clothes, your championship belt and your motorcycle.

Come out and get you one in the yarlbes, brother! Oooh yeah!

When it comes to smashing viruses, Macho man is the program to defend your computer grid.