great wedding idea


Happy 100th Birthday John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963)

“There’ll be great presidents again … but there will never be another Camelot.” - Jackie Kennedy 


yunho & taemin

  • Belle: This was a great idea. Quiet wedding in the middle of the woods while everyone is busy. Simple ceremony. No one to...
  • Belle:
  • Belle: Is that a white horse wearing a top hat?
  • Archie: I tried to stop them.
  • Belle: Them?
  • Charming: Oh, there you are! I thought you were gonna be late to your own wedding.
  • Jefferson: Let's get you up on this horse and I will not hear a no. I've been fitting this horse for hats all weeks and this will not be in vain. It's gonna be freakin magical.
  • Belle: Is that a horsey bow tie?
  • Gold: Are you honestly surprised?
  • Belle: I'm surprised that I'm surprised.

ofsalvations  asked:

“Here. I’ll do it for you. Give me the tie.”

       “   OH, COME ON ANNIE. i don’t look that bad, do i ?   “ lips curve into a sheepish smile, slowly moving closer toward the modestly dressed woman. he had never been one for formal dress, always finding more comfort in jeans   &   flannel. hell, renee was lucky enough to convince him to wear a tuxuedo at their wedding. yeah, great idea. look what happened with that relationship. like a flag of surrender, chas offered anne marie the troublesome garment, knowing well it was best to do things her way. she had a better head on her shoulders than the rest of them put together. “   renee always fussed about this stuff too. must be a woman thing,   “ he laughed. “   thanks annie. think i’m pretty HOPELESS when it comes to this, you know, dressin’ up stuff.   “

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THE DOWS ~ Jonaè Nicole + Lonnie kicking it for their royal theme wedding. Great idea!!!

Possibly one of the coolest couples.
Lovers, best friends, soulmates, married… It doesn’t get any better.