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Oh my God, we're so sorry we blocked your doorway. Now go get your ear muffs.

I’ve had a long respectable career in game development. A couple of years ago I’ve abandoned it for a cushy corporate job, and now spend most of my days missing gamedev.

This story takes place about 10 years ago at the apex of my career.

I was the lead on a AAA project. Our parent company, for which videogames was just one of many lines of business, was going through changes. We had to move offices three times in one year. Second of the three moves, always intended to be temporary, put us into the basement of an older building long occupied by satellite departments not involved with development.

The basement we were given had been empty for years, save for the most distant office. You entered the basement through a dimly lit staircase. Then, after you snaked through a horror-movie-like maze of corridors and interconnected small rooms, you’d eventually arrive at the farthest room of all.

A golden plaque was on the door.

Trademark Compliance Department.

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Crazy days & even crazier nights.

The last 10 days we’ve been traveling on this ladies trip. So all 6 of us are single as of recent. My husband well EX is a clown. We have managed to keep ties for the sake of business but soon as his creep ass fuck up wit his drinkn and gambling problem again IT’S ALL MINES!! By the way Im Key'sha. So the first night started great wit drinks music and fine ppl all around. I met Max a handsome Samoan whom I danced my ass off wit sweat dripn legs sore but my body wouldn’t stop moving.
Max fucked the soul out of me on that beach left a bite mark on my ass and grip marks on my thighs. Mmm lovely first night. Next morning I was finding sand in all my creases. Me and my girls get day two started we are going snorkeling and a yatch ride. My girl Val keep crying bout sorry ass E. E and Val were together since 10th grade and E was all she knew. I feel bad for her but she knew how he rocked from jump. They even had a third partner at one point so go figure he’d shit on her wit they sitter. Mika Shay Brea and Issa tho been turned so far.
The snorkeling was fun I got mad underwater pics and selfies. The boat ride was epic tho these Hawaiians party hard and a few Jamaicans on vacation too. Of course we change to hit the club and day two is going to end crazy cuz im feeling this fine dread head from Kingston Jamaica. I mean it’s vacation im single and HORNY. I eyed him then nudged my head to the right and walked off towards this lil cabana far off. His sexy ass walks up behind me all I felt was DICK on my back. I pushed back on him then told him to strip😜. Pure bliss brown glistening ass skin I had to lick him and lick I did. I sucked dick like the last super I was fuckn drunk as all hell. He gripped my waist sat me on dick and said “Work”. He didnt have to tell me twice , I bounced on dick then felt them pulsations I told him to paint me he busted all over.
I swear day three I stayed focused sight seeing and trying the local foods. Me Brea Mika and Issa. Val and Shay were doing some shopping I guess. As we go to grab drinks before we head to the hotel its been a long day We run into Max and his friends. Yes we ended up wit them drinkn and playing cards music blarring laffs and all of a sudden it starts pouring rain. We run to a bungalow right on the beach come to find out its Max’s home.
I jus strip my clothes were soaked then my bitches do the same next thing u know we all naked and just proceeded to partying. Max grabs my hand we go down some steps to a lil love nest he eats pussy so gentle and tongues my ass and sucks my pussy more non stop I done nutted in his mouth 6x no lie. He finally dozes off I head up to go piss and see the illest shit my bitch Mika and Brea were getn it slapn. Issa was fuckn his cuz Gary. I went pee grabd some wine and sat to watch from the corner. Brea was eatn Mikas pussy crazy all you heard was smackn slurping and Mika telln Brea to finger her ass harder. Im thinkn where did Allen and Paul go? So I go upstairs and low and behold Paul had his face barried in Allens ass tongue deep in it. I go all the way in and stand by the bed. Pauls nasty ass tells me to sit on Allens face and watch him tongue big hole. So I obliged and Allen goes to town moaning crazy loud on my pussy begging me to fuck his tongue.
When they started fuckn I went to check on Max who was up going thru tumblr lookn at naughty shit. I grabd dick jus to play with head on my lips lick balls kiss them. Then being the ball lover I am I go to work on them. Rubn them on face lips tongue then I let him in my juicy pussy wet from his and Allens naughty tongue action😝. He stroke like he love a bitch , all I kept saying was “damn” yes Max baby….
By the 7th day I done fucked 3 new men and my body count was at 5 dicks and 7 faces, aye fuck it!
Day 8 all of us went to this luau at the far end of Maui. I walked along the beach alone sat down to feel the waves hit my toes and thought about everything business kids my life and it dawned on me IMMA BOSS.. I never miss a beat. Meetings games recitals church choir and running the food bank this 10 day trip was needed.. I head back over to the luau and join my bitches. Vals neby ass had to ask Key you good? Im perfect Val. Love you bitch , love you too Val. We get the party lit Brea wit her twerkn habit Mika & Val slow grindn on couples, Shay wit dat tongue out and the whole bottle in hand Issa in the DJ’s face cuz back home in Atl “Dj Is” is 🔥🔥🔥 so she got tell every dj what to mix and how to mix it😂
I see Mr Jamaica lookn fine as usual I sit and await his approach. In my head im thinkn I am not fuckn him tonight Im not fuckn mr sexy im not fuckn his ass ugh Key bitch jus fuck him tonight! Lmao to myself he asks why you giggling Key? Mr Jamaica whats your name? He bust out laffn Key its Daddy. Shut up Im serious what’s your name? Derious. Well Derious do you wanna walk me to your room? Yes I do baby girl. We don’t make it out the elevator before he got my bikini bottom to the side playn wit my holes kissing me strong but gripn my neck so soft. We hit his floor and dart for that room cuz Mr D has my bottom in his mouth. I get in the room and turn on the shower and tell him to wash my pussy. I stare down at him wit lust all in my eyes as he cleans pussy and kiss thighs. I tell him to take it and Derious once again fucked me so raw and uncut. Hair pulling ass smackn floor action balcony I mean he tore up every hole in every inch of that hotel room. He had my pussy squirting from that ass stroking. His dick in my ass was warm and he kept pulln out putn his tongue in it omg I was melting. It was tasting time I put dat nut on my cheeks lips chin tongue and licked around my mouth clean.
Next morning he was just staring at me wit fruit and water for me. He says do you have to b wit ya bitches. Nah why? He jumps behind me and cuffs me up in spooning position. 2 more hours Key swear I have to hold you a lil longer. I woke up 4 hrs later he still sleep. I tap him, wake up. He says sit on him and we go in again I lick balls while he jerk dick then I was snoozing. I wake up its day 10 and I literally don’t wanna leave Derious.
We go to my suite and we all have a mid day orgy with Derious Frank and Shane with all of us

Daughters Are Great Wingwomen

Title: Daughters Are Great Wingwomen

Pairing: Single Parent AU - Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1700 (exactly!!)

Warnings: light cursing (like, one F bomb)

A/N: This was written for @splendidcas‘s Birthday Fic Challenge. I’m so sorry that it’s late, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday! (May many wonderful pictures and gifs of Misha Collins and Castiel grace your presence.) XD

This story is written in two different perspectives (the reader’s and Dean’s). Thoughts are in italics.

Constructive criticism and feedback is welcome!

“Mary, would you hold still for just two seconds?” Dean pleaded as he attempted to braid his six year old daughter’s hair.

“But Daddy, you’re taking forever,” she whined.

Dean sighed in response, still trying to make sense of the tangled mess in his hands. He eventually gave up on the braid and settled on putting Mary’s hair up into a high ponytail.

“There,” he declared when he finished. “Now grab your backpack and head to the car. We gotta get you to school.”

Mary immediately sprinted towards her bag and then latched onto her dad’s leg as he looked for his keys and his wallet.

“Dad, hurry up. You’re gonna make us late,” Mary teased, smirking at her father.

“Yeah, yeah, alright. We’re going.” Dean ushered his daughter out the door and into the car, making his way to her school.

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A special moment between Tony, Clay, and their babygirl

Fulfilling an anonymous request for a clony fic featuring a baby *tears* Let me know if you guys like me doing these little clony fics and I’ll continue writing them. Message me or hit up my ask for requests!

Rio Carlin Padilla.

That was the name Clay and Tony had agreed on when they adopted their precious baby girl. Rio was a little biracial girl with dark curly hair and brown eyes like her Puerto Rican father.

Tony and Clay had recently celebrated her 1st birthday (Little Einstein theme) and of course she was showered with gifts from both sides of her family. Mostly toys, books, and clothes, things they had already gotten for her but nonetheless it was great. 

Rio was undeniably the light of their life but there had been a time, back when Rio was just a possibility, that Tony and Clay had their doubts about being parents. Clay was initially the first one to bring up the idea of a child after they got married but Tony was the one that really pushed for it when they both decided it was what they wanted.

Going through the adoption process wasn’t easy but it wasn’t as hard as everyone made it seem like it was going to be. Maybe they had just gotten lucky somehow.

When the call came that a new born girl had been put up for adoption and they were the top candidates, Tony had a little bit of a freak out and for the first time ever, Clay was the one to calm down Tony. He reassured him that everything would be fine and that Tony was going to be a great father. Clay also mentioned that he was honored for their child to carry the name Padilla.

Ever since that moment Tony never doubted his and Clay’s decision to adopt. They were meant to have a family.

Clay’s POV

Coming home from work was the most exciting part of my day. 

Everyday that I was away from my husband and my little girl was a struggle for me because all I wanted to do was spend each and every second with them. But if I wanted us to eat and have a house to live in then I needed to work.

Tony worked as well it was just that he was able to work on his cars from home where as I had to go in to an office everyday. I would never admit it to Tony but I was a little jealous with the amount of time he got with Rio compared to me. I always tried to make up for it during late nights when Rio would wake up and I would hold her until she would fall back asleep.

As I was walking in the door I could hear Tony talking to Rio which automatically put a smile on my face.

I slowly rounded the corner and stood in silence to secretly watch their interaction. It looked like Tony had a book in his hand so he must of been reading to Rio. This was something we tried to do on a regular basis to help her with speech and learning letters.

So far Rio hadn’t learned to say ‘papa’ or ‘dada’ but she could say certain words like ‘cat’ and ‘dog’. She even could make the sounds that went along with each animal. 

“What is this, Rio?” Tony pointed to the picture in the book.


“Yes, carino. Good job. Can you say perro?”

Rio giggled and squealed in response.

“Perro is dog in Spanish - woof! woof!” Tony acted out the motions and sounds of a dog. It was the most adorable thing ever.

Rio continued to smile and watch Tony act like a little puppy. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to record this so I pulled out my phone and pressed the button but accidentally ended up taking a picture. With the flash on.


Tony turned and smirked.

“Hey, I didn’t know you were here. Trying to take secret photos of us?”

“Yeah, you caught me.” I said as I walked over to them.

I picked up Rio and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek as a way to say hello. I also leaned over the sofa to give Tony an inviting kiss.

“Mmm, your lips taste like coffee.”

“Thanks…I guess.” Tony laughed at my awkwardness.

“So you’re already trying to teach Rio Spanish before she even fully knows English. huh?” 

“Well, yeah, why not? I think it would be great for her to be bilingual.”

“I’m just messing with you, Tony. I think it’s great too.”

Tony playfully pushed my shoulder. “Maybe in the process I can help you with learning Spanish.”

I scoffed. “I can understand Spanish pretty well, thank you very much.”

“Yeah but you can’t speak it very well.”

“I just need to practice rolling my r’s.”

“Baby, you can roll your tongue, I’ve seen you do it in the bedroom.”

I gasped and covered Rio’s ears. “Not in front of Rio” 

Tony softly chuckled and I slightly blushed.

“She doesn’t know what we’re talking about.”

“Hey, you never know, she’s a smart baby.”

Tony smiled and agreed.

He made is way over to the kitchen to get dinner started so that gave me one on one time with Rio and I was able to finish reading the rest of the book to her. She ended up falling asleep in my arms like she always does.

The rest of the night was peaceful and relaxing. We had a great dinner, as usual, put Rio to bed, and snuggled on the couch to watch a movie together. As I was drifting off into a slumber on Tony’s chest I thought about how I couldn’t wait until the next morning just so I could do this all over again the next day.

A/N: Sorry if this was too short or if there’s a bunch of mistakes with my punctuation. I’m like half asleep writing this.

I feel like there’s this perception JWs have that anyone who was in the congregation and then left obviously just didn’t really understand what they were being taught. Like they were too dumb for the truth or some shit. They just didn’t understand it, because if they did, they would see how perfect and good it is. Tbh I used to think that

Starting in middle school, I would read the text every day in the morning on the school bus and then pray to start off my day. In the afternoon I would pray and then read a chapter in the Bible that I kept in my bookbag. It was a great way of starting conversations, and I ended up informal witnessing sometimes. I of course prayed over every meal, even in the middle of the cafeteria at school, every single day. I preached to my classmates whenever possible, and didn’t really talk to them at all otherwise. I was weird af for the sake of the truth

Nobody ever told me to do any of that, except for the preaching. It was all my choice and my idea. I read the Bible because I wanted to learn. When I had a question I would research the literature. I read the whole bible teach book, both young people asks, the whole origin of life magazine, all the stuff on blood, and I don’t know what else because I wanted to “progress spiritually.” I learned everything I could, inside and out, because I was genuinely zealous. Sometimes I actually talked my mom into taking us to meeting when she was too tired to go. I wanted to get baptized. I wanted to go to Bethel. I wanted to go as far as I could in the truth

And then I asked why women couldn’t become elders. What if I wanted to be an elder? What if there were women more spiritually strong than me who would be perfect as elders but were barred out from the position? Why was that? What was the reasoning behind the headship arrangement? How did the congregation really benefit from that?

And so I got answers that were just a pile of gender stereotypes. I got personal anecdotes from my dad about him leading a service meeting at age thirteen, because he was inherently “more suited” to it than any of the grown adult women there. I was told that I must always defer to one man or another because I was not fit for major decisions or leadership. I was told that I should find a man “who’s smart enough to realize that a happy wife is a happy life” if I want to have my opinions respected in my marriage. Essentially, after months of searching for the answer, I found that the absolute bottom line for why women should be less than men is “because God says so.” There is no real answer

The only “explanation” people could possibly use to justify these rules were heavily rooted in sexism. And by heavily rooted, I mean it was literally just stereotypes. Stereotypes used to make women second class citizenry

I decided I disagreed with God for moral reasons. And I secretly decided I was a feminist

Give Me the Melody

Kihyun | Monsta X
1,360 words | FLUFF
none, Rated G

A/N: this is garbage, I know nothing about Kihyun because I only just started listening to Monsta X, but I’m posting it anyway lol hope you find some sort of amusement

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What’s that one song Zina Goldrich wrote? Oh, no, I know. Alto’s Lament. That’s it.

That’s me.

If you’d asked me when I was six what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always, “I want to star in musicals!”

I’d have the same answer through middle school and high school, through my years and years of school productions, summer workshops, and vocal lessons. I’d been a musical theatre major in college, and in every single musical the college theatre department put on. I did plays, too, but there was always something about a musical that really got me.

I love music of almost every genre. I love storytelling and acting, dancing and singing, and damn, if musicals aren’t the best way to show all of my passions, I don’t know what is.

But alas, I am an alto. And while I’ve trained myself to belt, working over my voice breaks to both hit higher notes and sing in my head-voice, I’m a true alto. The songs I feel most comfortable singing are meant for men.

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Frat | 09

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Warnings: Smut 


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He threw me on the bed and quickly came to hover over me, He looks down at me, sighs of relief then kisses me hard. He pulls our bodies closer and my hands roam through his hair. I pull his shirt over his head and lay my hand on his abs, feeling the muscles there. He hummed in my mouth and started to lift up my shirt. We broke away to take off my t-shirt then went straight to kissing again. I pulled at his hair causing him to moan into my mouth and I smiled into the kiss.

He rolled his hips down into mine and I gladly rolled mine up. We breathlessly pulled apart from each other. I rolled us around until I was on top, straddling his legs and leaned down to kiss his chest all over. His hard chest heaved up and down as I kissed downwards, leaving a hickey on his  collar bone and chest.

I kiss all the way down to his jeans and look up at him. He’s watching me with such anticipation and urge that it makes me smirk up at him. “Please do something baby.” He urges me. I unbuckle his belt and unbutton his jeans and pull down his pants to see his boner, begging to come out of his underwear. I rub him through his underwear and look up him him to see him hiss and close his eyes. “Stop teasing me baby girl.”  

I laugh quietly and pull down his underwear. His boner swings up to his stomach and he sighs of relief as his erection is free. I take his member in my hand and start to move my hand in “up and down” motions. I lick his tip, earning a moan from his soft, plump lips. I take it into my mouth, letting it reach the back of my throat. He moans, leaning his head further into the pillow his head is rested on. He grabs at the sheets and one hand goes to the back of my head as it moves in bobbing motions. I hallow my cheeks and bob my head faster. He groans and mumbles that he’s about to cum.

“Baby, I want to cum inside you not your mouth.” He pants but I keep going. He arches his back but He sits up and takes my jaw in his hand. He takes his member out of my mouth and rubs my jaw while leading my mouth to his, capturing it into a soft kiss.

He unclasps my bra and throws it across the room. He sighs and flips us over so he’s on top again. He takes my left nipple in his mouth, flowing his warm tongue over it and biting down on it. I moan out and buck my hips up to his bare ones. He groaned around my nipple, switching to the next.

He leaves open mouth kisses down my chest and stomach, pulls down my pants and underwear and goes straight to kissing my heat. I moan out wanting more and he obliges, letting his tongue run over my clit and folds. I arch my back as he eats me out. I run my fingers through his hair as he wraps an arm around my hips to stop me from moving. He puts his tongue in me and swirls his tongue around. I gasp then moan out of pleasure. “J-”

He puts two fingers in me, while his tongue works on my clit. I grab the sheet in fist and lift my back off the bed in pure bliss.

“Cum for me baby.”

A few seconds later I oblige and cum. He licks me clean then kisses up my stomach. He lines his dick with my entrance, looking up at me for confirmation. I nod and he slowly enters. We moan together and he leans forward, kissing me and he start to thrust in me. He locks his hands above my head, his arms surrounding my head, as my hands are on his back. Scratching it in pleasure.  

He moans into my neck, leaving wet kisses and bite marks. “Oh god, baby girl.”

“Jimin.” I moan out and push our chest together, pushing his deeper inside me.

“I’m so close baby.” He groans in my ear. “We’re gonna cum together okay?”

I nod and bite onto his shoulder, letting him know I’m close as well.

The way he feels inside me is incredible and I want to forever feel this pleasure.

“Wake up.”

“Baby, I"m so close.”

“Wake up, (Y/N).”

“I"m so cl-”

“Wake up.”

“Wake up-”

I snap my eyes open and look up at Elly, whose looking at me with the most annoyed face she’s ever had. I should be the one with that face. What the hell did I just dream.

“If you’re gonna moan out Jimin’s name like that in your sleep, you might as well just fuck him already.” She groans and starts to walk away from the bed. “He’s in the living room, by the way, wanting to talk to you.” My eyes widen in fear that he might’ve heard and my heart start to race. “Don’t worry, he didn’t hear your moan festival dedicated to him.”  She says and exits my room.

I plop down onto my bed and groan as I lay a pillow on my head. I hear the door open thinking it’s Elly so I don’t bother to pull the pillow away.

But boy was I wrong.

A body jumps on top of me, their arms by my head and hands locked over my head. Just like my dream. Oh. My. God.

“Are you up yet, babygirl?”

Why do you hate me?

He laughs lightly at me tired “Mhm” and tries to take the pillow away from my face. “Come on, I want to take you out for breakfast. I don’t usually get up this early, you know that,  be grateful.” He jokes.

The past few weeks, we’ve been spending time together. He started to call me “baby” and “baby girl” and holding me by my waist and kissing my cheek and lips.

“I’ll be ready in 20 minutes if you get out now.” I mumble under the pillow, trying to negotiate with him to give me time to get ready and purify my mind after my dream about him.

“Can I at least give you a kiss?” He whines.

“No, after I get ready.”

“But baby-”

“Jimin please let me get dressed first, I just woke up.” He whines.

“You’ve seen me multiple times when I’ve just woken up and I’ve slept here before, what’s the difference.”

The difference is that I just had a fucking sex dream about you and now your on top of me, calling me baby girl and asking to kiss me right after my best friend woke me up telling me She heard me moan your name.

“Nothing is different.”

He rips the pillow off of my face and captures my hands above my head before I can block my face. He stares down at me and smiles softly. “Why are you so blushy?”

“It was hot under the pillow.” I say quickly and smile at him to hide my lie.

He hums and nods searching my face for any inconvenience. “You sure you okay?”

“Yeah, totally.”

He smiles down at me, leaving a quick peck on my lips then hops off of me and goes to the door. “Get ready.” He smiles and winks before closing the door and leaving.

I sigh and stair up at the ceiling.

What a great way to start my morning.


never-ending camp playlist: Good Morning!

It’s wake up time!

If your camp allows you to have music in the cabins, here are some songs that encourage everyone to wake up to a great day:

Good morning Explorers, time to return to work after the festive season for me and to help me prepare for that, yesterday I was up and out before dawn and on my way to get the shot I have for you today.
It’s officially the first shot I have taken in 2015 and it’s a great way to start the year off I feel!
So here it is, St. Abbs lighthouse in the Scottish Borders, doing its best to channel a bit of Santorini in Greece! :-)
Have a great day folks!

Finn One shot

Anon Request: Can you do a one shot when Finn’s nervous to go on like a date?

“Oh my god are you okay? Is everything okay? SPEAK TO ME BALOR” Bayley burst through the doors and frantically ran up to Finn to examine him for any plausible injuries.

Finn giggled at her and gestured for her to sit down.

“Relax Bales, I just needed your help picking an outfit for tonight.”

The crease on Bayley’s forehead now disappeared as she understood what the emergency was.

“Oh yeah, you have a date with (y/n) tonight! Silly me, I should have guessed.” She smiled to herself bashfully.

“So black or grey?” Finn asked.

“I like them both.” Bayley replied casually.

“Come on, pick one Bayley! I didn’t call you here to examine my wardrobe.” Finn whined.

“Finn, they’re both nice, wear anything really it’s just a date buddy.” Bayley tried to calm him down.

“It’s not JUST a date.” Finn corrected her. He put the clothes away and took out a pair of vans from the closet.

“Are these too causal?” Finn asked again.

“Nope, you should wear them.” Bayley commented, slightly bemused at the sight before her.

“Why are you smiling at me?” Finn asked trying to hold a serious expression.

“Because. I’ve never seen you get so worked up over a girl. I mean you’re Finn Balor, you’re always so smooth with the ladies. Why are you nervous?”

Finn smiled at Bayley and bit his lower lip.

“I don’t know.” Finn blushed.

“You really like her don’t you?” Bayley teased.

“Sort of.” Finn cleared his throat trying to hide the redness from his face.

“What do you like about her the most?” Bayley was expecting something corny now.

“I’m not sure, well, I like erm… Bayely! You’re purposely making me blush now!” Finn squirmed in his own skin as Bayley roared with laughter.

“Finn you’re barely able to hold a conversation in her absence, how are you going to talk to her in person?” Bayley chuckled.

Finn sighed and took a seat next to her.

“I really don’t know Bales. Every time she speaks, my fucking heart stops.”
Finn rang the door bell with his right hand, his left hand gently tapping his chest, trying to calm down his racing heart beat.

(Y/n) rushed to the door half-ready.

“Hey. You’re early.” She gave him a bright smile and reached out to give him a hug. Finn returned the hug and successfully maintained his composure as (y/n) took him to the lounge area.

“Wait five minutes, I just need to fix my hair and wear my shoes.” She scurried off somewhere inside, leaving Finn by himself.

“Okay we can leave now.” (Y/n)’s voice startled Finn from his day dreaming.

“Great. Let’s go.” Finn led the way to his car, second thinking if it was too soon to hold hands.
(Y/n) and Finn talked all through the night as they both slowly began opening up to each other. They went from discussing their favourite pizza toppings to arguing over Adele versus Sia to boasting over their longest kilometre run first thing in the morning without breakfast. They started out at a posh French diner but switched to a local pizza place that was more suited to their laid back demeanour. They then took a walk to a neighbouring coffee shop and sipped on some iced lattes. Actually, (y/n) sipped on some ice latte while Finn contently watched her enjoy her drink until (y/n) started poking fun at his health conscious diet. Finn was in the middle of a story of how Enzo clogged the toilet once when (y/n) jumped in her seat and grabbed her phone.

“It’s almost midnight. I should get going or I won’t get a cab around this area.” (Y/n) explained nervously.

Finn’s bright blue eyes dimmed at the thought of (y/n) leaving.
“It’s alright, I’ll drop you back home, you can stay.” He blurted.

(Y/n) silently blinked at him twice, not knowing if it was a good idea to stick around for too long. I mean it was just their second date. Finn took the hint and searched his pockets for the car keys.

“Okay come on, I’ll drop you back home.” Finn ushered her out of the coffee shop.
The car ride home was nothing short of a carpool karaoke episode. (Y/n) and Finn sang every song off pitch at the top of their lungs, creating their own impromptu, seated dance moves.

“Wait, wait! You just missed my apartment block Finn!” (Y/n) giggled uncontrollably now.

“Why are you laughing?” Finn asked between giggles.

“Why are YOU laughing?” (Y/n) held on to her now aching stomach.

It was like they were getting high off of each other’s energy.

“Okay, we’re here.” Finn parked the car right outside (y/n)’s apartment.

“Thank you so much Finn. I had a great time with you.” (Y/n) smiled at him.

“Me too.” Finn replied bashfully. He looked around his car, fervently praying to Cupid to give him the courage to tell her what’s on his mind before she left.

“I’ll see you soon.” (Y/n) whispered under her breath and reached to unlock the car door.

“(Y/n)?” Finn asked nervously.


He slowly leaned towards her and kissed her gently on the lips, his right hand under her chin while his left feeling the racing heartbeat beneath his chest.

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Husband Of Many Wonders (Jimin BTS)

Genre: Fluff

Member: Jimin (BTS)

Word Count: 339

Note: Im sorry this may be really bad but I wanted to post as soon as possible.

“Baby, you awake?” a light, mellow tone of a voice awoke you. You opened your eyes to see Jimin crouching over you welcoming you with a warm eye smile. “Good morning.” You returned the smile, sitting up on the bed and giving him a light peck on the cheek. “Good morning.”

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I’m not really one to follow trends of others but since this website came highly suggested I couldn’t really find myself not wanting to try it out. It’s certainly… interesting. Though I will say seeing all the posts about cats is a great way to start my morning off. To the people I don’t know, I’m Jane Hayward! And to the people I do know, I’m so excited to be able to join you all here.

I’ll Be Okay

Requested by @x3xarianax3x. Sorry it took a billion years to write. I hope it’s what you expected. :)

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word Count: 1,898

Characters: Jensen x Jared x Misha x Richard x Reader

Warnings: There’s self harm in this one shot, so reader be aware. If you suffer from self harm and don’t think you’ll be able to read this, please don’t. It’s very triggering.

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Summary: You’re a new actress on Supernatural and everything goes well until something triggers you to start self harming. Jensen, Jared, Misha, and Richard notice you becoming distant and when Jensen notices your self harm scars, he urges the guys to have a talk with you to turn you away from self harming.

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That moment when you get pulled over by policía for jammin’ out too hard. I forgot that having your music too loud while driving is a not so legal thing. I’m on my way to work and decide to start the day off great, so I blast Selena the whole way there. I wanna say the cop was either having a good ass morning or he thought I was hella fine, because he let me go with a warning. I would have asked for his number if I hadn’t been in a rush to get to work.

The One About the Birthday (Harry Styles x Reader)

Pairing: Harry Styles x Reader

Part: 1/7

Word Count: 382

Warnings: Flufffff

Description: It’s the reader’s birthday and Harry has a day of surprises planned for her.

A/N: I wrote this for a friend and decided to share it with you all, because it was fun. Sorry for any grammar or punctuation errors! Also I do not own or have any affiliation with One Direction. Hope you enjoy! :)

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Chapter 1: The Breakfast

“Babe…” Tap. Tap. Tap. “Love you need to get up.”

The persistent tapping on my shoulder continued, but I buried my face into the warm embrace of my pillow.

“Grr mmg grr,” I groaned. “Leave me ‘lone Harry.”

“Fine, stay in bed,” he chuckled. “I have to go but I’ve left your breakfast on the table. Happy Birthday darling.” He pressed a kiss onto my hair and I heard his footsteps retreating with the door opening and closing not long after.

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That’s not fair

REQUESTED by @bookishlyever-afterHi there!! I’m just really in love with Far Too Young To Die and was wondering if you will take a writing request? Maybe the reader is sick with the flu and Clark takes care of them? And the reader knows that Clark is Superman :) A bit cheesy I know but those are the best kind haha!

WARNING: Having the flu? And fluff if that is something that should be warned about but you guys already know how cheesy stories go. :)
Notes: I’m always taking requests lovelies :) don’t be shy I won’t bite :) Btw I made this fic for both boy and girl readers since I thought hell, why not? Hope you guys enjoy. 


He sat in the kitchen quietly sipping a warm cup of coffee, watching the snow softly fall through a window above the sink. You and Clark are taking a vacation during the holidays in a cabin your parents were generous to let you live in for the next couple of weeks. This is the first you two have taken alone time from work in a while, especially since Superman has gone public you were by yourself a lot in the apartment. And oddly enough, this was Clark’s idea, he felt so bad for not spending enough time with you, always busy with work or has to disappear every time there’s an incident going on somewhere in the world. 

All the lights were off and inside it was illuminated by the glow from the snow. The soft glow highlighted Clark’s features and his eyes were a piercing blue with a small patch of brown on his left eye. He continued to gaze out, breathing in softly while he leaned against the kitchen counter.  

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anonymous asked:

I'M YODELING I'm the one who wrote that Ignis ask and you are just so awesome! That was so hot 👌👌👌👌


I’m glad that it fell in line with what you submitted, honestly. I always kinda worried that I’d be hijacking people’s thirsty fantasies into something they ain’t want, so I try to hold off on just busting it out on random confessions like this.


Surgery again this morning.

We’re off to a great fucking start. I called repeatedly and no one would tell me what time to come in

I checked and it said they open at 7am so we figured well I’ll show up when they open and then wait it out.

This morning they called on zacs phone (why?) And said hey where are you? You were supposed to be here at 530am.

At you fucking kidding me 😑
I’m on my way now and they know I’m coming so hopefully they still do it