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#1035. How To Distract The Warriors

Agitha: With bugs and/or inaccurate bug facts

Cia: With Link

Fi: Undistractable

Fierce Deity: With Majora

Ganondorf: “Oh, look, an unguarded Triforce piece!”

Ghirahim: Show him his own reflection, he’ll be set for at least the next hour

Impa: Tell her Zelda’s in trouble

King Daphnes: Complain about something that’s more convenient than it was back in his day (Warning: prepare to be sat down for a lecture)

Lana: Tell her Cia’s causing trouble

Any of the Links: Tell them about someone who needs their help (Like a little old lady who’s cat is stuck in a tree)

Marin: Tell her you preferred the Indigo-Go’s version of Ballad of the Wind Fish. (Caution: be prepared for Marin to cry, and to not speak to you for at least a month)

Medli: “Look, it’s the Great Valoo!”

Midna: Same as Impa

Ravio: Drop a rupee (any color will do)

Ruto: Tell her Skull Kid is playing with Zora’s Sapphire

Sheik: Make a statement one way or the other about their gender

Skull Kid: Point out an excellent prank opportunity

Tetra: Tell her about some treasure

Spirit Zelda: “Hey, look, it’s the Ghostbusters!”

Volga: Tell him about a restaurant that serves dragon meat.

Wizzro: Give him someone to betray

Yuga: Tell him you think Cia’s paintings are more beautiful

Zant: Tell him the Twili throne is currently unguarded

Zelda: Point out a beautiful stranger, she won’t be able to resist the urge to go flirt with them

ok so i lOOVE the rito in botw but im also kind of like ??? because:

the rito originated in wind waker, and the lore behind them was that before the flood, the zora couldn’t evacuate and they would die in the salt water of the great sea so valoo gave them wings instead of fins so they could survive. that’s why medli’s ancestor is shown to be a zora

so im just wondering where the rito in breath of the wild came from then?? obviously not the same story since there are still zoras, and there is no valoo either. i guess it doesn’t matter since the gorons or zora don’t need an origin tale but still. i thought the rito origin in wind waker was really cool

Wind Waker Ganondorf Was Not Wrong

The title of this essay comes from a post by @corseque that was partially based on a conversation between @betterbemeta and @bonjiro about Hylian imperialism. Although we can’t know for certain what happened before The Wind Waker, I think there’s a lot we can learn from the game itself, in which Ganondorf doesn’t actually seem like he’s out to hurt people.

During my current playthrough, I’ve been trying to keep track of what is definitely Ganondorf’s fault, what is arguably not his fault, what is probably not his fault, and what is in no way his fault. The conclusion I’ve come to is that the Great Sea was a terrible and dangerous place before Ganondorf ever arrived there. All things considered, Ganondorf’s presence might even be considered as something of a stabilizing force in the lawless watery wilderness.

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