great use of perspective

you know what? autistic people are amazing!!

like… we’re so observant and good at noticing patterns and we catch stuff other people miss and we see the world in such a different way that it gives us a great perspective on things that neurotypicals dont have

and we care so much about stuff and we get really passionate about it and its really cute and we have things in the world that are Good and so much can be conveyed in that word and we survive and adapt so well in a world not designed for us and i think that’s awesome?

and we stim when we’re happy bc its how we interact with the world that despite everything we can still see so much wonder in

like we’re really cool

and its important to remember that when the majority of the world at best doesnt understand and at worst outright hates us

especially when most autism positivity posts are “its okay if u cant do things neurotypicals can do” and “autistic people can be intelligent!” because yes those posts are important but also autistic people can be better than neurotypicals bc we’re a diverse and intelligent and beautiful group of people and i refuse to be held to a neurotypical standard of brilliance when we’re doing pretty great by ourselves

*Edit - its perfectly okay for neurotypicals/allistics to reblog this!


Hey y'all, I was talking to another shipper the other day and she ask me if I thought there were many women over 50 in this shipping community. I said I did, but what I’ve gleaned is that there are women of all ages here. I love that this is such a diverse group…ages, ethnicity, life styles, etc. But one thing binds us….our love for Sam and Cait and for Outlander. She and I are first time shippers and surprised at how much we love these two and desperately want them to be happy just as we do for our own children. There’s just something about them….I think y'all know what I’m talking about. So….for those of you who feel comfortable, respond by telling us your age,20’s,30’s,40’s etc. I love being friends with all ages! I think it gives great perspective to life and help us understand the world better. I’ll start off. I’m Nancy and a young at heart 67. Love and appreciate you!😘

This is a great use of a series of panels from the same perspective. What I think is great is how much detail creeps into the panels as the action ramps down.

(Heavy Metal issue #155, March 1995 - Page 45 Hombre: Rabid by Segura and Ortiz)


Jewish Antiquities

Jean Fouquet (141?-80?) was the greatest French painter of the 15th century. His genius is reflected in his illustrations of Jewish Antiquities, which Fouquet created for Jacques d’Armagnac, the Duke of Nemours. Fouquet traveled to Italy as a young man, where he learned to paint with great precision of detail and to use aerial perspective, but he continued to draw upon his native Touraine for many aspects of his art, especially forms and color. In these illustrations, his depiction of the siege of Jericho evokes a city on the banks of the Loire, while his Temple of Jerusalem resembles an altered Cathedral of Tours. Jewish Antiquitieswas written by the first century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus (38?-100?) and recounts the history of the Jewish people from Creation to the outbreak of the Jewish revolt against the Romans in A.D. 66. Composed in Greek and translated into Latin, the book was read by the early Christians and remained popular with both Christians and Jews. This manuscript belonged to the French king Francis I (1494-1547), who confiscated it in 1523 from Charles III, the Duke of Bourbon (1490-1527).