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A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

“Shall I tell you a story? A new and terrible one? A ghost story? Are you ready? Shall I begin? Once upon a time there were four girls. One was pretty. One was clever. One charming, and one…one was mysterious. But they were all damaged, you see. Something not right about the lot of them. Bad blood. Big dreams. Oh, I left that part out. Sorry, that should have come before. They were all dreamers, these girls. One by one, night after night, the girls came together. And they sinned.”

I decided to draw 20 of my favorite queer girls to celebrate 1 year of marriage equality in the US!

A Great and Terrible Beauty is a marvelous book series featuring a lot of diverse issues in the Victorian era but most importantly it has QUEER LADIES. Pippa and Felicity broke my heart and I will never move on. 


Doctor Who episodes | Story: 112 | season 18 [4/7]
↳ State of Decay

“I knew it. Just like the legend said. When the bodies were counted, the King Vampire, mightiest and most malevolent of all, had vanished, even to his shadow, from time and space. Until now.”

2redshirt  asked:

Something I've noticed when I talk to people about Isaac Asimov is that they often get the idea that he was a dry intellectual. This gives me the impression that they only ever read his foundation novels. I think he's a really funny guy who probably enjoyed trashy pulp magazines a great deal. His robot trilogy has a buddy cop quality to it, his union club mysteries feel like a P.G.Wodehouse digression and some of the stories in earth is room enough are just setups for groan worthy puns.

Fun fact: Superman fought a supervillain based on Isaac Asimov, where a muttonchop enthusiast scifi writer transformed into a slime creature powered by lunar gravity, called “Momentus, Master of the Moon.” Superman beat him by using his body’s “super-gravity.” Can’t argue with that.

Seriously though, that is something I’ve noticed. Asimov was a polymath who had so many interests and wrote about so many topics that people tend to think Asimov is just like whatever the first work they encountered he wrote was like, when he was extremely multifaceted a thinker, and instead of figuring him out, you’ve just found one part of the elephant. People who first discovered Asimov through Caves of Steel, a detective story with a human detective and a robot partner set in a colossal city, tend to think of him as someone just like you described, kinda smartassed and with a sense of dry humor. 

The first work I ever read by Asimov were his Empire books like Pebble in the Sky. For that reason, It’d odd to me that people remember Asimov as something other than a history and classics obsessed nut like Harry Turtledove or L. Sprague de Camp, since that seems to be what so much of his fiction is about. Isaac Asimov literally wrote a nonfiction book about the history of Rome

Isaac Asimov’s fiction always seemed to me to be about the sweep of history and galactic civilization like in Olaf Stapledon. Asimov once said that “history is the trade secret of science fiction.” He didn’t start the trend of people in the distant galactic future dressing like Greeks and Romans, but his Empire books like “Pebble in the Sky” and the later Foundation series are the best possible examples of the trend. 


“Shall I tell you a story? A new and terrible one? A ghost story?”

i. i shut my eyes and all the world drops dead, i think i made you up inside my head ii. i know it’s true that visions are seldom what they seem iii. i must be one of the devil’s daughters iv. when persephone appears on the river bank, tell her “i am another lost daughter” v. we are the daughters, we are the damned and doomed, gives us your violence, we won’t be silent vi. in my head there’s a warrior, and it’s a war to feel whole, and it’s a fear to feel at all, and it’s the wonder at love vii. how many years i know i’ll bear, i found something in the woods somewhere viii. we are shining and we will never be afraid again ix. i am the voice of your history, be not afraid, come follow me, answer my call, and I’ll set you free x. i would like to find a place where the taste of blood in my mouth could evaporate, where my soul could just rest from all this weight


once upon a time there were four girls. one was pretty. one was clever. one charming, and one…one was mysterious. but they were all damaged, you see. something not right about the lot of them. bad blood. big dreams.