great to be back

I know it can be hard sometimes,

I know you hurt.

But just take a moment; look around you. There’s the sun, the stars, everyone.

You have your friends, if not, then your family. If you do not have your family, then you have the internet. If you still say ya don’t have that, just hush, child.

You have a heckle lot of great peeps at your back, and if you’ve found your way on this blog, I can guarantee that at the least, you’ll have 20 people who would foght for you to live.

Thank you for makong Iit this far, now come on! Just anotjer day. Focus on anothrr hour, another minute, another second.

It’s not that hard, even if it may seem like you’re climbing a mountain. Take it a pebble at a time.

You made it this far.

You can go a little while longer.

For now, do what you need to do; take a shower, take your meds, finish a story, or a drawing. Practice playing an instrument; or just chill and read.

Do whatever you need to do, then make it another day.

You can do it.

We believe in you.

I think there are a lot of loose strings which will be tied up — but leaving enough to allow for future things, so a revival would be great. My dream scenario would be: we come back and then the show moves to, like, Netflix, so we do it up: suddenly there’s, like, swearing and full-blown nudity. It’s the show that everybody wanted but couldn’t have. That’s what I want. I want there to be bloody murder all over the place. Like Pretty Little Liars meets Saw.
—  Ian Harding on a PLL revival
therock I go sit in my truck for 10min in between scenes, somebody spots me getting in and then the Vegas crowd starts to gather.
My security detail wanted to drive me down into the private garage as to avoid the large crowd.
I said nah, let me get out and say hello to the people.
They said, “They’re a LIVELY crowd and we have no barriers. If they collapse on us, we’re pulling you inside.
I get out, the people got excited, but surprisingly they didn’t collapse.
Much to my disappointment because who doesn’t luv an excited collapsing crowd. Plus it gives my security great angst which is always fun to witness. Luv you back Vegas. Always a blast.
#OnSet #Ballers #TilWeCollapse

A reminder to all my lovely RP partners.  This is a hobby, not an obligation.  If you’re not feeling a certain character or a threat, hey, that’s great.  Take your time.  Get back in that groove.  If you’re stuck on a reply, leave it for later or let me know and I’ll try to add to it to give you more to work from. 

I want my partners to have just as much fun as I am.  So if life happens and you can’t get to something immediately or you have to drop something, that’s okay.  Your health and well being comes first.

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ok do u think that cevans will be like "great take!" on set and then seb will wanna say something nice back but then he just remembers that interview where cevans got real close to kissing mackie

o m g

Skyeward fans..

here’s a hug to everyone, esp today.. i’m heartbroken too. but i can understand why Chloe said that. and well, given the way Ward’s story played out until his end.. i don’t blame her, really. we know how she’s been tweeting about her distaste in the gov’t right now. i even can say that Brett wouldn’t like Nazis, too. and we never got the redemption arc that Ward deserves. he was made the villain through and through.

but yes, it still hurts. coming from Chloe, it’s like a knife to my shipper heart. hugs to all. i don’t have a gif on mobile so i had to search for it here and this was the best i could find on such short notice. anyway, i love every one of you and i still stand with Ward.. i still stand with Skyeward and everything great that could have been. heck, i came back to Tumblr coz of this ship and it’s still my OTP.

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Prompt 3, York & Carolina

awww, sweetie, i can always count on you to enable the nonsense.

“How exactly did you manage to get stuck in there?”

York has activated his gravity boots and is standing upside above her, carefully wedging a long, thin piece of scrap metal between Carolina’s armor and the crumpled mess of the blast door.

“If I knew that, I wouldn’t have crashed into the damn thing,” she hisses. They were supposed to be infiltrating this ship, but something had gone wrong with the speed unit. All in the space of four seconds - which she knows will be poured over in great detail as soon as they get back to the MOI - Carolina had gone from leading the mission to slamming into the front door like the world’s worst deliveryman. “And why are you going at it from that angle?”

“Because if he goes at it from the ground and it slips,” Wyoming pipes in from the other side of the compound, still clambering up to a lookout spot, “it’ll decapitate you.”

“Don’t worry, sweetheart,” York adds. “I’ll be gentle.”

Arms pinned to her sides, suspended halfway off the ground with one shoulder punching through the seam of the blast door, Carolina is armed only with a vicious glare. She concentrates as much vitriol into her gaze and aims it at him.

Motion under her distracts her, and Carolina kicks out. From the feel of it (and the sound, a yelp followed by a furious curse), she connected perfectly with South’s ass. “Are you trying to crawl under me?”

“Well I was, until you decided to be a c–”

Whatever Carolina was is cut off by the sound of Wyoming’s sniper round echoing through their corner of the compound. “Hostiles,” he adds, a little late.

Above her, York squares his hands on the lever and starts to push. Behind her, somewhere, South loads her gun and with any luck is there to cover the pair of them.

“Get me out, get me out, get me out,” she chants, wincing at the pressure in her chest as the lever crushes against her breastplate. It shifts, dangerously close to stabbing her in the armpit, and the feeling of metal scraping against the aqua-tinted alloy vibrates through her body like her ribs are tuning forks.

“Now you know how it feels,” he hisses, changing the angle and pressing harder, “to pick a lock in a firefight.”

“Pick faster, then.” Carolina pops free, falling on her knees beside the buckled steel wall, and fingers the gouges on her armor.  York hits the ground a moment later with considerably better grace, and even offers her a hand up.

She takes it, shakes out the cramped feeling in her arms from lack of circulation, and draws her pistol.

“Okay, everyone. Time for Plan B.”

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hey this is for the funny Arctic Monkeys moments if you're still doing it and i thought about when Matt and Alex give slang lessons and at the end Matt goes ''go share it with your wank friends'' and Alex just snorts (btw i love your drawings, they're amazing and beautifully done each time ^ ^ ) cheers love!!

You know I’ve got an eye on this one and I’m really happy someone had this moment in mind too! Thank you so much for your suggestion, I really love when Matt makes Alex do this haha 😍😍

Also thank you very much for the compliment as well, I can recognize your blog from time to time reblogging my stuff and I really appreciate it a lot! I’m glad you like them!! 😙 😙  Hope you’re having a great one!! Will get back to you soon ❤️