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Just saw your post about Sam being away this week. Guess that makes sense as it's his bday on Saturday! Yeah I really want to know what his understudy will be like!

Yeeess so I’m not the only one who’s curious!

But for real, understudies are truly brilliant and I have absolutely gone to see shows to see a new actor play a role (and when it comes to musicals I definitely creep on Youtube listening to West End/Broadway debutes, from a nerd point of view they’re kind of exciting). And I know this has been somewhat of a controversial topic recently with the Cameron Mackintosh debacle but I really wish they would announce cast holidays in advance, like some of the other West End plays and musicals do. And let’s be real, a big portion of the audience bought their tickets months before the cast was even announced, so I really doubt they’d play to empty seats even if they would announced holidays in advance.

There’s definitely more as far as how they interact in Season 3, which I’m very excited about. We just got that episode back in and it’s just looking great. Hera and Kanan, the big question is are they space married. I understand that question. I’ve been asked that. Space married. Which I’m all for, the space marriage idea, I think it’s great. I think you put space in front of anything it becomes really exciting and exotic. Space whales, we had last season some space whales. I am all for it.
If you look back at history, every great power system has left its monuments, its relics.  The Egyptian Pharaohs left the pyramids.  The English monarchy left its great castles scattered across Wales and Scotland.

Andrew Marr, ‘Scotland and the Battle for Britain’ episode 2.

Andrew apparently unaware that maybe, just maybe, those great castles in Scotland were left by…. Scots!

if “make america great again” means “bring manufacturing jobs back to the rust belt” then one way to accomplish that goal is to destabilize the world so much that everyone is bombed back to pre-ww2 infrastructure and indiana becomes the only viable choice

not saying this is good (it’s bad!) but maybe we haven’t been giving trump enough credit for his policy platform


GX Australia is back for Year 2! Check out all the cool updates for 2017, see backer rewards and see some of the Bosses of Honor!

GX Australia is the most inclusive convention for gamers and geeks of all types! Whatever your hobby, you’re amongst friends here.

About this project

Want to spend an incredible weekend hanging out with the friendliest bunch of geeks you’ll ever meet? Are you passionate about video games, or dreamed of making one yourself? Do you like to cosplay? Or are you an avid fan of card or board games?

Well listen up, because we’ve got some great news for you!


Back this great convention!

After our first hugely successful event in February, 2016, we’re super excited to be able to bring the convention to Sydney again for a second year. At the debut convention, nearly eight hundred attendees trekked out to the Australian Technology Park for two days of geekery and fun. For our second year, we’re making awesome changes and taking on board requests, considerations, and feedback from the first event.

So here it is, GX Australia 2017! Lock in the 29th and 30th of April, 2017, because we’re going on an adventure!

If you didn’t make it out to GX Australia 2016, you missed a fabulous weekend full of tournaments, tabletop gaming, awesome and insightful panels and talks, and even an escape room! But that’s okay, because you’re getting a second chance in April 2017.

GX Australia is the country’s most inclusive convention for video gamers, board gamers, tabletop and card gamers, cosplayers, comic book nerds, sci-fi film buffs — everything geeky and nerdy! It’s a weekend long celebration of what brings us all together in the first place. It’s a weekend where Star Trek and Star Wars fans can set aside their differences and make friends, where you’re appreciated and loved no matter what mana colour your Magic: The Gathering deck is, and where you’re accepted for who you are even if you prefer the PS4 to the Xbox One. It’s an event for you — yes you! — if you share in our vision that geekery and video games are for everyone.

Our first event was such a blast, and we’re dedicated to making sure Year Two is even better.

Didn’t come last year? Here’s some highlights of what you missed out on:

GX Australia 2017 will be taking place at the Sydney Showground! This venue is hugely experienced when it comes to video game events, hosting everything from Supanova to the EB Games Expo. We’re thrilled to be adding our name to their impressive roster, and the new venue comes with a tons of improvements over our old location:

  • Accessibility! While the ATP itself was fully accessible, unfortunately Redfern Station was not and this presented a challenge for our attendees with mobility considerations. Fortunately, there are lifts at the Olympic Park station and we’re only a short distance from the train. Further, this time around all of our event spaces are on the ground floor so there’s no fiddling about with lifts once you’re at the venue itself.
  • Bigger, but a better use of space! The ATP was an awesome venue, but given how large the complex was unfortunately we got spread out quite a lot — this gave the convention a very chill and relaxed feel, but you probably are surprised to know how many attendees we had! At the Sydney Showground, our convention space is fully enclosed and self-contained, meaning that it won’t be confusing or difficult to move between panels, or around the expo hall! All facilities and meeting areas  are within a short distance of each other, logically laid out and easy to find.
  • Air conditioning! Need we say more?
  • Lower costs! Because we aren’t holding the event around Mardi Gras this time, and because we’ve been able to secure more competitive pricing for hiring the venue, we’re able to pass savings on to attendees and bring the overall cost of tickets down as a result. While we gave away many tickets last time and remain committed to making GX Australia as accessible as possible, ultimately every ticket purchased ensures that we can run the event at its best and we’re happy that we’re able to bring costs down to make that easier for guests.
  • Streaming AND Recording! This was something we wanted to do last time around and while we were able to stream the Main Panel Room, panels didn’t get recorded. Thanks to Twitch, This time around we’re going to make sure that you can participate by watching panels online as they happen, or later on when convenient to your schedule.
  • Even MOAR diversity! Our biggest objective for Year Two was to make GX more diverse and representative. This is reflected across not only our amazing lineup of kickass Bosses of Honours, but the speakers we’re working with to develop incredible panels. Plus, due to our lower costs, we are able to splurge a bit more on helping people of colour and indigenous speakers to make it out to Sydney for the event.
  • 15+, or all ages with a parent or guardian! Another big commitment towards accessibility and access was to ensure the event could be open to people as young as possible. Like last year, you’re welcome to attend the event if you’re fifteen or older and have proof of age available. If you’re younger, just come with a parent or friend over 18 who will watch out for you!
  • Incredible guests! You can see our initial guests below, but trust, we have some even more amazing guests yet to announce! One of our favourite things about GX Australia was how accessible guests were, and our feedback from guests was how wonderful you all were. More of that!
  • Amazing panels! Last year we were lucky enough to host some absolutely incredible panels, and we intend to do the same again this year. Check out our schedule from last year to see what kind of awesome content you can expect in 2017!
  • Bigger tabletop space! This was hugely requested, and we’ve already started thinking about how we can make our tabletop section bigger, better and more exciting! With scheduled games, a library of games to choose from and brilliant hangout times, we can’t wait!
  • More games and experiences! We’ll have a play section this year with wonderful Australian, queer and diverse games, and plan on having some awesome physical group games to participate in!
  • An awesome show floor! We’re taking all of the incredible feedback from 2016 into account and making the show floor for 2017 more intimate, varied and fun!
  • Exciting VIP events! Based on this year, our VIP events next year will be TOTALLY MATHEMATICAL. We can’t wait to see you there!

Find out more info, including the first round of Bosses of Honor, what’s new for 2017, see what Backer Rewards are in store & more at the GXAustralia Kickstarter page.

Back this great convention!

Please boost so next year’s event can be even better than the first one!

Shoutout to Jack and his “We’re All in This Together”, “Work This Out”, “What Team? Zimbits” attitude today.
Him looking at Bitty and being like You Are The Music In Me
Neither of them saying “hey, I’ve Gotta Go My Own Way” but instead communicating
And then in a move that’ll make it A Night To Remmber (yes I know it was 5am shush) Jack turning up at the haus because he’s gotta be with bitty Right Here Right Now, and with Shitty there it’s great cause The Boys Are Back

This is truly The Start Of Something New



Calling for major jobs
The wealthy will expand their jobs
Great for middle class (what about lower class?)

We cannot bring money back because taxes

They cannot bring their money back into our country because Obama

The inner cities

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I guess Shit is doing great when they desperate to bring Mickey back...

i can’t believe people r even excited about this ….. l i k e have you not been paying any attention ? the writers are not to be trusted. john wells is not to be trusted. i just want them to leave mickey alone look at the shit they’ve done to him already. i’m so afraid of what other hell they plan to put him through. 

Okay...Honest Talk Time. Fanfic Writers? Help?

When I was a few years younger, I used to write fanfiction. I loved to do it even though I knew I wasn’t great at it. Looking back on those old fanfics now, I realize how much I SUCKED at it!! Like…SUCKED!!
So I don’t write anymore. But…I want to. I DO miss writing and I want to become a better writer but I don’t know how. I don’t know how writers structure everything in their stories; how they decide what’s going to happen, why it’s going to happen, what characters are in the room when it happens, WHY those characters are in the room when it happens, how to paint the picture so vividly, how to make it so emotional without it sounding so corny…
When I used to write, it would all just be off the top of my head. There was no set structure. Stuff would happen because I WANTED it to happen rather than it have any point to the story.
“Why did you include this part?”
“Just cuz.”
So I don’t really know what to do. Even when I try to write again, I get Writer’s Block right away because all I can think about is what’s WRONG with what I’ve written so far.
So fanfic writers, I’m asking for help. What do I do? How do I overcome this and start writing again? Cuz it’s a skill that I also need for my future. Any suggestions?

In other confrontations that took place tonight...

We’d been keeping the two new kittens and the dogs separate for the most part, mostly because the kittens are little (four months old) and the dogs are 100 and 82 pounds respectively, and have had a tendency in the past to think that chasing cats upstairs is the best game ever.

Well one of the kittens apparently figured out how to open the door to little miss pen’s room (where they’ve been sleeping) because suddenly they were both downstairs.  Sure enough, the dogs went charging and tiny little Ianto just puffed up and arched his back and hissed, and the dogs, the two Great Pyrenees…

Froze in place. 

Ianto growled, and both dogs literally backed away. Like walked backwards away from him. Both of them.

They’ve left both kittens completely alone since then (for almost three hours now).

Ianto is my hero.