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US vs Switzerland - 10/2016

US Bank Stadium - Minneapolis, MN

**i never complain. Ever. This isnt so much a complaint, but a public service announcement. As an amatuer as fuck photographer, I dont care if you repost my below average pics on social media. Instagram for example. I dont care about credit, but could you at least leave my tag on it? If it doesnt fit by instagram standards, crop it and stick it back on. That would be swell. Great. Thanks.


OKAY…. thank god for this amazing post !!!!! i didn’t even notice the toys/figurines in teru’s room before so thank you @minusram for pointing them out in the bedroom design!!! the layout is a great ref on it’s own… bless…

so i went back and watched the ep again and took some screenshots of my own to get a closer look. does anyone know what these are? or what they stand for? are they just casual accessories?(;_;)

George Harrison, late 1950′s.

“He was cocky, a cocky little guy. He had a good sense of himself, you know, he wasn’t cowed by anything. He had a great haircut. He had this long hair that he quiffed back. We had a, a friend, Arthur. And he used to describe it as, ‘a fuckin’ turban. Like a fuckin’ turban.’ And it did. It looked like a great, big marvelous thing.” - Paul McCartney, Living in the Material World

“[John Lennon said] ‘He had a real kind of wild style on the guitar. It’s as though… you know, that he and the guitar were joined together. He also looked like a Teddy boy, but as you know, Larry, he was hardly that.’
Hardly. Sensitivity to others was George’s great talent as a human being. On the aircraft and in the hotel suites, it was George who was always asking, 'Everything all right, Larry?’” - When They Were Boys by Larry Kane [x]

Just in case you were ever wondering what Archimedes Fox would look like clean-shaven.

He’s getting awfully close to exposing his inglorious past as a public schoolboy when he shaves, IMHO. Far too clean-cut by half. I think we’ll be keeping his facial hair. Otherwise he might take it into his head to go striding manfully about the estate looking for a peasant to kick.

I’m going to now hijack this post to answer @ice-creamforbreakfast‘s ‘Favourite Sim Challenge’ (Never-mind I’ve done this twice before.)

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Percival Graves x Reader Imagine II

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“Imagine Graves puts you on desk duty because he’s afraid you could get hurt on a mission again.”

You didn‘t understand what happened. Your boss and actually good friend Percival Graves put you on desk duty after your latest mission. It didn‘t make sense to you, you did a great job back then. Yes, you had to take a few days off because you got a little hurt but it was nothing serious and you accomplished the job successfully. You didn‘t belong in an office, you knew it and you were pretty sure that Graves did too. So far as you could tell he even felt bad for doing it. He gave you your own office after complaining once, he brought you the best work supplies and always made you small compliments about your apperance but you were still angry, sad and disappointed. You liked to hunt down dark wizards and witches, you were good at it and the desk duty with all the paper work bored you to death.

You drowned yourself in self-pity when someone knocked against the door of your office. You quickly grabbed a feather and acted like if you would actually work on the papers which Graves gave you.
„Come in !“ you shouted.
The door opened and Graves entered your office. He closed the door behind him and stepped in front of your desk.
„Good evening, Y/N.“ He smiled at you.
You tried to avoid his gaze so you looked down on your unfinished paperwork.
„I wouldn‘t call it a good evening, Mr.Graves.“
Graves furrowed his eyebrows and the smile vanished.
„Did you just call me ‘Mr.Graves’ ? We‘re alone, just call me by my forename or such, like always…“
You laid down the feather. „Give me my old job back and let me hunt dark wizards and witches again, like always.“  
Graves sighed and shook his head. „No, Y/N. I removed you from your job for a good reason.“
You stood up and looked him in the eyes. „Which is !?“
Graves walked over to you. He laid his hand on your cheek and stroke with his thumb over your face.
„For the reason that you could get hurt again. Your latest mission opened my eyes, I forgot about the danger in this job because you never got back injured.“
His words made you think and you leaned into his touch. „But the other Aurors get hurt all the time, this was the first time that I got back injured, so why did I lose my job ?“
Graves blushed and looked nervous around. „Hah… well… how do I tell you… I don‘t really care for the other Aurors, do you understand ? It doesn‘t affect me if one of them gets hurt or if they die, but I was so worried when I heard that you got hurt, I was so panicked, I would be heartbroken if you‘d die, do you know what I want to tell you ?“
Your eyes widened and your face flushed red. You knew exactly what Graves was telling you in this moment.
„I didn‘t know… I was so confused, I thought I did something wrong…“
Graves pulled you into a hug. „No, no. You were my best Auror but I can‘t put your life on a risk.“
„Graves… I understand your concern but I‘ll leave if you force me to work in this office any longer. I hate it here, I don‘t want to be here. This isn‘t my fate, paperwork is nothing I‘m good at nor something I want to do.“
This were some hard words. Graves didn‘t know how much you hated your new job and he didn‘t expect to make you so unhappy.
„I‘m so sorry Y/N, to make you unhappy was the last thing I had in mind when I put you on desk duty.“
„So, do I get my job back ?“
Graves hesitated a moment before he answered. „You do, I don‘t want to see you so sad and I don‘t want you to leave the ministry… but we have to talk about it ! But not now, the only thing I want to talk about now are your feelings.“
You were so happy that Graves agreed to give you your job back and you felt so lucky that such a handsome and wonderful man like Graves fell in love with you.
„I really like you, and I‘d like to… you know… we could go and get some drinks, right ? We need to celebrate that you got your best Auror back !“
Graves smiled at you, he was happy that you felt better now and that you had feelings for him as well.
„Of course, I‘d love to. But first, if you don‘t mind…“
He leaned down and pulled you into a kiss.

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Don't you love Karlie initially calls Taylor "Tay Tay" in the Cosmo interview? Instead of being all professional, Karlie melts into a heart puddle and uses the name that's like a term of endearment? Obviously, Karlie could have just said "Taylor, Taylor Swift." But no, it was "Tay Tay." And people doubt Kaylor?

Karlie was so bad at hiding it in the beginning. She’s still not great at it but back then she was even worse. Bless her for being the heart eyes emoji personified.

This pin is more beautiful than i could ever imaging. She measures at 35mm diameter, so it’s a great size and no dual is lost. It also has a brooch back clasp rather than a pin stud, so it’s more comfortable to wear and more secure :) hard enamel and 8 colours with gold plating. It’s a glorious thing! I made a beautiful (double sided!) backing card for it to be displayed on, too. To purchase one, follow the link in my profile to my Facebook page and there you’ll find the link to my etsy shop. Xoxo
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Six Months

Yes Kai, let’s just casually post an update two months late. Great work.

(A look back at Luna’s six month update.)

The Numbers:

  • Height: 25 inches
  • Weight: 15.5 lbs
  • Sleeping: 8 hours at night, with plenty of naps

You Can:

  • Sit independently
  • Roll from front to back
  • Eat baby food

You’re Working On:

  • Crawling (now achieved!)
  • Consonant sounds! Right now it’s all vowels, heh.

Looking Forward To:

  • Well, at this point I was looking forward to her crawling, but she’s already there, ha ha!
It’s kind of funny doing these from my notes, because you can see how much your baby jumps from one month to the next. I’ll post about her eight month milestones tomorrow, and then we’ll be all caught up!

justcuzfandoms  asked:

okay but about the Reagan thing, for the Nick x Jess thing, I also want her gone, but honestly she is such a great character that I'm really excited to have her back on the show. ALSO, I feel like the past eps have all been kinda filler-ish and now that Reagan is returning they'll start moving things along, so all in all I'm glad she's back

she can stay 

I have a LOTL of these Fairy Kei axolotl cuties who are missing the sparkle from the pink enamel. They are top quality pins otherwise! They will be available in my shop starting next week for $5 each (50% off!). As is, no backing card. A great deal with a little less sparkle. 😉 I’ll make another quick post when they go up!
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its-arevolution-isuppose  asked:

Do you have any post related to heroin? Safety tips, what to expect on your first time, anything like that? If you could, could you link them to me? I was a chem/psych m major my first two years of college. Your blog makes me want to switch back!

Great to hear! I have a couple good post on opiates, you should check them out:

Note to followers: If you have been using a ton of opiates and notice yourself getting flu-like symptoms and aching, those are withdrawal symptoms. The road only gets worse from there. It’s a good sign to slow it down. We have been addicted to three different opiates before and none of them are helpful when used extremely often.

  I had someone ask me why I make posts about methamphetamine and heroin considering that they are dangerous drugs, saying I should not post anything about them.

  That would be exactly why we (the USA) has the worst drug epidemic the world has ever seen before. Literally thousands of people OD on them every single day.

  Because people are afraid to talk about these drugs. They are so afraid to talk about them that it makes them “underground” and as always with culture, whatever is underground is considered cool. Many people are trying heroin/meth with barely any understanding of how drugs work. Especially with our generations mentality, which is usually.. “Yolo, i’m going hard”

   People have to understand how these drugs work or they will never be able to make decisions involving them.

So yeah, I’m gonna keep talking about heroin and meth.

Question: Explain the difference between black tar and any form of powdered heroin, other than consistency? Is the tar just a more raw less refined form or what. Potency wise how do they compare? Wescoast- strictly tar. Eastcoast- strictly powder I’ve noticed

#1 difference is that black tar H is mostly 6-MAM (6-monoacetylmorphine) and 3-MAM (3-monoacetylmorphine), less acetylated molecules that are a lot easier and a more sloppy lab production. Good for broke/uneducated/lazy producers to maximize profit margin and a common symptom of society’s that make products illegal.

It comes up super heavy through mexico these days so the west coast sees that more.

The powder is either freebase or Heroin HCl. Freebase most commonly comes from the middle east. That’s the one that people smoke, although I don’t recommend that. Heroin HCl you can snort it a lot easier which is preferable up there and a lot of the time that comes in through the ports so the east coast gets that heavy from Colombia/SEA who make tons of that (perhaps with US permission)

Potency is an extreme variable though, the conjugate base that they are attached to won’t define their potency very well.  Most heroin is cut so ridiculously hard that the purity can vary anywhere between 5%-70%. Black tar is unhealthier for your veins that is for sure. But whichever one was cut less will be more potent.

Question: Kinda wanna try heroin… What do you think? If you could tell me about it thatd be great 😊 also do you have any drug stories about it?

Since you already have some depression, it will end up being a way to escape. It might seem like it works at first, at it will definitely take the pain away for a few weeks, but then you’re gonna get extremely dopesick. So it’ll be like having the flu every day. Whatever you aren’t content with in life will require a philosophical or situational change. Having a dopesickness will only make ones life spiral deeper into oblivion.

There’s way too many interesting drugs out there to mess with heroin. Heroin is usually made by garbage producers and badly cut with harsh chemicals anyway.. it’s like the burger king of drugs. It’s potent but obviously there comes a lot of side effects for that price.

I used to cook heroin (long ago, not anymore) so I’ve seen plenty of the wreck that it can cause to peoples lives. It always starts out innocent, where people are hurt from some situation in life and they just want to nod out/chill out and escape their pain. But sadly life isn’t quite that simple and the body makes you pay for it in dope sickness. I’ve played around with it before and it really doesn’t take long to get addicted.

Everyone always says “just one shot/sniff won’t hurt” and then it turns into “a couple more probably wouldn’t kill me” and then it becomes an everyday crutch to get through stuff.

If you are hell bent on trying it then go ahead, but the path is dim.

Try LSD or DMT instead if you are looking for an exciting new experience.

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do you not like undertale anymore?

nah i still like it, the game holds a really, really special place in my heart and took me for so many emotional loops, in game and out of game, shaped who am i today and a whole lot more, it’s just that im done with it. everyone changes interests and im just bored of it now. i think it kinda started when i started unfollowing a bunch of old blogs and more than half of them were undertale related. it’s not that i hate the game its just… it’s not for me anymore.

undertale was great, but looking back the fandom is…………….. eh…………not the best but yea

so i mean, 

just look forward to a new era of shmoof!! 

…which is opm

im wating for that sweet sweet season two and genos to pick me up and throw me into the goddamn sun

Second time around...

Don’t miss these new second issues!


The Great Lakes Avengers are back together — almost! With their former leader Mr. Immortal still buried alive out in the middle of nowhere, the group struggles to find their footing under the uncertain guidance of Flatman. And after a confrontation with some noisy super villain neighbors lands the entire team in jail, it’s all he can do to keep them together!


THE WORLD IS NOT FREE. As the dark truth of The Order of Romulus reveals itself, Ashlar faces death to stop them…but someone has come to help her, someone with a power that can set the entire world free, a power that has waited generations to find her. Will that power find her in time?


There may be no ‘I’ in team but there’s certainly a ‘U’ in onslaught! Break out your jock straps and crash helmets, folks; we’re going full contact for the TANK GIRL GOLD SUPER SPORTS SPECIAL!!


‘EVERYBODY’S SOMEBODY’S FOOL.’ Max and Mary lean into their hijinks as they are brought face to face with the Russian threat - who aren’t all that threatening! Or are they? Can Coca-Cola and rock music save the world, or have things just gotten way too heavy? And what’s with these Russian cats, anyway?


Princess Leia is on a top-secret dangerous mission that brings her to a planet that wants no part of the war against the Empire. But when an injury threatens to end her mission, can she inspire that rebel spirit in those who just want to keep their heads down? Writer Kelly Thompson (A-FORCE) and artist Emilio Laiso (GODS OF WAR) bring us an all-new tale of Alderaan’s last monarch in action!

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hey dad, so my best friend said she likes me and i told her i like her back, and that's great and all, but neither of us have any experience with relationships and we don't know what to do now

just do what you both are comfortable with and want to do? like… you gotta get experience somehow……. happy for you tho!!