great tit chick


Bird update!

Just to give you guys a feeling about how incredibly quickly these little fluffs grow. These pictures have all been taken 2 days apart, exact dates in pic descriptions. It’s amazing.

Good news: it seems that all 8 have survived, even though they can hardly fit their fluffy butts into the nest. :)

Their mom is also a fierce little warrior, who tries to defend the nestbox from me almost every time I go to check by jumping around me on the branches in arm’s reach and tweeting extremely indignantly. Sometimes dad joins too, though he doesn’t come as close. Today she almost landed on me and did a pretty good impression of a hummingbird hovering about 10 cm from my hand and fluently cussing at me in great tit…

The chicks are also ridiculously loud. Every time mom or dad flies in with food they start screeching so loud I can hear them from behind closed doors in the house, even though they’re at least 12 meters away up in a tree.

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This selfie shot was taken in the yard shortly after feeding larvae to the Great Tit chicks I have handraised - that’s why I’m wearing freaky green gardening shoes. ;-)

The bluish effect comes from my Ricoh GR. If you look closely, you will see that all the unedited details like grey hair, facial hair, wrinkles, zits and stuff are perfectly in place. :-P

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