great teacher onizuka


New mix is up.

チルアニメビート / chillanimebeats
サウンドクラウド / soundcloud
ユーチューブ / youtube
ツイッター / twitter
ヴァイン / Vine

At this point I am just impressed. and those freaking #’s took me wayyyy to long.

So this is the part where Onizuka helps Yoshikawa get revenge on the girls who bully him by taking a perverted picture of them – the same thing the girls did to their classmate, Yoshikawa, to threaten him not to see Onizuka anymore.

Anko cried and told Onizuka that it’s UNACCEPTABLE to do that thing to girls. (But she did it to Yoshikawa who’s a guy.)

And boom, look at Onizuka’s answer.

“There’s no gender distinction among the bad!”

If you think it’s not right to do it to girls, then it shouldn’t be right to do it to boys as well. We are all capable of feeling embarrassed and humiliated.

The consequences of the mistakes you committed shouldn’t be affected by your gender but by the weight of the mistake itself.