great tattoo work

Inject Them, Not Me AU

As business partners and longtime friends, Characters A and B run a pretty successful tattoo parlor, if they do say themselves. Their shop has acquired quite the amount of customers over the years, the majority coming back for more. Character B notices that after years of competition and collaboration with Character A, they’ve never given each other a tattoo. Wanting to change that, Character B plans to give a tattoo to Character A for their upcoming birthday, working on the design for days on end. The design is unique, the symbolism is personal, and the colors are beautiful. However, as Character B tells Character A about their gift, Character A flinches and stiffly shakes their head.

Upset, Character B asks if it’s because Character A doesn’t trust them. Character A denies this vehemently, and it’s not too long after that Character B discovers something they’ve never known about their friend: Character A has mild trypanophobia. Giving injections to others is no problem, but when it’s them getting injected, Character A freaks out.