great taste in clothing

One of my favorite summer dresses.  Like many of my favorites, I saw a girl wearing one of these one day and just knew I had to get one for myself. I didn’t know her, but her great taste in clothing made an impression on me.

 ‘I have always depended on the stylishness of strangers’  (Blanche DuBois, ‘Streetcar Named Desire’)


Title: Λόγος
Summary: Bill Cipher and the Axolotl were simply never meant to see things eye to eye.
Characters: Bill Cipher, the Axolotl.
Rating: K

A/N: this is for @cipherpeaks. Thanks a lot for your donation, I hope you like it!


Bill knows nothing about him, and that annoys him to no end.

He’s supposed to know all about everyone; knowledge is his gimmick, along with power beyond imagination and a great taste in clothing and drinks. And the best sense of humor. And singing voice. And eyelashes.

Basically everything about him is great, really, but knowledge is supposed to be the thing he’s best at, what he has in spades. His eye is supposed to see into the most secret truths of the Multiverse and, for the most part, it is true. Yet, when he turns it to the Axolotl - the oh-so-great divine being everyone keeps going on about - he sees nothing. Nothing.

“What are you, you overgrown space salamander?”

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Reasons you should watch take my wife

-it’s absolutely hilarious
-it has lesbians in it
-that don’t die
-and are played by a real life married couple
-representation for butch and androgynous lesbians you can’t normally see on tv
-serious but good discussion about rape jokes and sexual assault
-rhea and Cameron have really great taste in clothes
-and amazing hair

The first episode is on YouTube for free and in the US you can watch the rest of he season on SeeSo, use the code TAKEMYWIFE to get two months free. And then someone please put it online for free so the rest of us can see the whole thing.


“(Y/n), meet my mother. Rowena” Crowley said gesturing to the woman that stood before you.

“Mom, meet (Y/n). My daughter” he gestured back to you and you smiled widely.

“Very nice to meet you, Miss” you extended your hand.

“Very nice to meet you too, dear” she smiled sweetly and you heard your father scoff, rolling his eyes.

You shoot him a look “Dad” you hissed at him.

“If I may, I think that you have a great taste in clothes” you said truthfully and she smiled.

“Do you, dear?” she asked and you nodded with a big smile.

“Yes, and believe me when I say that it is hard to believe that you are actually my grandmother. You seem so young to be that” you said honestly.

“My my, you, dear, are such a smart and beautiful girl” she said with a wide smile, putting a hand on top of her heart.

“Not that my beauty can compare to yours” you said with a shy smile and she chuckled.

“Oh my, dear, why thank you!” she said and then turned to look at your father.

“Such an interesting personality and unique beauty. Crowley, are you sure she is you daughter?” she asked him with a smirk and you could help but snicker.

“Yes, mother. She is.” he said pursing his lips into a fake smile.

[Request by Anon]

  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • My mind: Dear Elle he's a lucky guy I'm like gonna cry I've got tears coming out of my nose mad props he's the campus catch, you're a perfect match cause you've both got such great taste in clothes, of course he will propose! Dear Elle honey mazel tov future's takin off bring that ring back and show it to me 4 karats a princess cut ARE YOU PSYCHED OR WHAT? I just wish I could be there to see when hE GETS DOWN ON ONE KNEEEEE! Omigod omigod you guys looks like Elle's gonna win the prize If there ever was a perfect couple this one qualifies omigod you guys Omigod this is happening, our own homecoming queen and king. Finally she'll be trying on a huge engagement ring for size, omigod you guys, omigod!
  • Psychic: what the fuck


Ayu is supposed to have great taste in fashion he does but I’m not 100% sure whats the green cloth hanging around oh well super pretty

Ran has an AWESOME coat I LOVE IT and Kiku has huge sleeves I’m jelly also makes me think of a big bird

MC has a GREAT dress I want it, Akira finally has her casual sprite the outfit was seen before

If iKon had Instagram

Hanbin: posts once a year and when he does it’s just a plain black picture because he has no idea how the hell to use this thing called instagram.

Bobby: half of the pictures are winnie the pooh. the other half are hot, illegal pictures of his body (or his face). either it’s him being a cutie + fanboying over cute stuff or badass captions like “fuck you” (with a comment under it: “sorry mom. the members took my phone”).

Jinhwan: puppies, cats, his members. aka cute stuff.

Junhoe: 99.9% pictures of himself [no caption needed because he already hot] 0.01% foodporn.

Yunhyeong: foodporn he made himself, lipbalm, motivational quotes and cute captions dedicated to his princesses aka his fans.

Donghyuk: either it’s his handsome face or his fashionable taste of clothing + his great support to other artists that are promoting.

Chanwoo: screenshots of all the highscores he has made in all the games he is playing. funny videos or pictures of him pranking his members esp yunhyeong because he is his favorite target.

EXO Reaction to you wearing their clothes

This one is so sweet! Wearing your BF clothes is the best :3 Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *You are going to stay with him tonight and before he gives you some clothes you already have them on* “Y/N… You can use one of my…old… yum”

Kris: “You look so good in them. I have such a great good taste” *Fab AF*

Sehun: “You can wear the clothes I’m taking off” *Trying to seduce you somehow*

Tao: *Sassy mode on* “No one touches my Gucci”

Kai: <Calm down Jongin… she is only wearing your clothes… clam down… she will only sleep here tonight… on your bed… with you…> *Having a mental breakdown*

Xiumin: “I’ll give you my closet I swear!!”

Baekhyun: “This is what you do when you wear my clothes” *gives you a demonstration* 

 Luhan: “You look so cute baobei! I knew you would choose that sweater!” *So in love with you*

Chen: “You know the consequences of wearing my clothes… you have to take them off immediately” *Super turned on* (Let’s appreciate the XiuHan moment behind him xD)

Kyungsoo: *Really awkward because he is having not very clean thoughts*

Lay: *Boner on the way* “I just hope she doesn’t notice…”

Suho: “We are going to need to buy more clothes… yeah you are definitely keeping those!”

  • me: i like your earrings
  • friend who has a boyfriend: thanks! my boyfriend got them for me oh hey did i tell you my boyfriend has great taste in jewellery but not in clothes this one time he tried to match this really specific shirt with really specific shorts haha can you believe it he's so
  • me: okay great hey i'm pretty hungry
  • friend who has a boyfriend: oh i had food with my boyfriend one time! it was so wild he ate his sandwich UPSIDE DOWN haha he's so crazy isn't he crazy i can't
  • me: boy the air is nice today
  • friend who has a boyfriend: mY BOYfRiEnd bREathes aIR

In some shows if there is a black female lead, their outfit sometimes be looking like the wardrobe department didn’t even try like they just put some shit together and said you good. Like us black girls don’t dress in bright colors all the time, we have other taste in clothing, we have great fashion sense. So shout-out goes to The Flash’s  wardrobe department for always dressing the lead female on the show Candice up, hence making Iris look fabulous. Them outfits be on point. They know she is the lead and they dress her accordingly and it shows.


celebrity crush - (4:10)
Shay Mitchell

Let’s be honest, Shay Mitchell is the most beautiful women on earth.
She is a goddess. Her smile is amazing, her hair is flawless, her eyes has their weird yet beautiful shape.
We need to crown her the world’s most beautiful and photogenic woman.
Plus, she is funny and intelligent, she is a great actress, she has a great taste in clothes.

What an Aquarius thinks of each sign

Aries: So rad! So adventurous, let’s dance in the streets and go to concerts together!

Taurus: There’s something appealing about you, and aquarius isn’t sure what it is. Maybe it’s your humor or the way you look at life? Fascinating

Gemini: So many brilliant ideas and can hold great and extensive conversations! About as detached as you are.

Cancer: Sissy weasels, so emotional. Okay to talk to, but too needy and clingy while aquarius walks to the beat of their own drum.

Leo: Probably in the same theatre class that you’re in, and there might be some rivalry between you two.

Virgo: Clean and orderly and always doing their job. Have a great taste in fashion with florals and vintage clothes. Though you may not admit it, you feel an attraction to them.

Libra: Friends and so much fun together! Los of dancing and parties and a life long friendship as with Gemini’s. Understand each other inside out, upside down, backwards, and sideways.

Scorpio: Both of you are into grunge, hair dye, doc martins, and hippies. If your best friend is a Scorpio, your aesthetic tastes are similar. Hard to figure scorpios out.

Sagittarius: Wild bunch that you always talk with in class and go to bars with. Maybe your boyfriend/girlfriend? Will wear flower crowns together and participate in lots of activism groups.

Capricorn: Someone quiet who you seldom talk to but have lots of interest in and want to figure out.

Aquarius: So rad, so scientific, interesting hair.

Pisces: Spaced out and way out there, what lays behind those deep eyes? A mystery to you.