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If it hasn’t been already, I propose KELPIE Mabel for the Monster Falls AU :vc

Fun-factoid of Willow! So when racing greyhounds are getting ready to be put in their racing box, their handlers will often straddle them to keep them from jumping all over the place (because YAY EXCITE!). This behavior has caused Willow, when she is MOST EXCITE or VERY HAPPY (usually both),  to slip between my legs so that I am essentially straddling her.

Willow does not care how she is being straddled, so long as it is me who is straddling her. Sometimes I get a cute lil face looking up at me while I am doing dishes, other times I get this:

This is essentially one of my most beloved behaviors that Willow does for me (despite it not being a trick or having any real use).

I’m kind of bitter about how many people seem to think Z.eref is in the right by trying to reset everything (and this isn’t me hating on these people, they can think what they want and I’m not going to argue with them about things). 

Hitting a reset button doesn’t excuse any of the things he did. Hitting a reset button doesn’t mean that everyone can just pretend that Z.eref did nothing wrong. He did some really messed up things (or, at the very least, was a bystander to terrible things done in his name for over 400 years). If everything can just be reset–if everything can go “POOF” and magically be okay, that’s a cop-out. It’s a very bad cop-out. 

I’ve seen some people complaining about how “if ships are all you care about!!!” but??? That’s not the point??? Fairy Tail at it’s core is about bonds. It’s about the people in your life that become your family. It’s not about ships, it’s about Z.eref wanting to erase ALL of those bonds because, what? He wants his happy ending? At the expense of everyone elses’ happy ending?

You could argue that some characters would be better off (Gray, Erza, Jellal), but what about characters like Juvia, or the Strauss siblings? There lives weren’t directly affected by Z.eref (that we know of). What about those characters?

Honestly, a reset button does zero favors to the plot. Not when it essentially makes the manga mean absolutely nothing by cancelling out the plot, changing the main characters personalities (because if they don’t have to go through their hardships/struggles they’re no longer the same), and essentially severing every single bond in the manga. You know the thing we’re supposed to care about?

I really don’t think Mashima is going to do the reset thing, but if he does, it won’t be the first time I’m utterly disappointed by a popular manga (*cough* Nar.uto *cough* Ble.ach *cough*)

I wanted to like Z.eref. I really did. I thought he was intriguing at first. I wanted to know his connection to Natsu. I wanted to know why he was so desperate for Natsu to kill him. That’s unusual for a villain. But he’s just so damn inconsistent, both in his writing and his motivation. He wants to die! No, wait, he wants to destroy all of humanity! Just kidding! He really wants to reset time and render all of the terrible things he did null!

I have zero sympathy for this character anymore. I just don’t have it in me to care. It’s like every time Z.eref appears he’s a completely different character. I just wish Mashima had have given him a fcking motive and made him stick with it.

Remember when Zervis was a crackship? Cause I do and if u told me like four years ago the shit that’s going down in the manga rn, I wouldn’t have believed you.