great staircase

I would like to point out Flynn’s very own constructed staircase. Made with wood and bicycle tires. That’s very nice, Flynn. I bet you got an A+ in Croatian shop class.

season 1-3 fic recs

i couldn’t edit the other post i made so i’m just making a new one. these aren’t in any particular order, just however i happen to read them! they’re divided up by season/arc that made sense to me lol please check the warnings, most aren’t that dark or anything but please check to be careful :)

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“somewhere someone must know the ending” by maleficently

“love her like she’s leaving” by absedarian

“memory” by rae325

“possession” by sapphire smoke

“come hungry” by chilly_flame

“all my care and woe” series by writetherest

“queens die proudly” by fictorium

“through heaven’s eyes” by standbackufools

“revenge of the three little pigs” by mskezzles

“land and the sea” series by adventurepants

“small world” by livelovelikeme

“what good people do” by aurorstorm

“a trail of destruction” by starsthatburn

“lucid” by alittlepinkvial

“you run for cover (i’ll take the bullet)” by writetherest

“the clock stopped ticking” by random dice

“bitter” by aurorstorm

“through a rose coloured camera lens” by aurorstorm

“phases of the moon” by wily_one24

“the staircase” by red charcoal

“this great distance” by chilly-flame

“the worlds you never see” by writetherest

“this happens to all heroes” by fangirlinit

“monday” by echo_au

“some hope after all” by hunnyfresh

“burn the witch” by jane_bond

“let’s talk about sex” by jane_bond

“battle towards surrender” by fictorium

“halfway through the wood” by fictorium

“educating emma” by bond.jane

“a touch of magic” by lzclotho

“punctured soul” by skinnyprocrastinator

“the rescue blues” by icicleair

“the debt” by scribes and scrolls

“a ledger squared in blood” by scribes and scrolls

“savior’s shield” by aurorstorm

“thicker than oceans” by adventurepants

“soothing the distressed soul” by skinnyprocrastinator

“the stars that fade” by chelseadaggz

“safe in the arms of love” by jd4941

“saving mom” by skinnyprocrastinator

“polygraph calibration for beginners” by absedarian (bering & wells)

“of love and loathing” by sapphire smoke

“a fine line” by hunnyfresh

“flu love’s kiss” by sea-ess-eye

“curse you and your dinner” by highheelsandchocolate

“a glamour of truth” by sea-ess-eye

“my enemy’s enemy” by egoperceptum

“a dark ocean” by chilly_flame

“there will come a time, you’ll see, when love won’t break your heart” by inkinthepot

“a broken heart the world forgot” by writetherest

“the line” by chilly_flame

“a midnight dreary” by egoperceptum

“tattoo removal for dummies” by rebelbyrdie

“fade away with me” by selizabetha01

“a journey, in three acts” by coalitiongirl

“you do not have to walk on your knees” by dollsome

“beautiful” sgtmac

“family matters” by hunnyfresh

“sounds like something breaking” by strangesmallbard

“burn” by sgtmac

“broken” by rae325

“the monomythical adventures of regina mills and emma swan” series by maggiemerc

“death is just so full (and man so small)” by alinaandalion

“our hearts will make a fire” by bayloriffic

“fretting over the fate of dinosaurs” by harper_m

“the one with emma’s wedding” by aurorstorm

“the queen and her lady” by starvinglunatic

“whatever this is” by afictionado

“for henry” by adm_hawthorne

“our choices seal our fight” series by alinaandalion

“static” by hunnyfresh

“when the time is right” by deemn

“liar liar” by barbieshoes

“defenestration” be velace

“what i did for love” by korderoo

“nothing comes from nothing” by parakitty

“if the blazer fits” by flyyoufools

“the hard way home” by adventurepants

“addict fic” by fictorium

“the cellar” by lovingonce

END OF S2 (finale)
“mend these broken pieces” by highheelsandchocolate

“a safe place” by rebelbyrdie

“on the mend” by coalitiongirl

“you don’t need anything else” by rae325

“pretend” by sgtmac

“when the time is right” by negativeblue

“take this sinking boat and point it home” by mariathepenguin

“by the light of the moon” by bayloriffic

“fall” by sgtmac

“poppies” by SpookshowBabyx

“i am violence” series by darkersky

“we’ll make our home on the water” by bayloriffic

“two sides of the heart” by velace

“hide and seek” by absedarian✓&selected_id=2251464&commit=Go

“a kind of painful progress” by writetherest

“in the dark” by intensedreams

“you left me with nothing (but i’ve worked with less)” by fictorium

“gravity” by negativeblue

“do dream people like apples?” by skywideopen3

“new york serenade” by lzclotho

“incomplete” by negativeblue

“mine” by ellemae

“the wicked games” by black_knight

“keep me without chains” by swansaloft

“the demons from our past” by bythedawn

“chase” by fangirlinit

“many miles to avalon” by wistfulwatcher

“in the velvet darkness” by devje

“i met cupid (and he eats people)” by coalitiongirl

“maybe this time” by strangesmallbard

This is the local bookstore I was talking about that I wish was active on social media because books and cats! And the people that work there are always so nice. And cats!

The Marauders and Hogsmeade

Hogsmeade is everything that Hogwarts isn’t. There are no teachers to order students around, no schedules, no rules, no walls. The air is cold and swirled with laughter and conversation. The students smile for the first time in weeks, because it is here where they’re finally free.

For the Marauders, Hogsmeade is everything and more. 

Hogwarts is great, with its moving staircases and secret passageways, but it’s Hogsmeade where some of those passages find their purpose. It’s Hogsmeade where adventure is found in twisting alleyways and small tea shops tucked in between the inns and shops.

Hogsmeade is where Sirius ducks into Scrivenshaft’s Quill Shop and emerges, three minutes later with a torn shirt and ink smeared across his nose. It’s where Lily and Remus are left to explain the pile of broken quills and the pool of ink to the fuming owner as Sirius and James duck into an alley to hide and Peter stands dumbfounded at the door.

Hogsmeade is where James tries to convince Remus to play Quidditch. It’s where he points to the test brooms outside of one of the stores and gently convinces his friend to give them a try. It’s where Remus falls and breaks his nose, refusing, accordingly, to come to any of James’ games for the rest of the year.

It’s Hogsmeade where Lily learns just how ridiculous James Potter can be. Where she watches him, amused, at Madame Puddifoot’s as he tries to convince her that each type of tea symbolizes a different type of love. It’s where she watches as he takes a small sip from his teacup, scowls as it fogs up his glasses, and makes a face in disgust as the taste of his drink registers. It’s there that both of them decide to never go out for tea again.

It’s Hogsmeade where Peter discovers his allergy to owls; sneezing so hard that he scares half of the post office’s flock so badly that they refuse to fly for days.

It’s Hogsmeade where the Marauders squish themselves into one booth at the Three Broomsticks, determined not to leave anyone behind. (”We’re so close now,” Sirius exclaims with a wince as Peter elbows him in the stomach, “That I have an excuse to upend my drink into your lap if any of you annoy me.”)

It’s Hogsmeade where Sirius slinks out of the Three Broomsticks, hair dripping over his eyes and a crowing Lily skipping behind him.

It’s Hogsmeade where Remus is actually free. Free, with no walls, or precaution, or fear. It’s where he leads James into Zonkos with a smirk on his face, refusing to tell Sirius what they buy. It’s where he spends the last of his pocket money on the finest Honeydukes chocolate and a new book on Transfiguration theory. It’s where he listens as other students tell ghost stories about the Shrieking Shack, rolling his eyes as a fourth year jumps out behind her friend and makes her scream. Remus Lupin, the other students decide as he walks past the shack without batting an eye, isn’t afraid of anything.

It’s Hogsmeade where the Marauders laugh until the sun dips below the horizon. It’s where Lily shoves a handful of snow down James’ shirt and where Peter is banned from the potion shop on account of screaming too many times. It’s where Sirius sings off key on the street corner until his friends shout at him to stop. It’s where Remus tilts his head to the sky and smiles.

It’s where they’re free. It’s where they’re happy.

(For anon)

He Gets Exhausted Easily [a Barry Allen AU] (Part  20)


| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 |

“W-what if th-they la-laugh at m-me?” Barry frowns, tugging on his gray sweater. The wind picks up around the two of you, messing up his chestnut locks. “Wh-what if-if i-it’s like l-last time?” he asks softly, remembering back to Eddie’s party. His hazel eyes droop slightly, shaky fingers scratching underneath his chin, creating a noise with the scruff.

You sigh, cupping his cheek, rubbing under his eye, along his bone. “It won’t be, baby.” you promise, leaning up to peck his pouty lips. A frown stretches across his face as he looks at you disbelievingly. “Barr, if they do, I will fucking fight every goddamn person in there, I swear to god.” you state, pointing towards the CCPD building firmly, red cardigan hitting your mid thigh.

A giggle leaves him and he blushes hard, gazing down at his black and white converse. He tugs his sweater sleeves to his long fingers, sniffling faintly. “I l-love you…” he mutters, peeking up at you through his full lashes. “P-promise yo-you’ll pi…pick me u-up at tw-tw-twelve?” he begs, holding his brown messenger bag to his chest. You nod proudly, reaching up to fluff his hair. “O-only th-three h-hours?”

“Only three hours.” you confirm, grabbing his trembling hand and kissing his bony knuckles. Barry sighs, pulling you into him. “Then we can go get lunch from Big Belly Burger and go home.” you say, voice muffled by his shirt. His arms squeeze your torso, scruff brushing your neck. Rubbing his back, you pull away, “You’re gonna do great, baby!” you encourage, shooing him inside, smacking his ass before running.

Barry takes a deep breath in, tip toeing into the main lobby. He can do this. Straightening up, he head towards his foster dad and Cisco. “H-hey Joe…wh-what’d you wa-want me t-to do?” he gulps, clenching his bag strap, biting his lip. His mossy green eyes look between the two, anxiety bubbling inside.

Cisco grabs his shoulder, arm stretched across the brunette’s back while Joe gives a proud expression. “Barry, my buddy, mi amigo! Glad you’re getting back in the game. Let me show you to my lair… I mean lab…” he grins, leading Barry up the tan staircase, “It’s great you’re helping; between you and me,” he leans closer, “Julian’s being a total dick and blows my research off like all the time…” he whispers through gritted teeth, bright yellow button down flapping around his Back To The Future t-shirt.

Chuckling, Barry watches his feet pad across the tiled flooring, into another room. “So-sounds like a-an ass-asshole… I-I’ll tr-try to he-help…” he says bashfully, shrugging his shoulders. “S-so, what ki-kind of m-meta are w-we de…dealing with?” he questions, peeling off his messenger bag slowly.


“So…?” you trail off excitedly, tugging on his soft sleeve, “How was it?”

He shrugs, taking ahold of your hand, swinging it while you walk home, bellies full of food. “O-okay.” he mutters in a bland tone, making you glare playfully at him. A sigh dangles from his lips, “W-anna go ho-home… I’m s-sl-sl…tired.” he grumbles, feet dragging on the dirty sidewalk as he yawns.

Nodding, you watch him rub his eyes. “Take a nap when we get home.”

The moment you step foot in the house, Barry bolts to the couch, curling in on himself. Smiling, you run your hands through his hair, thumb brushing his hairy cheek. In seconds, soft snores come from him. “Oh Barr…what am I gonna do with you?” you hum, pecking his forehead gently.

Notes from HPCC Part 1 (2016.02.09)

I’m sorry this is completely jumbled and without a keep reading cut, I am on mobile and am a busy tourist :’D Just some stuff I found worth noting from Thursday!! Will do another one for today (Friday)’s show if I can manage to take notes without collapsing in a heap of feels :’) (I may compare with last week’s show, sorry I couldn’t prepare a big post on the Saturday show but @torestoreamends did a great job of that so do go check out her recap post if you want to know more!)

- JAMIE AS SCORPIUS IS A+++++ he does the cloak flapping and flourishing spot on (as well as the getting it tangled on his head) and the way he keeps tucking his hair behind his ears omg. It was cute seeing Anto’s Scorpius do it but even more so when Jamie did that!!! *melts*
- oh and Sam keeps failing to do the big muggle clothes -> robes change at the beginning when they all twirl and let their robes fall. It’s a minor thing but it happened last Saturday too. :’)
- just a small thing I noticed: when they infiltrate the ministry, there are workers carrying stacks of documents around and this one female worker had her documents perfectly balanced on one finger as she walked past. It was a cool detail!
- the ppl sitting beside me on both sides both hadn’t read any spoilers so that was so much fun! I loved their gasps and whispers of ‘HOW DID THEY DO THAT?!’ whenever the Ministry telephone box sucked up the cloaks. I think it’s a fine piece of theatre magic too.♡
-THE BREAD SCENE WAS RIDICULOUS Scorpius sounded a little trumpet fanfare thing as he mimed breaking a baguette. Something like ‘du-du-duuuuuun!!’ and Rose and Albus were just staring. Bless.
- I just realized Delphi’s hair isn’t just a bouncy ponytail, it’s got these little half-buns on top (like when you don’t pull out your hair completely and keep it as a loop when you tie it). It adds to the bounce and I liked it!
- Baby or a holiday got massive peals of laughter, the audience was amazing. They all laughed when Delphi denied Scorpius a kiss as well.
- Let me elaborate on that scene bc it was ridiculous: Albus just goes all…. all flirty like OFF THE SCALE FLIRTY and the crowd just HOWLED and when Scorpius leaned in for a kiss Delphi said her signature ‘no.’ and that got a big laugh too. Then Scorpius says in his super ridiculous voice ‘SHE DIDN’T KIIIISSSSSS MEEEEEEEEEE.’ but Albus was being pale and red at the same time so then he reverts to his regular voice like ‘did you notice?’ it was really cute and fjdhsjsgakshal.
- But Scorpius was NOT enthusiastic about any of this at all. Nope. He was just… going along half heartedly I think.
-Scorpius didn’t feel like doing anything Albus was planning. Even in the library scene he wasn’t as animated as James’s Scorpius last week. James’s Scorpius was highly optimistic, he’s bouncy and smiley and trying to make the best of the situation, but Anto’s was overall very anxious and withdrawn and unsure of himself and the situation. I think Anto might be a bit tired from his LA trip, he was kinda droopy all evening. Also his voice was really gravelly rather than posh so it wasn’t what I expected?? (I’m worried that he might be ill or something;; ) The anxious look made a great staircase ballet scene though. His expression was so droopy and sad that it looked even more heartbreaking during the pining. MY HEART.
- The first ‘slightly weird 24 hours’ hug was a bit rushed, but the library hug was magnificent. Truly. Magnificent. I will get back to this later.
- Speaking of the library scene: this was the only part so far where Scorpius stopped curling up/fidgeting/looking down at his feet/biting his fingernails and just straightened up. He got up from his chair, staightened up, (I can’t remember if he had his hands on his hips/thumb casually tucked in his pocket or not) and SMIRKED. ‘Oh poor Albus Potter.’ He literally spat that. Ooooooooo so much Draco Malfoy in that. Oooooo.
- But then he started crying not when he talked about his mom, but when Albus apologized. He hid his face in one hand, pinching the bridge of his nose and was ABOUT to get weepy when Albus started talking more about himself. :p Haha.
- THE HUG. Scorpius was totally huddled up on himself with his arms wrapped around his body, all throughout Albus’s apology, and when Albus offered his hand with his 'Friends?’ line, it took him a moment before accepting the handshake. Which he did with only one hand so his arm was still curled around his body. THEN ALBUS PULLED HIM INTO A BIG HUG AND SCORPIUS’ ARMS WERE TRAPPED BETWEEN THEIR CHESTS and he was also awkwardly teetering on his feet because Albus had pulled him too far from where he was originally standing and he had to rely on Albus entirely for support BECAUSE HE COULDN’T FREE HIS ARMS TO SUPPORT HIMSELF. IT WAS GLORIOUS. SCORPIUS JUST STARTED FLAILING HIS FEET TO GET A BETTER GROUND BUT NOPE DIDN’T WORK. Best hug ever. All the feeeeels.
- When Hermione at the TWT asks them why Scorpius’s accent is weird, Albus reassured her with his fake Bulgarian accent then gestured towards Scorpius who started shaking his hands and shoulders all jerkily making weird roar-y animal noises. I have no idea what that was supposed to be, but it was HILARIOUS.
- Myrtle was so-so. I’m happy I got to see Annabel play her last week, her Myrtle is brilliant.
- The dementors at rhe end of the play came down and BRUSHED SCORPIUS’S FOREHEAD LOVINGLY(???) WITH THEIR FINGERS THAT WAS SO SCARY

I’ll be back with more feels after part 2!!! fjdhsks feel free to poke me in my askbox if you’d like any elaboration on specific details. I’ll do my best to reply but I can’t guarantee you a satisfactory answer bc I am horrible at writing :’)

855. When one student bullied another student, the bully would find themselves more prone to accidents involving dodgy staircases or floorboards, particularly in front of large crowds, because the castle doesn't put up with bullying.

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Notes on Cursed Child 19/4

So so fortunate to get to see Cursed Child today for the third and probably final time with the current cast! As a whole the cast felt much stronger than the previous times I’ve seen it - not that they weren’t incredible before, but you could just feel their energy in the room.

Just some brief notes I made while watching:
- Sam’s cloak got caught in the Platform 9 and ¾ transition - he had to pull it down and even then the collar was sticking out for that scene
- Another cloak issue in the dance before the EGM - it got caught on somebody’s head
- Paul and Jamie in particular were on fire in the Polyjuice scene - so so funny and really impressive
- James messed his line in the fight scene between him and Jamie - he covered it well though
- The Scorbus feels were really strong today - such chemistry between Anthony and Sam, it honestly made my heart hurt, especially in the staircase ballet
- I really felt the ‘Part of him likes it and part of him doesn’t’ from Anto today - the way he lingered at the end of the stage was touching
- Anto was actually on fire throughout today - his performance in the library scene was the best I’ve seen him and he was very very funny in the Moaning Myrtle scene.
- He was also really great in the staircase scene he shared with Esther - I don’t know if it’s cause I just watched the bootleg but I got some real Evan Hansen vibes from him
- Noma and Paul were also brilliant today, particularly in their scenes together - the staircase scene and the Dementors kiss scene both moved me to tears
- To be honest the whole cast was just brilliant today - this is the best performance I’ve seen from both Sam and Jamie
- Really great audience today and Anto had them in stitches with his 'Malfoy the Unanxious’ spiel - the whole bedroom scene was just lovely
- He was also great in the 'Dark’ World - he worked so well with Paul B, it was really great to watch
- Noma’s moment with Cherrelle was really genuinely beautiful - I absolutely love how they play that scene and although it’s brief, it means a lot to me
- Today was also the best I’ve seen of Esther - normally I find her to be a bit shouty but she played it really well today
- Some really funny moments in Part 4: the bow Sam and Anto do when they can’t understand the station master made the whole audience laugh; some great comedic timing from both Jamie with his 'There’s lots of things you’re good at, Albus’ comment and from Paul after Draco said his line about liking being bossed about by Hermione
- The hugs were all really lovely today, you could feel the love all around the room. I’ve always loved the hesitance Anto has when Draco first arrives in the past but his hug with James really lingered today and it was just so sweet. There was also a really lovely hug between Sam and Poppy on the bench when they talked about him liking Delphi - I’ve never felt the deep love in their relationship quite like I did today
- Jamie moved me to tears multiple times today but his performance in the scene with Dumbledore was just extraordinary - so so emotional and absolutely brilliant
- James was similarly moving - I absolutely love Alex and I was disappointed to see he wasn’t on but James really was great and so beautiful in his speech about Astoria
- The scene where they all watch James and Lily die is always a hard-hitter but today was especially difficult - both Anto and Sam really impressed but of course it’s Jamie who is just heart-breaking.

I really enjoyed today’s performance, probably more than any of the other times I’ve seen it, and it was all topped off by the fact that I got to meet Jamie ❤️


So I was looking at all of the great staircase pictures I got from this garden and realized I’d probably lose some followers if I posted nothing but stairs for over a week. So I’ve compiled them all into this lovely photoset.

Sorry, I think stairs are really pretty. Especially stone stairs. I can’t really explain it.

Tomorrow we’ll return to our regular, non-stair related content. I promise.

Imagine being the clumsiest elf in Rivendell and “accidentally” spilling food on the company, much to the amusement of Elrond and Lindir.

Words: 1,083 || Lindir/Female Reader || Based on ImaginexHobbit imagines here and here ||

A/N: So this is a drabble I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, but because I’ve been stuck doing exams (DAMN IT I HATE YEARLIES), I haven’t been really able to write it out. So this is told from Lindir’s perspective (because Lindir is my precious baby elfling i love him) and, well I hope you all enjoy it :) (or at least more than the new tumblr update *puts on shades and heelies into the sunset*)

It was known to all races through all the ages of Arda that Elves, the eldest of the Illuvitar’s children, were the most graceful and ethereal beings to have walked the earth. The most fair, the wisest, the most learned of all the races.

In poor Y/N’s case however, well…she left a lot to be desired.

No, no she was fair. Lindir most definitely thought Y/N was fair, wisdom was debatable, intelligence not wanting, her script was flawless owing to her position as head scribe. Yet over the thousand-odd years he’d been her friend, he found himself consistently assisting her in regaining her feet after tripping over her own robes or walking into an arbour or helping her piece together various pieces of broken crockery and on the one occasion Y/N had somehow managed to knock over not one, not two, but four of Lord Elrond’s heavily stacked-bookshelves.

It was rather endearing if it weren’t for the fact Erestor would not stop talking about every time he was left blushing after brushing past her fingers when helping her stand. No, Erestor and Feren of Mirkwood had a wager; Feren had wagered that Lindir would never come to his senses and ask to court Y/N, while Erestor (having a little more faith in his scholarly friend) believed that he would eventually get around to it (and by eventually, Erestor stated that it would be at least the beginning of the Fourth Age of Arda).

But Lindir doubted he would ever see the Fourth Age even dawn, as he was currently subjected to three-days’ worth of torture in the form of hosting the company of Thorin Oakenshield. The supper thus far had been amiable to start, the brooding leader of the Dwarven company seemed reasonable to some extent, unlike his unruly companions (with the exception of course of Mr Baggins).

“Did you see that, mellon nîn?” Y/N asked with her usual excitement, bouncing on the tips of her toes as she gently tugged on the collar of his crimson cloak. “It was forged by the High Elves of Gondolin! Do you think, perchance, that your Lord Elrond would let me glimpse it?”

“Careful,” A smirk threatened to appear upon his stony countenance, already thinking of all the accidental possibilities. “You might cut yourself or, as impossible as it is I think you would be capable of it my talented friend, somehow snap the blade.”

Me, my dearest Lindir? No, you must be dreaming.” She swayed and rested her beautiful head upon his shoulder before straightening again, nearly falling off the step but catching herself just in time as she was beckoned by the head of Imladris’ kitchen, uttering something about his ruse of refusing to serve the usual end of week venison to spite the youngest dwarves who had ransacked his pantry. Or something along those lines, even his ears weren’t able to hearing anything as the Dwarves had now begun a rowdy tune, the oddly-hatted one even stood upon the newly-polished table. Lindir hated to think of the task of repolishing it.

No, when his father had offered him into an apprenticeship as Lord Elrond’s advisor, he had been expecting tough nights filled with paperwork, not having perfectly edible food flung at him by Dwarvish children and quite honestly he was simply going to have to insist upon his early retirement. Perhaps that little villa by the quiet stream in Lothlorien would be appropriate? Provided of course that Y/N agreed to come- No, he was simply not allowed to think about the possibility of living with Y/N, starting a family, correcting antique scrolls on the ramifications of warfare and their economic impact upon trading with Men while Y/N ran her enchanting fingers through his hair… no that was simply too much for him to handle.

Although, Lothlorien did have a great deal less staircases and doorways than Imladris…

He watched now with fascination as Y/N’s brows knitted together in slight confusion, holding a bowl of bitter-greens salad in her arms. Perhaps he should have been much more attentive to the ugly dinner guests, rather than Y/N’s delicate features, as a well-aimed tart had landed upon his previously-pristine robes.

There had only been one other time in his life that Lindir had ever felt like raging about like an Orcish beserker, and that had been the day Lord Elrond had informed him he would be responsible for minding his twin elflings for the duration of his Lord’s stay at Mirkwood.

This particular situation was a definite second.

In hindsight, he should have truly been keeping a close eye on Y/N as she spontaneously tripped over the hem of her gown, though there was something unnatural about the way she had dumped her bucket of salad over the beardless-dwarf’s hair and the way she apologised after somehow bumping into Gilwen carrying the goblets of wine, causing the younger elf to spill them over the dwarves, a blonde-haired dwarf was in particular sopping wet. No, Lindir found it positively hilarious that with miraculous grace that had never been granted to her before, she executed an elaborate dance of pretending to trip over cobblestones and wipe plates of foods off tables and onto laps, hastily apologising with half-concocted excuses and continuing in her revelry with her playful smirk.

“Oh, I do apologise, I have quite a… reputation as the clumsiest elleth to walk this earth.” Y/N orchestrated her light and joyful face into that of a sombre one, the sort appropriate for hearing that one’s rival was dead but internally dancing for joy knowing that one had now inherited their position as head scribe. Y/N deeply curtsied to the fuming dwarfs before hastily making her retreat, sure to hold her heavy skirt above her feet as she skipped up the stairs, throwing a hasty yet mischievous wink over her shoulder.

“Well, I found that display rather enjoyable, what say you, Lindir?” Elrond found himself eating his lips, desperate not to allow the sound of his laugh escape.

“Aye, my lord, it was indeed-“

“Of all the elleths you had to find yourself in love with, it had to be that one, didn’t it?” Elrond turned to him, the uncharacteristic cheeky glimmer in his eyes reminded Lindir all-too well of his chaotic twin sons.

“I-uh, yes, my lord…” Lindir glanced once again in Y/N’s direction, where she giggled with Gilwen, her skirt revealed to be stained ruby-red with the wine. “Bless her clumsy heart.” He added with a fond smile.

Elleth: Female elf
Mellon nîn: My friend
Imladris: Rivendell

Four Scents

Phan Hogwarts!AU (Part 1/?)

Part 2 / Part 3

Genre: Fluffy fluff, AU

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Dan and Phil. Harry Potter and all associated characters, locations, etc. are owned by J. K. Rowling.

Summary: Dan and Phil are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Best friends, Dan is a Gryffindor who likes candles and magic, and Phil is a Ravenclaw who loves to get lost in Muggle books.

Oh my God that was a terrible summary but literally nothing happens in this part I’m sorry it’s kind of just an introduction

Word Count: 1347

A/N: Whooooooo I actually wrote something that I’m willing to post and I really want to continue this into a few parts (inspired by all the other Phan/Harry Potter crossover fics I’ve been reading recently). I’m sorry if some parts of it turn out to be a bit inaccurate (I haven’t actually read the books yet don’t hate me omg) but I did try to research everything while I was writing it (including trying to choose what houses to put them in omg that was stressful). So yeah, hope you guys enjoy! :)

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