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Requested by @captaindanindlovu​. I hope you like it!

Summary: Jared Padalecki x reader. Gen gives Jared and the reader permission to do what they’d like.

Warning: Smut, dry humping

Word Count: 2500

A/N: I’m still new to this RPF thing, so I hope y’all enjoy this! XOXO

Sex scenes aren’t the most comfortable scenes to shoot.

Sex scenes are even more uncomfortable when you’re shooting in front of the guy’s wife, who just happens to be visiting and has been given permission to be on the closed set.

Sex scenes are even more uncomfortable when you’re trying to get over the attraction you’ve developed to said married guy.

And sex scenes are incredibly uncomfortable when the married guy who you’re simulating sex with gets an erection. In front of the visiting wife.

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Empty Libraries

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Request: Could you do something fluffy w Lin, idk why but could you?- anon

Summary: “you’re talking to yourself in a silent library about how much you hate studying and how you’re going to fail, need help? i just so happen to major in that subject and oh shit, you’re really cute”

Warnings: first fic? otherwise just lots of fluff and a little awkward Lin.

A/N: have fun, and I’d really appreciate feedback!

Word Count: 1929

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Jasper Storyboard Comparisons and Rankings

A comparison of Jasper storyboards inspired by evieisyourqueen/critically-bitter. Save two exceptions I chose boarders that provided a lot of Jasper content, at the very least a full scene’s worth. Katie and Lamar I didn’t include as they drew Amethyst disguised as Jasper. I didn’t know how heavily that influenced their drawings of Amethyst/Jasper in the episode so I didn’t include either of them. If they do board more for her or post more art of her I’ll probably update this list with them. Hillary wasn’t included as she hasn’t boarded Jasper at all, and unless I missed it or didn’t pay attention didn’t see enough art from her with Jasper to get a solid grasp on how she’d draw her.

All that said, let’s get this analysis started!

Colin Howard

I really like Colin’s Jasper! It’s fairly consistent and looks very nice. The arms are well defined and her jaw and neck look thick and powerful without seeming awkward. Said jaw is rounded but without looking too soft either. Her expressions are some of her best here, especially those smiles she gives. My favorite aspect is probably the hair though. It’s huge and fluffy, something about how Colin draws it gives it presence and feeling. All around a great Jasper.


Fun Fact- Colin also drew some of the early sketches for Jasper before her design was finalized!

Jeff Liu

While occasionally inconsistent looking, Jeff’s Jasper is still quite good. She reminds me of a Tiger a lot in this episode, fierce and intimidating. The hair seems to have less volume on the whole, but spikes up when she’s especially angry. The chin is either rounded or angular with her body a touch on the leaner side of Jaspers at times. I’m not always a fan of how he draws her mouth, but it’s a smaller complaint compared to other stuff we’ll be getting into… Another good one all said and done, if a touch inconsistent at times.


Joe Johnston

Another great Jasper! Her expressions are probably at their sharpest and most frightening here, just look at that grin! Her hair is really big here, though not in the same way as Colin’s. It really adds to her already massive size, which is always a plus. Her body type also seems to be just right here, not too small but not too thick either. The jaw looks more rectangular here compared to Colin’s rounder one. While it’s not my favorite, it’s certainly up there. 


Fun Fact- Jeff and Joe have also boarded Malachite the most so far!

Lauren Zuke

Here’s where it starts to fall flat a bit. The brief parts where Jasper is boarded by Lauren are… not great looking, to say the least. Looking at their sketches is a better indication of how their Jasper could look, but I’m still not a fan. Something about the torso feels off and the fact this is a leaner looking Jasper isn’t helping. The hair isn’t as big but certainly fluffy looking, The face has it worst here though, with the over all shape and the too big eyes making it look rather off compared to other Jaspers. At the very least it’s consistent, but it’s not helping much.


Paul Villeco

Surprise! Zuke’s Jasper isn’t my least favorite! That honor goes to the inconsistent and quite off model boarding of Paul Villeco, and my god does it show. All these are from different episodes and dear lord it’s bad. From the odd jaws and ridiculous proportions of The Return to the long neck and odd body shapes in Crack the Whip, it’s hardly ever looks good and looks ridiculous at worst. He has improved though and by Earthlings his Jasper manages to get some consistency, but it’s still a touch too lean and even the consistency falls apart once the corruption scene happens (though he also didn’t board that part entirely). It gains some points for saving itself at the end, but outside of that it’s my worst by far.


Fun Fact- Despite being my least favorite Paul Villeco actually boarded Jasper the most. Huzzah.

Raven Molisee

Now here’s a return to form! While some minor inconsistencies with the hands, hair, and teeth abound, this is still a great Jasper. A well proportioned and thick body, a strong jaw somewhere between Colin’s and Joe’s, nice looking hair on the whole and wonderful expressions, Raven’s Jasper makes me wish she drew her more on the episodes she had with her rather then Paul. All over a good Jasper, if lacking some sharpness on the whole.


Rebecca Sugar

Without a doubt my favorite Jasper. The hair looks wonderful, the right mix of volume and fluffiness. The body type is excellent, looking strong and well muscled but not leaning too far on the thick or lean side. The best part hands down has to be the expressions. While the eyes aren’t as sharp as I would prefer them Rebbeca never makes them feel too big and the range of emotions she gets on Jasper is amazing. Definitely the first person I draw from when I want to draw Jasper.


Fun Fact- In addition to never drawing Jasper with her helmet Rebecca also drew additional boards for Jasper in Chille Tid and Earthlings!


Amber Cragg

Amber hasn’t had a chance to board for Jasper much yet but I hope and pray she does soon. While some of the proportions look off and the hair not super consistent, Amber’s expressions are amazing on Jasper, in particular the detail on the teeth. More of Jasper’s huge canines in the art please. Now that she’s been upgraded to a storyboard artist maybe we’ll see some of her Jasper soon! Maybe? Please…?


anonymous asked:

Heya could you do an AU where Jughead is a serpent that transferred from southside high to riverdale high and Betty, the golden student shows him around but they end up arguing because he's really blunt and tough and while they're arguing a lot of sexual tension and maybe even a major sesh? ;) thankss

Jughead kicked at the old locker, his combat boot nudging the metal as it produced a satisfying clang. A smaller boy in glasses walked past him, staring openly at the Southside Serpent logo proudly displayed on his leather jacket. Jughead smirked at him, rolling the toothpick around his mouth, apparently Riverdale didn’t allow smoking on its grounds, so the tooth pick would have to do.

He leaned casually against the wall as he waited for his “tour guide” someone was supposed to be showing him this hick highschool, the pristine walls and perfectly dressed students made his neck itch.

“Jughead Jones?”

He turned around and quickly came face to face with the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen in his life. The girl before him had long blonde hair tucked into a tight ponytail, accentuating her high cheek bones and bright green eyes, her long eyelashes fluttered softly as she smiled with her heart shaped lips. She wore a light pink sweater that Jughead suddenly had the urge to touch and see if it was as soft as it looked. Her jeans fit her in all the right places and her tiny ballet flats had little bows on the front.

“I’m Betty Cooper, I’m going to be showing you around. Welcome to Riverdale.” She smiled warmly placing a hand to his arm and turning him towards the hallway.

“The town with pep” he mumbled sarcastically

Betty turned to look at him with a confused smile before shaking her head and continuing with her speech, after about ten minutes of Riverdale History, Jughead dropped dead and slurped at the water fountain

“No offense princess, but I’m really not interested in how long the building has been around for. Nice try though” he smirked cockily as she turned towards him

“Princess…I.. never mind, okay so you’re not interested in facts, or speaking. That’s fine, I’ll show you to your classes.” She plastered a fake smile on

“Don’t bother, I won’t be going to half of them, we can’t all be straight A students .” He said nonchalantly, stuffing his hands into his pockets and grinning as he saw her neck heat up.

“Okay.. that’s okay. What about the cafeteria? You have to eat at some point.” She said throwing her hands up and huffing

“Sit in a confined area with all of your upperclass friends? Sounds like a great idea, do I get to sit with the perfect girl next door?” He joked, catching up to her quick steps.

Betty whipped around, her hair smacking him in the face as she hissed in his face

“Don’t call me that!”

His eyes widened and he was left speechless at the intensity and anger in her eyes.

She took a step back before narrowing her eyes

“You think because you wear some stupid jacket and have dirt beneath your fingernails you’re any different than me? You think I’m perfect, I don’t struggle? I’d much rather be the girl next door than some judgmental, moody tough times bad boy.” She straightened the collar of her top and moved to walk away but he gripped her wrist pulling her back. His eyes burning into hers, his hands coming in contact with the scars on her palms, he glanced down before pulling her back into his chest

“I didn’t mean anything by it.. I…” he stuttered, her eyes held something he had never seen before and before he knew it her lips were on his and he was shoving her roughly against the nearest locker, the thud echoed in the empty hallway. Her lips moved to his neck as he hiked her leg on to him moaning at the feel of her soft skin under his hands.

She whimpered as he sucked on the warm skin of her neck unbuttoning the first few buttons.

They were both interrupted by the clearing of a throat from their right, pulling her hands from his hair, Betty gasped slightly whenJughead dropped his hands to her waist, As the principal looked shocked at the pair, shaking his head before walking away.

Betty was bright scarlet as she fixed her buttons and adjusted her ponytail, avoiding his eyes. She was surprised when she felt his long fingers cup her chin, bringing her gaze to his.

“I’m not like what you hear, I’m not some asshole who just kisses random girls like that. It’s.. uhh.. you’re..”

Betty nodded, her eyes twinkling before she dropped a slow kiss to his lips

“Okay.” She whispered.

The dark haired, mysterious boy breathed a sigh of relief before draping an arm over her shoulder marking her as his, something incredibly popular on the Southside as he stared proudly at the beautiful blonde

“Come on then green eyes, show me this cafeteria.”

We Are Young: Chapter 1

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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“Coach is going to kill you.”

Aelin had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. She glanced over at Nehemia, but the dark skinned beauty was too busy backing into a parking spot of the school parking lot to pay her any attention.

Uncle Orlon,” The car came to a stop and Aelin sent Nehemia another pointed look - “Isn’t going to kill me for added a little extra sugar in my coffee.” A pause. “Uncle Weylan might though.”

“There are several things wrong with your statement,” Lysandra spoke up from the back of the car. She leant forward to look at herself in the rearview mirror, fixing her hair as she spoke. “One, you got a gingerbread latte and added three extra packets of sugar. I wouldn’t call that ‘a little’. And two,” Lysandra turned, sending Aelin a deadly smile. “Coach Weylan will definitely kill you when he finds out.”

If he finds out.” Aelin smirked, taking a big sip of her over sugared drink.

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it’s friday afternoon and they’re not going out later, not going to any party. they’re back at isak’s place after school and getting changed into something more comfortable, even picking something from one of isak’s drawers. and when isak takes his shirt off, even calls him “hey, isak!” and isak looks up and even pokes his belly button and isak jerks back, half gasping, half laughing and he says “oh, really?” and even wiggles his eyebrows and tries to reach for his belly button again, but this time isak is quick to make a step back, and another one when even tries to reach him again, and he asks “is this war?” and even shrugs, an amused smile on his face and he replies “maybe”. and that’s how even ends up capturing isak with his arms just a minuter later, that’s how they end up on isak’s bed, that’s how they end up kissing and laughing and kissing again 

after a little while, even asks isak “i haven’t seen eskild in a bit, what’s up with that?” and isak tells him “oh, yeah. one of his co-worker has been sick this week or something so he had to fill in for him. he’s like, been working non-stop” and even seems to think for a second before he says “i think we should do something nice for him. like, food and clean up a little? what do you think?” and isak looks up at him, his chin resting on even’s chest, a small smile across his lips and he says “you know you’re like the best person i know?” and he means it, from the bottom of his heart 

“i think eskild became a vegetarian a few weeks ago, so we have to make something without meat. pasta?” even lets out a chuckle, tells isak “we’re not making pasta isak, that’s all you guys eat around here” and isak replies “that’s not true!” and then he also lets out a chuckle, adds “i mean, it’s a little true.” even opens the fridge and looks around. “hmm, you know, once i had this tofu stir-fry with veggies, it was goooood” and isak says “sounds fancy. i trust your judgment” and even gives him a peck on the cheek, replies “you better”. and then they go to the grocery store, because there’s no tofu in the fridge, and the only vegetable they have is half a head of broccoli. isak puts a bag of chips and a bag of sweets in the cart, says “i mean, eskild loves chips and candies. plus, they’re vegetarian” and evens laughs and shakes his head. “i’m sure eskild will appreciate the thought” 

and so they make the stir fry. isak cuts the vegetables and the tofu into cubes, poking at the tofu, a questioning look on his face and he says “i’ve never had tofu before” and even tells him “it can be really yummy when cooked right.” even starts cooking, tosses the food around in the pan a couple of times, like he’s done this hundreds of times. when the food is done, he grads a fork, picks a piece of tofu and red pepper, gently blows on it and brings it to isak’s mouth. and isak eats the bite and nods in approval. “’ery ‘ood”. and then they quickly do the dishes, and at some point isak places his wet and slightly cold hand under even’s shirt, on the small of his back, and even starts a little in surprise, and isak tells him teasingly “revenge for earlier”

they put three plates on the table, the pan in the middle, and eskild arrives soon later, they hear him open the door. they also hear him walk toward the kitchen and say “oh wow, it smells good in here” and when eskild peaks his head into the kitchen, isak exclaim “tadaaa!” gesturing toward the table with his arms extended wide. and eskild simply stands there, and it takes him a second before he says “oh my god, you made this?” and isak tells him “well, even made this” and even wraps his arm around isak’s waist, says “isak totally helped me, it was teamwork”. and eskild looks a little tired but his smile is totally sincere and then he walks toward them, wraps an arm around each of them and they both hug him back and eskild sighs and says “you boys are the best” and isak tells him “well, you’re pretty great, too” and eskild ruffles his hair as he says “well thank you, baby jesus”

and they all sit and eat diner, and isak and even are holding hands on the table as eskild tells them about his day, about this cute guy he met at work and his annoying boss. he asks them about their week, says “i feel like i haven’t seen you guys in a week. i mean, i think i literally haven’t seen you guys in a week” and he lets out a little laugh and yawns. after a short while he ends up looking at his watch and saying “i think my wild and young days are over, i’m going to go to bed at nine on a friday night” he stands up and stretches out his limbs, and then gives each of them a long kiss on the cheek, says “thank you, thank you again. appreciate this a lot, boys” and isak laughs and wipes his cheek, says “you’re welcome, eskild, good night, sleep well”. and when eskild goes to his room, isak takes even’s hand and brings it to his face, plants little kisses on his palm and on each of his fingers, asks “dishes, then movie in my room?” and even smiles and nods, repeats “dishes, then movie in your room”


Person A and person b are laying in bed cuddling.

Person A-“you know, I was skeptical about this, but you were right, it feels great ”

Person b smiles -“See, I told you you’d like it and it’s not even awkward at all, is it?”

Person A-“no babe, you were right, I’m glad you talked me into doing this, I love you”

Person B-“love you too you big dork” playfully messes up their hair

Person A turns around -“how about a kiss, since we’re being daring today?

The two lock lips but are interpreted by a loud voice on the intercom

"ATTENTION, can the couple in the mattress section please refrain from making out, either buy it or get out, but definitely don’t start what we all think is going to happen ”

Person a turns red-“so you wanna buy it?”

Person b-“nah, let’s just go”

The two walk out of the store buying nothing and getting strange looks from everyone in there

Person A-“so what now babe?”

Person b-“there’s another mattress store downtown, if you’re interested”

Person A-“I’ll get the car!”

BTS reaction to your disappointment @ your grades

Anonymous said: BTS reaction to you working hard to keep up your grades but when you received your report card it turns out your grades dropped and you feel really sad about it

Here it is! (I’m not completely satisfied with this one, but here it is anyways)

I’m sorry if each reaction is too similar, that’s just how it came out cx

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

Originally posted by namseok

You stare down at the letters on the page - having waited until you returned home - your heart sinking to your stomach, and you slump down in your seat. Again. Even after all the work you put in, the endless nights of sheets and books scattered everywhere, the blood, sweat and tears you put into your studies, your grades still drop. Your mood drops completely, all sense of hope disappears and you’re left slumped in the chair, your head in your hands.

Namjoon quietly lets himself into your apartment, calling out for you, a hopeful smile on his face, dimples and all. His heart cracks a little when he sees you sobbing on the couch - your body shaking with tears - and he drops his bags at the door, rushing forward, accidentally hitting the table in the way. 

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” He asks softly, rubbing your arm comfortingly.

You look up, attempting to force a smile, and yet your vision is still blurred through the tears. You sigh, finally stating, “My grades dropped, again.” 

He puts his arms around you, pulling you into a hug, as he says, “It’s okay, there’s always next time, I could help tutor you if you wanted? All you need is a little help jagiya, you’re smart, you can do this.” 

You nod, pulling on your sleeve and wiping your tears away, leaning into his embrace. 

“That would be great, Joonie, thank you so much.”

Jin (Seokjin):

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

“Jagiya? Why are you crying?” Jin walks up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, and you quickly wipe away your tears, your eyes darting around.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing, it’s fine,” you quickly say, sighing as you brushed your hair back, attempting a smile. Jin stares at you carefully, and he shakes his head, refusing to let you or the matter go.

“Jagiya, you can trust me, what’s wrong?” He finally asks, after allowing you to sob into his shoulder for a few minutes, his arms wrapped protectively around you as he rubs your back reassuringly.

“My grades have gone down yet ago, even though I worked so hard to bring them up, I don’t get it, what did I do wrong…” you rambled, still nuzzled in his shoulder and Jin frowned, saddened by your frustration and sadness, and he plants a soft kiss on your cheek, mumbling sweet words into your ear to help calm you down.

“It’s okay jagiya, next time you’ll do better, I know you will, please don’t be too disappointed,” he reassures you, his arms gently reaching under your legs to pick you up bridle-style and settle down on the couch with you, placing kisses all over your face, causing you to finally giggle, your tears drying up.

“That’s much better, I’m glad to see you smiling again (Y/N),” Jin grins, and you lean back against him, this time your turn to kiss him, smiling.

Suga (Yoongi):

Originally posted by kuromel

Yoongi pops his head through the doorway, watching as you frown, your eyes scanning over a sheet of paper, your head dropping into your hands as you sigh, tossing the paper across the table as you curl up on the couch. His lips curl downwards into a frown, and he wanders in, silently sitting next to you, his arm wrapping around you.

You simply lean into his embrace, and he shifts position to allow you to completely lean into his chest, your arms snaking around his waist. The two of you lay in this position in a while without words, your actions speaking louder than any words could, and you feel your mood lift slightly knowing that Yoongi would always be there for you whenever you needed comfort.

“School getting you down again?” Yoongi finally inquired, breaking the silence between the two of you, and you nod against his chest, still curled up against him. Yoongi resists the urge to cover your face in kisses at your adorableness, and instead opts to press his lips against your forehead, withdrawing after a few seconds.

“Don’t worry too much about it (Y/N), don’t let school get you so down, it’s not everything, yeah?” He reassures you, and you smile up at him, turning his heart to mush.

J-Hope (Hoseok):

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

(A/N: His grin is the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a while, omg <3)

Hoseok pouts as he notices you sitting in your room, slumped over your desk once again, hitting your head on the surface repeatedly, surrounded by sheets of paper. You exhale in frustration, tugging on your hair before leaning your head on the desk once again.

“(Y/N), don’t hit your head like that, you’ll hurt yourself,” he rushes over to you, crouching by you and gently touching your forehead in concern. He gazes at you, eyes holding the utmost concern, and you feel your heart melt.

“I’m sorry Hobi, it’s just uni has been stressing me out again, and my grades are going down again… I can’t do this…” You push your dishevelled hair out of your face, and he pouts again, standing up straight and outstretching his arms.

Taking one last glance at your work, you get up and engulf yourself in Hoseok’s arms, his familiar scent calming you down immediately, and you bury your face into his neck. Hobi can’t help but grin at you clinging to him, and he gently pries your arms away, only to grab his bag. He gestures to you to grab your stuff, saying, “Let’s go out somewhere nice jagi, you deserve it.”

He grins again, and you can’t help but go along with him, the initial disappointment and frustration disappearing, and replaced with a warm feeling.


Originally posted by bwipsul

(A/N: I might’ve died writing this part, this boy wrecks me, I wish this would happen to me cx)

“Jimin… are you planning to let go of me any time soon?” You ask, shaking your head at Jimin who was currently clinging onto your waist in a koala-like way, his face buried in your shoulder.

“No, not until you promise me you won’t stay disappointed about your grades,” he replies cutely, his voice muffled as he trails kisses along your neck, and you weaken under his touch, your mouth opening, inaudible sounds escaping.

“Jiminie,” you whined, and yet you knew he was right, there was no point to beating yourself up over your grades, you could only keep working hard and hope for the best.

“Promise me,” Jimin mumbles against your neck, the vibrations sending a shiver of pleasure through your body, and he smirks, satisfied by your reaction.

“Okay, okay, I promise I’ll stop worrying about it, but stop before I end up…” you cut yourself off, and Jimin giggles, fully aware of where your thoughts were going.

He finally lifts his lips off your neck, his arms loosening up on your waist, and you can’t help but smile, your fingers brushing over your neck.

V (Taehyung):

Originally posted by keepingupwithbts

(A/N: When you have two biases and writing both their parts just wrecks your heart completely… *sigh* cx)

“Yah, jagi, you’re making me sad too,” Taehyung says, sitting across from you as your eyes scan over your grades for the nth time, a mix of sadness and disappointment in your eyes, and you finally look up, Taehyung frowning in concern.

He scrunches his face up in an exaggerated crying face in an attempt to cheer you up, an array of silly faces flashing across his face, and you can’t help but let out a giggle, your fist pressed to your mouth in an attempt to suppress it. While this sends a flash of happiness through you, a glance back at the discarded report card has the disappointment and frustration flooding back and you sigh.

Taehyung pouts, determined to cheer you up, and an idea creeps into his mind, his lips curling up into a mischievous smirk, as he gets up to sit by you on the other couch.

“What are you-” You’re cut off by Taehyung’s hands suddenly flying to your sides, and your stomach, and you shriek out in laughter from the sensation, falling back onto the couch. Taehyung relentlessly tickles you, until you throw your arms up in defeat, promising him that you’d try not to worry too much, and he grins his box smile in triumph.


Originally posted by officialwookkibby

You pace around the apartment, muttering to yourself, your arms occasionally flying up in frustration, and Jungkook peers up from his phone in curiosity, furrowing his eyebrows cutely as he wonders what has you so frustrated and seemingly stressed.

“(Y/N)? Why are you mumbling to yourself like a crazy person?” He asks, snickering at the thought of it, and you spin around, glaring at him, not finding the situation amusing at all. 

“I’m still not doing great at school, even after all that work I put in, all that studying for nothing and… I can’t.” You slump down onto the couch beside him, and Jungkook turns his head to face you, a look of concern flashing across his eyes.

“If it’s any comfort, I’m not doing too great either, you’re not alone,” he grins his bunny-like smile at him, and you look at him in confusion, your eyebrows now furrowing.

“Why aren’t you stressed then?” You inquire, reaching up to brush his fringe away from his eyes, causing a light pink to flourish on his cheeks, a smile appearing on his face.

“Because,” he starts, “I figured all I need is some help, we should study together (Y/N), that could help?” 

You think it over, your stress levels finally beginning to decrease, and you finally break out into a smile, at the thought that this might finally help your grades. 

The Closet

Originally posted by diltons

Pairing: Reggie x Reader

Word Counter: 1,483

Anon Requested

A/N: This was in my drafts and like I promised, here it is. Idk if ill write anymore, just depends on how i feel i guess. And go follow my personal tumblr if you want, i post pics of me and my dogs usually. @rora811

Warnings: None, fluff, slight angst i guess.

You snorted at the conversation you were having with your friends. “No way!” Veronica exclaimed. “I’m being totally serious.” Jughead stated with a wry grin. The current topic was about Jughead’s dog, and how “untrainable” he was. “There is no way he chewed through that bed. I helped you pick it out!” You exclaimed. 

Jughead placed a hand on his heart. “Scouts honor.” “Oh shut up Jug, you were never a Boy Scout.” “You never knew because I burned all the evidence.” He snapped at Archie. Betty just laughed. 

“Oh come on. It said extra durable, chew proof, and was verified for heavy chewers like your dog. What the hell.” You said. “I honestly don’t know how he did it. I left the room for like 5 minutes to make a sandwich and when I came back it was in shreds on the floor.” Jughead sighed. “Back to using old towels for him I guess." 

The four of you finally made it to Pop’s where you all sat in your favorite booth. After ordering, you all continued to make small talk about upcoming exams and such as other people form school came into the regular hangout spot. You all heard a loud gloating voice and groaned. 

There he was, Reggie Mantle, in all of his annoying glory. He made eye contact with you and smirked as he stalked over to your table. "Hey guys.” he said maliciously. “Hey Reg.” Archie greeted, he being the only one who was semi-friends with them. Reggie made eye contact with you again before speaking. “Soooo, there’s a party going on later, at my place. And I just wanted to take the precious time out of my day to invite you all.” Everyone’s eyebrows shot up with suspicion. “And why would we ever want to go?” Jughead asked bluntly. 

“Hey it’s just an invitation. Do what you want with it.” He said with his hands up in surrender. “Well, how about you take your invitation and shove it up your-.” “We’ll go!” Betty interrupted with a fake smile. You all looked at her in shock. “Yeah, we’ll all go. Just text Archie the address.” She said as Reggie grinned and walked off. Two glares were sent towards Betty. Specifically, you and Jughead. 

“Oh come on Betty, you know parties aren’t my scene.” You complained. “Yeah, I mean this is by far the worst idea you’ve ever had.” Jughead agreed with you. “Guys, we never get out! Come on, we’re sophomores. And how do we spend our Friday Nights, staying home and watching Netflix?” “

Hey! I’m totally ok with that.” You said. “Yeah, me too.” Jughead added. “Well I agree with Betty.” Veronica said. She stood up from the booth and gestured for you and Betty to do the same. “Come on girls. We’ll get ready together and then meet the boys at Reggie’s.” Your shoulders slumped. 

“But-.” “No buts y/n. Now come on, I’m not taking no for an answer.” She was about to walk off when she suddenly stopped and turned towards the boys. “If you both are not there, I will personally find you and drag you there myself.” She threatened, pointedly at Jughead. 

The next thing you knew, you were being dragged out of Pop’s as you heard a loud groan from Jughead. Veronica took you and Betty to her house, which was rather large. Once you made it to her room you gasped. It was about as big as your house. Betty was doing the same thing. 

“Oh this? This is nothing compared to our old house in New York, now come on, let’s find you two some dresses.” She threw open the doors to her closet and immediately started digging. She threw a couple dresses at Betty insisting she gontrt them on as she searched for something for you. She was satisfied once she pulled out a light blue dress, a red dress, and black dress. 

She handed them to you and pointed towards the bathroom for you to get them on. You looked at yourself in the mirror and groaned, not believing you were actually going through with this. With another heavy sigh, you quickly undressed and pulled on the blue dress. 

You stepped out of the bathroom for the other girl’s opinion. “I don’t know… I don’t think blue is your color.” Betty said as she looked. “Yeah… try the red one on!” Veronica ordered as you nodded in defeat and went back into the dreaded bathroom. You zipped up the red dress and walked out again, this time striking a pose. Both Betty and Veronica scrunched there noses. 

“Yeah, I don’t think that’s the right one either.” “Oh come on,” you struck an even more awkward pose. “You don’t think this one’s it?” They laughed and pushed you back into the bathroom with only one more option. You put on the black dress and looked at yourself. You actually liked this one. You stepped out of the bathroom shyly and awaited the opinions. 

 "Oh my god, I love it.“ Veronica said as she rushed over and examined everything. "Ooooh yes, that one’s it. It fits you perfectly y/n!” Betty commented making you smile. It fit very nicely, hugged your figure, and made your boobs look pretty great. For the next two hours, you all fussed over shoes, makeup, and hair. 

 Once you were all satisfied with your looks, you all carpooled to the address Archie had sent over. You met up with your other two friends outside, where Jughead stood there silently hating the world as you all walked in. There was a bunch of people from school standing around in their own groups of friends. 

When you five walked in, Reggie looked up to see who entered and grinned when he saw you. He left his little group to come and greet all of you. “Archie what’s up man?” He asked as they did the bro hug thing. 

He turned to you. “Y/n… you’re looking very fine this evening.” You felt uncomfortable under his stare. Veronica noticed and grabbed your’s and Betty’s arms. “Come on ladies, lets party.” She said and dragged you away. You three started to walk around, mingled with other people drank punch, had fun. 

About an hour into the party, someone suggested a game of seven minutes in heaven. Of course Veronica forced both you and Betty to play. In total, about 20 or so kids were playing. You all sat in a circle as kids took turns spinning a bottle and then disappearing into a closet for the next seven minutes. 

When it was your turn to spin you sighed heavily, not knowing what to expect. The bottle went in circles, taunting you as it chose who you would be in the closet with. When it finally stopped you were filled with dread as you saw him grin. 

 "I-I don’t want to.“ You muttered to Veronica who didn’t care and shoved you towards Reggie and the closet. He took your hand gently and led you inside the dark space. The door was closed behind you and someone shouted from the other side, "seven minutes starting!" 

 You sighed quietly as you stood not even a foot away from the tall jock. "Why don’t you like me?” He asked sincerely as you looked up to meet his dark eyes in the tinted darkness. “Because you’re an ass to people.” You answered simply.

 "I’m not an ass to you.“ He said. You snorted. "Is that supposed to mean something. You can tell a lot about someones character by the way they treat others.” You stated as his eyes met yours again. “What if I start being nice to other people, you know, stop being an ass." 

You weren’t expecting that. "For what? What’s this all about Reggie?” You asked. It was very quiet for a minute or two before he spoke again. “I really like you.” He whispered. You gulped. “You would change the way you act… for me?” He nodded. 

You smiled softly as you looked down. “How do I know you’re telling the truth?” You asked as you subconsciously stepped a bit closer to him. He leaned down and is lips were only inches from yours. “I’d do anything, to make you mine.” He breathed before connecting your lips. 

 You made no move to pull away as you liplocked. You enjoyed his kiss as he moved his lips against yours expertly. You weren’t expecting that either. The door opened quickly giving you no time to jumps way from each other, but you did, clumsily. 

The other students laughed as they watched you both walk out of the closet. You saw Reggie about to open is mouth so you grabbed his hand, holding it in yours. He looked down at you shocked, but kept quiet as you both walked out of the closet, together.

Stiles Smut~ The Bet

Word Count~ 3165
Rating~ NSFW
Warnings~ Teasing, Safe Sex, Handcuffs, Dirty Talk
Pairings~ Stiles x Female!Reader
A/N~ HEYYY! We hit 1k WOOOOO~! Just wanted to say thank you for what you guys have done. I love you all so very much. Tumblr is great WOOP WOOP!
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Request~ Anonymous said:
Can you do a stiles imagine where you do a bet seeing who can last the longest without sex. You try teasing him and eventually he gives in and smut at the end?

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Word Count: 4519

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Violence, Mentions of suicide (Not major character), Deaths

A/N: Written for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog ‘s trope challenge. My trope was pretend marriage. This is also my first long fic in…awhile. So I apologize for the horribleness of it in advance. 

Thanks to @nichelle-my-belle for being my awesome beta and extra extra special thanks to @chaos-and-the-calm67 for helping me come up with a plot. There would literally be no fic without her. 

You pulled up in the scrapyard next to the black Impala and threw your black ‘65 Challenger in park. You were half hoping that Sam would have come alone to work this case, but no such luck. If that car was here Sam definitely wasn’t alone. You’d have to deal with him. “Thanks for comin’ so quick, kid.” Bobby opened your door and pulled you out and into a hug.

“Anything for you, old man. You know that.” You giggled, breaking the hug and letting Bobby lead you to the door. “So I take it Dean’s here?”

“Yeah…we need to talk about that.” Bobby hesitated, opening the door and letting you in. As soon as you saw Sam propped up on the couch with his leg in a cast you spun around.

“No. No fucking way, Bobby!”


“No! The deal was I’m supposed to be fake married to Sam and he clearly is in no condition to work this case and I know what you’re about to say! Can’t we find someone else?”

“Come on, Y/N, I’m not that bad.” Dean rounded the corner, staring at you with that stupid smirk on his face. “Besides, it’s not like I really wanna be fake married to you either. Living in a house with you for as long as this case takes?”

“Excuse me?” Your voice increased in pitch as you whipped around to glare at Dean.

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Momentarily // (h.s)

Request: Could you maybe write one where the reader is Harry’s gf and she was in the crowd during his Graham Norton performance trying to make him laugh and that’s why he kept smiling and laughing?

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First Love Chapter One: Meeting Misha

Story Summary: Hitting it off with everyone your very first week on the set of Sueprnatural, things take a bit of a turn when you meet and fall in love with Misha Collins.

A/N: Welcome to the official Unintentional prequel! I hope you guys enjoy this series!!!! The story is set up so that you can read it before or after Unintentional, or even on it’s own.

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: language, smut

Word Count: 2.3k


Originally posted by casbabydontgoineedyou

You didn’t expect to fall in love so quickly, or so suddenly. As a matter of fact, you didn’t expect to fall in love at all; but you did. You weren’t a believer in love at first sight; but you sure were now.

The second you laid your eyes on Misha, you were entranced. You knew who he was, you’d seen him on tv before; but meeting him? That was a whole nother story.

You’d only been in Vancouver for a couple of weeks. You moved up from Los Angeles a week before you started your role on Supernatural, and got settled into your new apartment.

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For the 100 ways to say "I love you" may i request 37 or 100 for Wolfstar

Can I kiss you?

“I didn’t know you could cook.”

Sirius turned briefly over his shoulder, narrowing his eyes at Remus’ bemused smile. He turned back to the stove and continued his slow stirs of the bolognese sauce he was attempting, “There are many things you don’t know about me, Lupin.”

Remus chuckled, pushing off from where he was leaning against the refrigerator and taking two strides to instead rest his hip against the counter next to Sirius, “Lupin?”

Sirius craned his neck to see his recipe book without having to halt his movements, “Yes. Lupin. Now, don’t distract me. I said I’d make you dinner, you always say I never make dinner. So, naturally, here I am, making you dinner.”

“Making us dinner, you mean.” Remus swiped a cooling piece of garlic bread from the counter, “In our new apartment.”

Sirius’ concentration softened a little at that, and Remus caught the smile he tried to hide, “Yes. Ours.” He looked at Remus, soft smile breaking through for just a moment before it slid off his face, “No! You can’t eat that yet, what- what are you doing?” He dropped the spoon on the pan, swiping the bread from Remus’ fingers and setting it back on the plate. He pointed a very stern finger at Remus, eyebrows raised, “Not yet.”

Remus grinned, pressing off the counter and sliding just behind Sirius, hands on his hips, leaning his head down so the soft hairs that curled by Sirius’ ears tickled his lips, “Just one?”

No.” Sirius drew out the word then cursed, “Shit. See, you’re going to make me burn it.” He picked up the spoon and resumed his careful sifting, “I have to make sure nothing stays on the bottom too long. It’ll burn otherwise.”

“Can I taste that, at least?”

No, you cannot.” Sirius laughed, squirming slightly in Remus’ arms, “It’ll be ready in ten minutes, just- calm down. Lupin.”

Remus grumbled lowly in his throat at that, pressing the spoon from Sirius’ hand and turning him around and against him in one motion, enjoying the way the breath left Sirius’ lungs.

Sirius put a hand against his chest, just at the dip between his ribs, “And before you ask, you can’t taste the chocolate cake. That’s last, that’s dessert.”

“Hm.” Remus’ palms spanned Sirius’ back, “Lots of rules in this kitchen of yours.”

Sirius’ back arched against them, pressing his chest further against Remus’, “Yes,” his voice had dropped a few levels, “And you’re suppose to say ‘yes, chef’.” Sirius bit back a smile, “They do that in all the great kitchens. I saw it. On Chef’s Table.”

“Did you?” Remus raised an eyebrow, slowly letting on a smile of his own.

Sirius let out a little sigh, looping his arms around Remus’ neck, “Yes, yes I did. On Netflix.”

“And do the chefs in these so called ‘great kitchens’ allow, say, kissing in their kitchens?”

Sirius snorted, but his fingers were already reaching and winding themselves in Remus’ hair, “Why, are you asking?”

Remus nudged his nose against Sirius’, “Yes, chef.”

Sirius let out a laugh, palm pressing to the back of Remus’ neck, and brought their lips together, still slightly salty from the cheese and crackers they’d been snacking on.

Remus pressed closer, reaching behind Sirius with one hand to flick the stove off. They wouldn’t be needing dinner for a while.

I may or may not have just been watching Chef’s Table. Maybe.

Imagine giving Leonard a haircut

“Just hold still, I have the second steadiest hands in the fleet,” you ran a hand through the handsome doctor’s dark hair.

“I trust you, darlin’,” Leonard’s shoulders relaxed as your fingers reached the nape of his neck.

You picked up the fine pair of scissors from the table and started trimming the ends of his hair.

“I didn’t know the Academy offered grooming classes?”

You smirked at Leonard’s teasing tone and shrugged, “Technically, it was a pet grooming class.”

“Hilarious,” he replied dryly.

“I grew up being the only one female in a household of men,” you explained. Your hand ran through his locks, making sure the ends were even. “I worked in this old barber shop in town, that’s actually where I first met Jim. I use to cut his hair all the time.”

“You know he was trying to keep your hair cutting skills a secret, right?”

You laughed, “How did you get him talk?”

The man let out an involuntary groan as both of your hands ran through his hair, your cheeks flushed and his body went stiff. The two of remained silent for an entire minute before you asked the question again.

“Well, the son of a gun always has that damn perfect hair. So I got him drunk, Jim has the loosest lips on the ship when he’s sauced.”

Snorting out a soft laugh, you snipped away a few long strands and started brushing away hair from around his ears and neck.

“All done, Doctor,” you removed the white towel from around Leonard’s shoulder and handed him a small mirror. You placed the scissors down and watched as Leonard examined your work, he grinned and handed over the mirror.

“It looks great, thank you Y/N,” he stood up from the chair.

“Anytime, you’re a more pleasant client that our dear Captain. Jim tends to nod off when I cut his hair,” you leaned against the table and smiled up at the handsome man in front of you.

“Ah, well I tend to chat too much when I’m nervous,” he admitted folding his arms against his chest.

“Well then, you might have to come more often. I can help settle those nerves.”

Leonard’s eyebrow raised and his lips pulled up into a soft smirk, “It’s a good thing my hair tends to grow fast.”

You bursted into a laugh and Leonard shook his head, “That was terrible, wasn’t it?”

Shrugging innocently, you smiled, “We can work on that too.” 

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Omf g you need to continue that blurb of Niall and his friend being stormed in ..I need to know what happens after 😩 btw you're really an amazing writer ☺️😘

Part One

When your phone buzzed during your Econ class, you didn’t even have to look at the screen to know who it was.  You’d seen the weather report before you left your dorm room for class.  Or rather, your roommate had commented about how a “fucking monsoon” was supposed to hit that afternoon before you left the room.

Considering what had happened last time there was a power outage, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know Niall was gonna call.

You quickly sent the call to voicemail and put your phone away, realizing your professor was giving you that disappointed look for having your phone out during class.

Once outside on the quad and out of the intense glare of any unhappy professors you tapped your voicemail and put the phone to your ear.

“Hey…”  He cleared his throat, “It’s uh…it’s me.  So…”  He cleared his throat again, “Made some enchiladas and I could feed a small country with how much so if you uh…”  He seemed to be stumbling a bit and it made you smile, “So if you wanna come over and help me eat em…I couldn’t think of a better way t’gain ten pounds.”  He stayed quiet, “Call me.”  He finished, hanging up the phone.

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concept: magnus and alec waking up beside each other at magnus’ loft, sun streaming through the windows. alec blinking his eyes open against the pull of sleep with a small smile on his face as he realizes where he is. the camera zooms out and there’s magnus, arm wrapped around alec’s middle, face bare of makeup and hair down. magnus presses a kiss to the curve of alec’s jaw and whispers, “good morning, my love.”

and all this happens with i get to love you by ruelle playing in the background