great smile

Today is our three year anniversary. Where do I even start?

The last few years have been filled with great memories, countless smiles, new experiences, and the best adventure of my life. You’ve completed me in a way that is indescribable, and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that we’ve overcome so many obstacles to reach the place we’re at right now.

I’m sorry we couldn’t celebrate today in person, but I had such a lovely time with you regardless. You chose a great movie for us and looked absolutely breathtaking dressed up like that.

I truly am the luckiest girl in the world to call you mine. Thank you so much for the love and dedication you’ve shown me over these three years, I appreciate it all so much and look forward to celebrating this day for years and years to come. Never forget that you’re my world and that I absolutely adore every bit of you.

Happy anniversary älskling, jag älskar dig med hela mitt hjärta. Here’s to many more happy 28ths of August.♥

Yours, Britney♥

anonymous asked:

I'm scared that no one will ever find me attractive

Attractiveness/Beauty is subjective someone will always find you beautiful or pretty even if you don’t think you are. Moreover, attractiveness is not limited to face only. Maybe your eyes are great, smile is pretty, or your hair is fab. So yeah you’re attractive haha

anonymous asked:

can you tell me what's this fuss about? (couldnt open the link) but zayn stans will probably attack jake.

basically is the sun (never fully trust the sun) that got an interview with jake and when asked about the zayn/perrie situation he ‘said’:

“i think he’s a f***ing idiot. The way he treated her is horrible. He’s not a very nice man. Professionally he’s talented but- and i’m speaking from what i’ve seen- he should be ashamed.”

And about Charley/Perrie, Jake ‘said’: “She’s great and smiling again. Maybe Charley needs to widen that smile. We’re trying to set them up now.”