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One Direction, giving an amazing performance with Ronnie Wood on X-Factor in December 2014

If you’ve never seen OT5 going all out for Where Do Broken Hearts Go, you’re welcome. If you’ve watched it already, get those goosebumps again :)  (the beginning is a bombastic X-factor intro, and the actual song begins at 1:10)

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Underneath - Arrow Music Notes 5x20

Chase traps Oliver and Felicity in the bunker which forces many emotions to bubble to the surface.  Important conversations and relationships usually mean beautiful and powerful music and this episode was no exception.  The Flashbacks also explored Felicity and Oliver’s time between seasons with a return of a few beloved themes.  (Spoiler alert: this is going to be very Olicity focused.  There are one or two major Oliver moments and a few other brief moments for the other characters but most of this review is about Olicity.  So for the few of you who are not Olicity fans but love the music enough to deal with my bias…go ahead at your own risk.  You have been warned)

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This is an expert from my post “THE MONGOLS AND THE RISE OF GENGHIS KHAN”.

Though Khabul’s grandson, Yesugei (Genghis Khan’s father), was not a khan he was still a well-respected and effective chief. Yesugei Baghatur (ba’atur, “hero, brave, valiant, knight, lord”) kidnapped a woman from the Merkits (Mongolian) named Hoelun, whom he would soon marry. His kidnapping of Hoelun led to a long standing feud between the two confederacies which would carry on to Yesugei’s and Hoelun’s son Temujin (Genghis Khan).

At the time of his birth he was born clutching in his right hand a clot of blood the size of a knucklebone. Because he was born when the Tatar Temüjin Üge had been brought captive, for this very reason they gave him the name Temüjin.” – The Secret History of the Mongols.

^ Mongol (2007). A young Temujin with his father Yesugei.

At the age of nine Temujin and his father journeyed to seek out the Olqunu’ut people, in hopes of finding Temujin a wife. On their way there they came across a relative (by marriage) named Dei Secen of the Onggirat tribe who told Yesugei: 

This son of yours is a boy who has fire in his eyes, who has light in his face”. “I had a dream last night, I did. A white gerfalcon clasping both sun and moon in its claws flew down to me and perched on my hand.” “Before, when I looked, I could only see the sun and the moon from afar; now this gerfalcon has brought them to me and has perched on my hand. He has alighted, all white. Just what sort of good thing does this showI had my dream, quda Yisügei, just as you were coming here bringing your son. I had a dream of good omen.” – The Secret History of the Mongols.

^ Mongol (2007). My snapshot, Temujin and Borte on both ends of the table.

After this Dei Secen introduced them to his ten year old daughter Borte who also had light in her face and fire in her eyes. Temujin was then given to Dei Secen as his son-in-law and Yesugei departed. While Yesugei traveled back he came across a group of Tatars (Turks) who were feasting, as he joined them Yesugei was unaware that they had poisoned his meal as revenge for a previous raid he had led against them. Temujin returned home to find that their own people had abandoned them. Too young to rule in his own right, Temujin and his family were left destitute and deserted by their own people.

^ Mongol (2007). Young Temujin.

Lady Hoelun (Temujin’s mother) struggled to keep her family fed and taken care of; foraging for bird cherries, crab apples, wild garlic, wild leek, lily bulbs, silverweed and great burnet roots. As they “grew up into fine men, truly valiant and bold. Saying to each other, ‘Let us feed our mother!’ They sat on the bank of Mother Onan (River), they prepared their hooks and fished mean and paltry fish; bending needle into hook, they fished for salmon and grayling. They made seines and dragnets, and caught fingerlings: then, with grateful heart, they fed their mother.” One of the earliest dark scenes of Temujin’s life occurred when Temujin killed his older brother Bekter who would steal hard earned food meant for the family.

Temujin would follow, like most Mongols, a life of constant strife. Throughout his life he was continually attacked, robbed, kidnapped, enslaved and forced to fight, hide or flee. Along the way he came across individuals that went out of their way to aid him, many of whom became close friends or anda (‘blood brothers’). One such individual was To’oril, a powerful Khan of the Kerayits (Mongols). Earlier Yesugei (Temujin’s father) helped To’oril fight the latter’s paternal uncle and reunite the Kerayit Mongols under To’oril’s banner. Since then the two swore to be brothers by oath (anda, ‘blood brother’) and in turn To’oril became like a father, mentor and patron to Temujin after his father’s death. “When he came to [To’oril]Qan, Temüjin said, ‘Since in earlier days you and my father declared yourselves sworn friends you are, indeed, like a father to me.” 

To’oril and Temujin loved each other like father and son, referring to each other as such and To’oril even contemplates naming Temujin as his heir. “As for myself, now I have grown old, and having grown old, when I shall ascend to the heights – I have grown ancient, and having grown ancient, when I shall ascend to the cliffs – who will govern all my people? My younger brothers lack force of character; there is only Senggüm, my one son, but it is as if he did not exist. If I make my son Temujin the elder brother of Senggüm, I shall have two sons and my mind will be at rest. (TSHotM, 164)”

They would latter declare themselves father and son, promising:

“‘When we attack the enemy hosts, We shall attack together as one; When we chase the cunning wild beasts, We shall also chase them together as one!’” – The Secret History of the Mongols, 164.

Out of jealousy for us two – should a snake with venomous teeth provoke discord between us, let us not succumb to his provocations. By talking only mouth to mouth we shall believe each other! Should a snake with venomous fangs spread slander about us, let us not accept his slander. By explaining only face to face we shall believe each other!” – The Secret History of the Mongols, 164.

When Temujin gave To’oril Qan a precious sable coat To’oril promised Temujin that (like Yesugei had done previously): “In return for the sable coat, I shall unite for you, your scattered people. Just as the place of the kidneys must be in the back, that of good faith must be in the breast!” (TSHotM). To’oril Khan would become like a father to Temujin and both swore many times over to that affect.

^ Mongol (2007). My snapshot, Temujin and Borte.

Temujin’s wife Borte was kidnapped by the Merkits (Mongolian) seeking to avenge the kidnapping of Hoelun by Temujin’s father in the distant past. 

^ Mongol (2007). Temujin and Borte.

Temujin sought the aid of To’oril Qan; “We have come now to ask you, O Qan my father, to rescue my wife and return her to me”. To’oril Qan and his younger brothers rallied a large force of warriors to defeat the Merkits and Temujin’s wife, they succeeded in both. When Temujin became Genghis Khan, he made it illegal to kidnap women, partially because of this incident but also because this would end one of the reasons for conflict between the steppe nomads.

The reason why they declared themselves father and son was because in early days Ong Qan had declared himself a sworn friend of Chinggis Qa’an’s father Yisügei Qan, and by virtue of this fact Chinggis Qa’an said that Ong Qan was like a father to him. Such was the reason why they declared themselves father and son. They made the following promises to each other: ‘When we attack the enemy hosts, we shall attack together as one; when we chase the cunning wild beasts, we shall also chase them together as one!’ 

So they declared. Chinggis Qa’an and Ong Qan also promised each other, saying, ‘Out of jealousy for us two – should a snake with venomous teeth provoke discord between us, Let us not succumb to his provocations. By talking only mouth to mouth we shall believe each other! Should a snake with venomous fangs spread slander about us, let us not accept his slander. By explaining only face to face we shall believe each other!’” – The Secret History of the Mongols, 164.

Another person that Temujin became close to was To’oril’s younger brother Jamuqa. When Temujin was eleven, Jamuqa the two of them vowed twice to be sworn friends (anda, ‘blood brothers’), “Sworn friends – the two of them share but a single life; they do not abandon one another: they are each a life’s safeguard for the other. (TSHotM, 117)”. 

^ Mongol (2007). My snapshot, Jamuqa and Temujin.

After To’oril and Jamuqa had helped Temujin save his wife, Jamuqa and he decided to renew that pledge they had made so long ago. The first time (when Temujin was eleven) they swore to become anda (oath brothers) they exchanged knucklebones, the second time (the following spring) it was arrows and this last time they exchanged a golden belt and a horse respectively.

^ Mongol (2007). My snapshot of Jamuqa and Temujin laughing. 

For the next year and a half Temujin and Jamuqa remained close friends but in time ‘Sworn friend Jamuqa, so they say, grows easily tired of his friends. (TSHotM, 118)” After discovering that Jamuqa was planning on ambushing him, Temujin and his camp departed under the cover of night. Subsequently many Mongolian clans and tribes rallied to Temujin side, including some who were formerly allied with Jamuqa.

^ Mongol (2007). Jamuqa.

We would not have parted from him (Jamuqa), but a heavenly sign appeared before my very eyes, revealing the future to me (Qorchi). There came a fallow cow. She circled Jamuqa and struck his tent-cart with her horns; then she butted him too, breaking one of her two horns. Being thus left with uneven horns, “Bring me my horn!” she kept saying, bellowing repeatedly at Jamuqa as she stood there, hoofing up the ground and raising more and more dust. Then a hornless and fallow ox lifted up the great shaft under the tent, harnessed it on to himself and pulled it after him. As he proceeded following Temüjin on the wide road, he kept bellowing, “Together Heaven and Earth have agreed: Temüjin shall be lord of the people!” and “I am drawing near carrying the people and bringing it to him.” These heavenly signs appeared before my eyes; they revealed the future to me.” – Qorchi of the Ba’arin tribe was sent a heavenly sign. The Secret History of the Mongols.

Now having a tribe which extended beyond just his blood relatives, Temujin called for a kuriltai (assembly) where those who attended also voted in favor of assigning Temujin the title of Chinggis Qa’an. Chinggis Qa’an then sent envoys to his oath father To’oril (who was happy to hear the news) and his oath brother Jamuqa (who was angered that his own men had sided with Temujin Khan). Jamuqa’s younger brother was then killed by one of Temujin Khan’s tribesmen after robbing their herd of horses from them. This was enough for Jamuqa to assemble his thirteen camps of thirty thousand against Chinggis Qa’an. After repelling Chinggis Qa’an at the Battle of Dalan Balzhut, Jamuqa had some of those that had deserted him to join Chinggis Qa’an tortured and killed.

^ Mongol (2007). My snapshot, Jamuqa.

Jamuqa had the princes of the Chinòs boiled alive in seventy cauldrons. Having cut off the head of Chaqa’an U’a of the Ne’üs, he dragged it away bound to the tail of his horse.” – The Secret History of the Mongols, 129.

Now in 1201 CE Mongolian and Tatar (Turkish) tribes assembled and chose Jamuqa to lead them as their Gur-Khan (universal chief of khans, used mostly by the Turco-Mongol empire of Kara Khitai):”‘Let us raise Jamuqa the Jajirat as qan’, they jointly hacked the backs of a stallion and a mare and together swore an oath of friendship.” Some of the tribes he now ruled were ones that had wronged Chinggis Qa’an (Temujin) and his ancestors, most importantly the Turkish Tatars and the Mongolian Naimans. By taking the title Gur-Khan, Jamuqa was effectively challenging and undermining his older brother To’oril Ong Qan who was the regional overlord. Jamuqa would continue warring with his older brother (To’oril Ong Qan) and his oath brother (Chinggis Qa’an).

^ Mongol (2007). My snapshot, Jamuqa. 

Temujin Khan wanted to strengthen the alliance between himself and his oath father To’oril Ong Qan by arranging marriages between their children but To’oril’s son (Nilqa Senggüm) refused to do so, pressuring To’oril into unintentionally disrespecting and placing himself above Temujin Khan by refusing, a rift grew between the two. To’oril’s brother (Jamuqa) and son (Senggüm) were able to trick and convince To’oril into joining them against Temujin Khan. While they wished to handle the issue of Temujin Khan violently, To’oril Ong Qan tried to convince them to instead rob Chinggis Qa’an (Temujin) of his people and in turn strip him of power. “The best plan is to go ahead and capture Temujin’s people. If his people are taken away from him and he is left without them, what can he do (TSHotM, 166)?” The ‘Secret History of the Mongols’ goes to great lengths to describe the pain, anguish and torment To’oril and Chinggis Qa’an went through when pitted into this impossible position.

Khan, my father, why turn against me? Don’t you recall how we swore allegiance?  Were we not like oxen pulling together, or like the wheels on a two-wheeled cart? Did not Yesugei, my father, come to your help? Were you two not sworn brothers? Did you not say ‘I will repay your favor to your children’s children’? When you were cast out, surviving with five goats, drinking the blood of your camels, did I not restore you? When you were plundered by the Naimans, did I not send my four greatest men, my four ‘war horses’, to help you, and save your son? So why, khan my father, do you turn against me?” – The Secret History of the Mongols.

To’oril Ong Qan: “How can I separate from my child, my son (Chinggis Qa’an)? Because until now he has been our support, is it right to harbor evil intentions against him? We shall not be loved by Heaven (Tengri)” (TSHotM, 167). In the end To’oril’s fear of losing his son Senggüm to this dispute pressured him into siding against Chinggis (Temujin). After losing a great clash Jamuqa Gur-Khan and To’oril Ong Qan fled, the latter was mistakenly killed by a Naiman bodyguard. To compensate for this, the Naiman queen asked that To’oril’s head should be brought to her so she could atone for this mistake. She placed To’oril’s head on a sacred white felt cloth at the back of her ger (yurt, tent), a place of great honor. 

^ Mongol (2007). My snapshot, Jamuqa before Temujin. 

A ceremony then commenced in which the queen prayed and offered wine to the head as if he was still alive since the head of a person was seen as the seat of their soul. All the while her daughters-in-law danced and sang while musicians played their morin huur (horsehead fiddles). When the Naiman Khan supposedly saw the head of To’oril Ong Qan smile or laugh at him he fell into a panic in which he kicked the head off of the sacred white felt cloth and stomped it to a pulp. After Jamuqa’s final defeat, he fled and was later turned over to Chinggis Qa’an (Temujin) by his own people, who were executed for their betrayal. Chinggis still saw Jamuqa as his sworn blood brother so he tried to convince Jamuqa into joining him: 

Now the two of us are united. Let us be companions! If we become each of us like one of the two shafts of a cart, would you think of separating yourself from me and being on your own? Now that we are together once more, let us each remind the other of what he has forgotten, let us each wake up the other who has fallen asleep. Although you separated from me and went a different way, you remain my lucky, blessed sworn friend. On the day one kills and is killed, surely your heart was aching for me. Although you separated from me and went a different way, on the day one fights one another, your lungs and heart were aching for me.” – The Secret History of the Mongols.

^ Mongol (2007). “I’ll always be a rock in your boot”.

Jamuqa Gur-Khan replies to Chinggis Qa’an (Temujin), his oath brother:

In early days when we were small, in the Qorqonaq Valley I agreed with my sworn friend the Qan to become sworn friends: together we ate food that is not to be digested, to each other we spoke words that are not to be forgotten, together we were under our blanket sharing it between us (a common non-sexual custom still done today), but stirred up by someone coming between us, pricked by someone standing at the side, we parted for good. Saying to myself that we had exchanged weighty words, the skin of my black face peeled off in shame; and so I have been living unable to come near you, unable to see the friendly face of my sworn friend the Qan. Saying to myself that we had exchanged unforgettable words, the skin of my red face came off in shame; and so I have been living unable to see the true face of my sworn friend with a long memory.

Now my sworn friend the Qan shows favour to me and says, “Let us be companions!” But when it was the time for being companions, I was not one. Now, sworn friend, You have pacified all our people, You have unified all other peoples, and the Qan’s throne has been assigned to you. Now that the world is at your disposal, of what use would I be as a companion to you? On the contrary, O my sworn friend, I would intrude into your dreams in the dark night, I would trouble your heart in the bright day, I would be a louse in your collar, I would be a thorn in the inner lapel of your coat. ‘I had many paternal grandmothers. When I became disloyal to my sworn friend I made a mistake. Now, in this life – that of the sworn friend and me – my fame has indeed passed from sunrise to sunset.” – The Secret History of the Mongols.

If you want to show favour to me, let me die swiftly and your heart will be at rest. And if you condescend to have me put to death, let them kill me without shedding blood. When I lie dead, my bones buried in a high place, for ever and ever I shall protect you and be a blessing to the offspring of your offspring.” – The Secret History of the Mongols.

Despite their tumultuous relationship, Chinggis (Temujin) honored him by giving him an honorable death without bloodshed and burying him in a high place per their custom. It is believed that Chinggis buried his sworn blood brother Jamuqa with a golden belt Chinggis gave him when they renewed their oath of brotherhood. 

He ordered that Jamuqa be put to death without his blood being shed and that his body should not be abandoned in the open, but be given a fitting burial. He had Jamuqa executed there and then, and had his body buried as arranged.” – The Secret History of the Mongols.

^ Mongol (2007). My snapshot, Temujin.

With the deaths of Jamuqa and To’oril, Chinggis Qa’an (Temujin) effectively became the de facto overlord of the Mongolian Steppe. In 1206 CE the majority of their neighboring Mongolian and Turkish tribes gathered at a kuriltai (assembly) to accepted the forty-four years old Chinggis as their Qan (Khan).

And so, when the people of the felt-walled tents had been brought to allegiance, in the Year of the Tiger (1206 CE) they all gathered at the source of the Onan River. They hoisted the white standard with nine tails (yak) and there they gave Chinggis Qa’an the title of qan (Khan).” – The Secret History of the Mongols.

As far as the eye can see, gers spread out for miles in every direction. The event was celebrated with feasts, music and sports. The eriin gurvan naadam (“three manly games”) were wrestling, archery and horse racing. Music filled the air from day till nightfall; chanting, drums were pounded on, morin huur (horse-head fiddle) were played and the Mongols vocalized their tradition Mongolian throat-singing.

  • Head over to my post, “GENGHIS KHAN, THE STALLION WHO MOUNTS THE WORLD”, to read more about how Genghis Khan was pressured into campaigning out of China toward Central Asia (Kara Khitai Khanate), to Greater Iran (Khwarezmian Empire), to the frontier of Eastern Europe (Medieval Russia and Ukraine) and back to China. I also cover Mongol shamanism and their tolerance of foreign religions, the famed ‘Yam’ pony express, their tactical use of captives and their massive deportation policy.
  • To read up on the early history of the Mongols, check out my post ‘THE MONGOLS AND THE RISE OF GENGHIS KHAN’. In this post I speak about the Mongolian transition from seemingly insignificant tribal confederacies into an empire that was four times the size of Alexander’s and twice the size of the Roman’s. I cover their military tactics, some of their battle formations, armaments, their rapid adaptation of foreign technologies, and their secretive order of bodyguards known as the Keshik. During Genghis Khan’s early reign the Mongols warred against themselves and their fellow steppe neighbors as well as Northern China’s Western Xia dynasty (Tanguts: Tibeto-Burmese) and eastern Jinn dynasty (Tungusic Jurchens who were Sinicized).

“Through the quiet, the singing pulled at her. Sansa turned toward the sept. Two stableboys followed, and one of the guards whose watch was ended. Others fell in behind them.

Sansa had never seen the sept so crowded, nor so brightly light: great shafts of rainbow-colored sunlight slanted down through the high windows, and candles burned on every side, their little flames twinkling like stars. ”—ACoK

Oh wow. This is such a great Jonsa marriage foreshadowing. Simply beautiful.

Accident - Jason DiLaurentis Imagine

Requested by anonymous

“Hello?” you said, picking up your phone.

“Oh my god, Y/N.”

“Jason? What’s going on?” you asked nervously, hearing the pain in his voice. You had a huge argument with your boyfriend of six months only an hour earlier and you were worried he may have returned to his previous habits.

“Y/N,” Jason moaned again.

“Jason, what is going on?” you asked, as the phone began to break up. “Jason?! Jason!” you shouted but there was no longer an answer. You texted Emily, knowing she was with Jason, or was suppose to be, but she didn’t respond. You had to do something, what if he was hurt? You pulled your phone out again and called Spencer.

“What’s going on?” you asked as she answered.


“Where is Emily?”

“Her and Jason went to his dad’s- wait, didn’t he tell you this?”

“That’s not important, Spencer. Has Emily texted you?”

“No. Wait, she just sent me a SOS,” she said sheepishly. 

“Me too,” you said as your phone buzzed. “I’ll be over in five,” you said as you hung up the phone and grabbed your keys. 

“Hey,” Hanna said when you arrived at Spencer’s house. 

“What’s going on?”

“Y/N,” Aria said, placing a hand on your shoulder. “We don’t know yet, we’re gonna head down to the hospital right now.”

“The hospital?!” you asked desperately. The girls looked at you sympathetically as you followed them to Spencer’s car.

You pulled up to the hospital and rushed in. 

“Jason DiLaurentis,” Spencer said at the front desk. 


You spun around and saw Emily walking towards you.

“Emily, what is going on?” you asked for the third time that night.

“Jason and I went to his dad’s apartment to get the picture. We were on our way back up when the elevator came to a stop. Jason lifted up the doors so I could get out, and once I did, he started to come down when the elevator plummeted to the floor.” You sat there silent for a moment taking in what happened.

“Can- can I see him?” you asked hesitantly. Emily nodded and led you down the hall. You walked through the door Emily indicated and closed it behind you. The girls let you go on by yourself for a while. 

“Emily?” Jason asked hoarsely.

“No, it’s me,” you said, making yourself seen. This as the first time you got to see the damage Jason had and it took your breath away. He was strung up in so many different wires and cords, he could barely move. “Jason,” you whispered to yourself as you walked towards him.

“Did Em call you?” he asked. You nodded. “Good.”

“How do you feel?” you asked, knowing it was a stupid question. He felt like shit, he just fell down an elevator shaft. 

“Not great,” he said bitterly. You sighed and he looked at you concerned. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine,” you said dismissively. You both sat in silence for a while. Spencer came in and saw the uncomfortable tension.

“I was just bringing Jason water,” she said as she swiftly exited the room.

“I’m sorry about earlier,” he said finally breaking the silence. You stood up and looked at him, beginning to pace a bit. You didn’t really wanna talk about this right now.. He placed an arm on your waist and sat you down on the bed next to him. “I know it’s not your fault that A keeps threatening our relationship. It’s - it’s just so hard not being able to do anything to protect you. To protect us. I was way out of hand.” You placed a hand on his chest, and he covered yours with his. “I love you, you know?”

“Yes, Jason. I know. It just felt like you were attacking me, and with A actually attacking me, I needed you to be there for me. I’m sorry about the things that I said. I was so terrified when you called me, and then when it broke off. I thought- I thought you might-”

“You thought I went back to my old ways?” Jason finished. You nodded.

“I know it’s crazy, and I should have more faith in you but, it was the first thing that came to mind. One of the worst things that came to mind as well.”

“It’s not crazy. I understand,” he said with a squeeze of your hand. “But have a little bit more faith in me, babe.”

“I love you, and I have faith in you,” you whispered, leaning over to kiss his soft lips. He flinched slightly and you pulled away. “Sorry.”

“I didn’t say stop,” he said with a laugh. You kissed him quickly but didn’t forget about the pain he was in. You laid down next to him and he shifted slightly so you could both fit. You laid your head on his strong chest and concentrated on his breathing.

“I will kill whoever did this to you,” you said before Jason and you fell asleep.

A/N: Walking Dead reference! Brownie points to whoever gets it! 💜

@ tf fandom: why the fuck don’t y’all like bulkhead

what did he do wrong. why are y’all like this


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//Chen x you ❤️

Word count: 3,290

Rating: explicit

So thanks to @hidaulie I got to see this post, and yeah. No plot whatsoever.

If year ago somebody told you that you would sit on the hotel’s double bed in your lingerie (specially matched for this occasion), watching TV on the 55inches screen, waiting for your boyfriend to clean their face from the rest of the makeup, you would have a field day mocking that somebody.

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avataviking  asked:

Hello, I was writing to you but my internet turned off((( So this is the second time)) Did you analized between eggs exlode in gotnf and Toothless's explode the ice,sorry for my english i limited in words. We don't now of course if eggs of furies explode but if so, this is parallel or something like this. If a little one can explode thing it is ok that this big can do with the ice. And Toothless started to glow cause of huge energe he used for this bang.. and not because he became the alpha.

Wow! Your ideas are really thoughtful and insightful. I had not thought of that before at all… you have a really unique idea, and I think it is an amazing parallel. You can see a beautiful symbolism between how dragon eggs hatch and how Toothless emerges, as I see it anyway, as the alpha dragon in HTTYD 2. 

In both the books and the movies of How to Train Your Dragon, dragon eggs explode. Baby dragons “hatch” from their eggs with a literal “bang.” You’re right that we never see if Night Fury eggs explode in the same way as other dragons - in fact, the only breed of dragon whose eggs explode in Gift of the Night Fury is the Gronckle. Gronckles are the same species whose eggs explode on Berk and, to Hiccup’s perspective, on Dragon Island. Even The Book of Dragons short does not give more information about how dragon eggs hatch across all the species.

Whenever I cannot get any information or contradictory evidence from the DreamWorks movies, I turn to the books for grounding my arguments of the HTTYD world. In “The Day of the Dreader,” the eggs Toothless watches over are not said to explode, but for the dragon to punch through and crack open the eggshell themselves.

…crooked lines appeared all over the lime-green surface of the egg.
A hard little head punched its head through the eggshell (it had to be hard, for the shells of dragon eggs are a centimeter thick). A tiny little dragon, with huge eyes and a black smudge on the end of its nose, blinked back at an astonished Toothless.

However, the author also wrote in “The Complete Book of Dragons” the following passage. It works similarly to what happens in “The Day of the Dreader,” where Toothless warms the eggs up before they hatch. But there’s one extra important detail that is slightly important, and which we could backtrack to imagine occurred in “The Day of the Dreader” too. Namely:

Roll the [dragon] egg into the fire, then wait. Eventually the egg itself will burst into flames. It will begin to shake and steam and turn darker in color. As the egg cracks, great shafts of lightning will burst through those cracks, setting fire to all it touches with bright blue flames, until finally… the egg explodes. (pp 69-70).

From all this we can glean a fairly cohesive picture of dragon hatchings across the species. It appears, from what we know about dragons hatching, that basically all dragon eggs explode. Dragons have a very defined, notable moment of birth when they explode out of the shell… and enter the world as new dragons.

As you said yourself, this is a huge parallel to what happens to Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon 2. There is a defined moment - an EXACT SECOND - when we know that he has become something greater… a new alpha dragon.

This moment. Boom.

Toothless is completely encased in ice, almost like a caterpillar in a cocoon metamorphosing into a butterfly. Under this enormous pressure, this defining moment in Toothless’ life changes him. I talk about Toothless’ change a bit more here under the supposition he might have become a Titan Wing (though also might not… I am ambivalent anymore to what he is classified as). Regardless of what Toothless becomes, though, the idea is that he changes radically right here right now. That link explains why I think the change happens at this specific point in time. Essentially, the idea is that a combination of Toothless’ age and his shocking adverse situation leads him to unleash a latent ability, glow blue, and burst out of the ice.

In a way, then, Toothless is hatching. To go back to Cressida Cowell’s book, Toothless has been rolled toward a fire. He is in a horrible situation where his life - and Hiccup’s - are threatened by Drago. All of Berk is under attack. This is a metaphorical fire that warms him up and gets him prepared to hatch. And then, exactly like dragon eggs hatch in the books, “great shafts of lightning will burst through those cracks, setting fire to all it touches with bright blue flames.”

Toothless starts his life as an alpha down to the detail of blue fire akin to how baby dragons start their own life. 

Just like baby dragon eggs explode all at once in a defining second of their life, Toothless changes from a youth to an adult in this short moment.

How to Train Your Dragon 2, after all, is not just about Hiccup’s coming of age from boy to man, from uncertain young man to the chief of his tribe. How to Train Your Dragon 2 is also about Toothless growing into the leader of his species. THIS moment when Toothless bursts free from the ice is exactly like him hatching out of an egg. This is the defining moment Toothless changes into his own role as the leader of dragons.

But like an infant dragon, Toothless’ life at this stage has only just begun. A baby emerges, exploding from its egg, with a whole new world and life journey ahead of it. It needs guidance, life experiences, and learning to become an actualized adult years down the road.

Toothless himself is going to have to go through a huge learning curve. His life of leadership as a dragon alpha is completely new territory for him. He does not yet have the experience to be the incredible alpha dragon he will be later in his life. This, I feel, is the content to the third movie, paralleling Hiccup’s own settling into role as Viking chief.

Guess we’ll see in 2018.

I want to add in one more important explosion into the How to Train Your Dragon DreamWorks franchise and how it, too, symbolizes a coming of age, a sudden burst from one stage of life to another.

Hiccup’s own transformation from boy to man comes in a split second here.

Yes, I am actually going to make this analogy. The instant Hiccup’s childhood terminates is from an explosion.

You can actually create a strong parallel between this moment with Hiccup and when Toothless is encased in ice a short moment later. Both Hiccup and Toothless have their life threatened. Then, in a split second, everything changes for them, and they have to stand up to responsibilities they were not expecting to assume for many years. As a consequence of each explosion, Hiccup and Toothless become adults and leaders, standing up to fight against Drago, taking their stand to protect their people from danger. 

The thing about these explosions is that they cause both harm and good. We see that in an amusing way in Gift of the Night Fury. The babies do not mean harm when they explode from their eggs; however, when those eggs hatch in the Berk village, they do EXTENSIVE damage to the buildings around them. In order for the happiness of birth to occur, there has to be first a climactic, impacting, potentially hazardous event. The most hazardous explosion comes from Hiccup’s own coming of age… but the parallel is there.

That is the way it is in our own lives. We grow, we become, we change because of the painful explosions in our lives. We become something better often when situations blow up in our face. It is what happened, literally, to both Hiccup and Toothless. There is a burst, there is an explosion… and then there is some good that comes out of it.

I am ecstatic beyond belief you brought up the parallel of dragon eggs hatching and Toothless hatching into adulthood. There really is an enormous symbolism of Toothless emerging from the ice, bursting outwards, in the same way that a baby dragon comes to life out of its egg. Toothless is “born” here. He becomes an alpha dragon, emerging from a shell of ice.

uchisuke  asked:

Hey Audric! Haven't spoken to you in awhile ^_^ You may have answered something like this already (and if you have then you can just ignore me), but what do you think Kishi could've done better (or more of) that would've made the manga better? I want to know your thoughts :)

Whenever someone asks this, the first thing that always comes to my mind is that I feel that Kishi should have focused less on Naruto and Sasuke. It was almost as if the sheer amount of focus that was placed on those two essentially siphoned much needed and deserved attention away from other characters. They became God-tier ninjas and completely left their peers in the dust, gaining power up after power up, and some of them were just completely unnecessary. That’s one of the reasons why the Sasuke Retrieval arc was my favourite arc in the manga, because it was the final time when Naruto and Sasuke were shown as being on par with their peers, and they all had their moments in the spotlight.

Through his continuous power ups of Naruto and Sasuke, Kishi gave Naruto the Jesus no jutsu, allowing him to negate Gai’s inevitable death due to the use of the 8th gate, and also enabling him to restore Kakashi’s eye. Therefore, through one power up out of nowhere, Naruto surpassed Sakura in the field of healing, something which she had trained tirelessly for years in order to reach the level she had attained. Naruto eclipsed her in an instant. I just couldn’t accept that. While needlessly trying to make Naruto seem even more like a god, Kishi took a shit on so much of Sakura’s hard work. I’m sure he didn’t intend to do so, but it was careless. There was no need to give Naruto yet another ability out of nowhere. Why not give that power up to Sakura, you know, your main heroine who’s actually an expert in medical jutsu?

Another thing I feel as though he could have done differently was not make Naruto some super special “Child of Prophecy”. The story started off depicting him as a common nobody who prevails against the odds through hard work and perseverance. But then, you found out that:

  • His father was the 4th Hokage.
  • His mother was the previous Jinchuuriki for Kurama.
  • He was the “Child of Prophecy” according to the Toad Sages.
  • He was the reincarnation of Ashura.

And was therefore anything but just a common loser; Naruto’s heritage screamed elite, which I feel went against what he was originally being depicted as. And quite honestly, that was annoying. The common, untalented ninja who succeeded through hard work was one of the things that made a character like Lee so likeable, and Naruto was like that too, until Pt.2 changed that.

Now this next point kinda links with the first one. Because Naruto and Sasuke got so much attention, other characters didn’t get the attention they deserved, and one character in particular who got shafted really disappointed me:

When Anko was first introduced, she was instantly my favourite female character. She seemed like a really interesting, badass character with a troubled history, kind of like a toned down, female version of Sasuke. I felt as though she could have been that lone wolf, take no shit type of kunoichi, especially since she also had the Curse Seal. If Kishi had chosen to expand on that, we potentially could have had a story line where maybe Anko and Sasuke bonded over their Curse Seal troubles. Seeing as how they not only had similarities in personality, but they also had links with Orochmaru, it would have been really cool to see Anko acting as maybe a protective, big sister figure to Sasuke. The potential was definitely there.

This is why it was all the more disappointing when she was kind of just forgotten about. Anko wasn’t a character like for example Samui, who I’m sure the majority of fans remember for her chest alone. Anko had a lot of depth to her; she was literally a blank canvas full of possibilities due to her character and ties with very dynamic individuals (with my favourite possibility being stated above). But Kishi instead decided to throw the canvas away instead of allowing it to fulfill its vast potential.

Anko was never even shown activating the Curse Seal in the story. She even shared the same Seal as Sasuke, yet another similarity between them. Think about how cool it could’ve been to see her looking out for Sasuke and tutoring him in how to suppress the seal? (Or use/control it, depending on which Angle Kishi may have decided to go with).

It was stated that only 1 in 10 people survive the Seal adapting to your body. So why not show why Anko was part of that special 10%? Too much emphasis was placed on Naruto and Sasuke in the story. A lot of the excess spotlight could have been given to those characters who were deserving of more attention, and Anko was definitely one of them. Unfortunately, due to her severe lack of screen time, her position as my favourite female was usurped by Temari, Konan and Sakura respectively, but Anko always held my number 4 spot, solely for what could have been.

Ok so I went on a major Anko rant there, my apologies Olivia, lol. But you asking me this just reminded me of a few very irritating gripes I had with the story, not least of which was how much I loved Anko, and how disappointing it was to see such a potentially great character get shafted.

anonymous asked:

Recommend some anime shaft head tilt?

  • Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
  • Monogatari series
  • Arakawa Under The Bridge
  • ef - A Tale of Memories + Melodies
  • Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
  • Nisekoi
  • Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko (if only for the art and the animation since the story is not very great)
  • Koufuku Graffiti