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The problem is that representation won't make a shitty book good out of a sudden... I was really happy in the beginning of the series to see a Latino character, but then he turned to be a very badly developed character.... I really wish HoO had been a great series, because it surely had potential, but it just wasn't :/

Yes, for some if us, the books are shitty. I have been very vocal about my dislike for BoO but I am also an adult reading a book meant for kids, kids who read and love this book and see themselves in the characters. I hope that I had a Leo growing up, because I know that while my 24 years old self finds a lot of flaws on him, 10 years old me would have loved him no matter what.

Here is the thing, as much as we love the series, this series are not made for us, but for little kids and yes, those little kids love the book and don’t see the flaws, they don’t think they are shitty books, they want to grow up and be like Piper, Annabeth, Percy, Reyna, Leo! And they deserve the representation and I am going to defend this book series for this little kids and the next generation.

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related to the books with good adhd representation: the percy jackson and the olympians series is great ! when i was diagnosed with adhd i was reading this series and instead of feeling less than everyone else bc of my adhd i felt special bc i was like my favorite heroes from those books so I highly recommend it

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Hi, I'm learning Japanese from 2012, I'm still a beginner. Can you suggest me a site I can learn grammar, vocabulary and kanji for free for jlpt n4? Also, can you suggest me books easy for reading? I had books in Japanese but I struggle reading

JLPT Bootcamp has testing advice and free practice tests if you plan on taking the JLPT (””). It also has links to JLPT level specific kanji and vocab Memrise pages. You can also check out my JLPT and Grammar tags and Tofugu (the link goes to an article on studying for the JLPT with kids newspapers but the whole site is worth a browse including their side projects WaniKani & TextFugu). This person on youtube also has cool self study tips and resources videos. 

Textbook-wise, I’m personally very fond of Genki and Tobira (though Tobira is more N3 I think). Nihongo So-matome has a great series of JLPT specific grammar lessons and drills, but I think they start at N3.

Books-wise, Chii’s Sweet Home and (I’m told anyway) Yatsuba To are very beginner friendly as are books directed at Japanese first graders like “Naze? Doushite? Kagaku no Ohanashi”. If you can afford them, White Rabbit Press graded readers are very well made and tailored to specific JLPT levels. : #Lucratif365 :: Whatever you are, be a good one.  Better yet, be the best one.

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