great screenshots or best screenshots


Shirou being the big bro, saying “Atsuya !” with a firm and authoritative voice, and with such a face like that… I’m not still over it. Atsuya looks at him like he knows he should not saying too much things he could regret.. x) But the gaze he’s sending to him… I just really love it.

I just discovered that I never actually made a post saying what time I was going to do a liveblog this week!


I thought about it a lot to the point that I thought I had actually done that thing, but it turns out I didn’t. I didn’t do that thing. 

So uh, surprise liveblog time? Right now?

SophiaBush: when you’re trying to FaceTime bae from the hotel to tell her all the things, but she isn’t picking up 😂 #SendAwkwardScreenshots #BreytonFeels #AboutLastNight