Just watched the producers preview and the only question I have is, how in the world can Laurel of all people fight three LoA members at the same time? Diggle being able to fight them (without guns) is questionable, but Laurel? A person who couldn’t take down a common street thug last week? That’s just perplexing.

Her fighting just took me out of what looks like a great scene with great stunts. I wish it didn’t, but I honestly can’t believe it. And I know Oliver once said it’s not about skill, it’s about heart… But with with the LoA it’s like asking someone to successfully jump across a 20ft wide river without falling in which is just impossible. Heart matters, but when it comes to dealing with assassins who’ve been trained for most of their lives, skills matters just as much. And even though Laurel has trained with Nyssa for about a month or two, it still isn’t enough for me to believe that she’d gain enough skill to go against the LoA members. 

Not saying that she shouldn’t be there, but I wish the writers would at least try to make her ascension to BC more believable. 

# Ask Lana. May 3, 2015

Well, no comments because it’s not a secret:) It’s a fact. It’s just nice to hear it from Lana)

Really? I am disappointed to be honest. I’m all for fighting for your love but when it’s someone like RH… I don’t know. I think TWO people should be fighting for THEIR love. Only then it is worth fighting for. And what’s happening with Regina right now is BS, not love.

That’s not an answer. The possibility of the choice means they are both very much alive, don’t you think? Cop out.

Well, that’s an obvious question:) I guess more interesting choice would be between Henry and Emma. But even then it would be Henry. Plus Emma would beg Regina to save THEIR son. So it’s not really a question because everybody knows the answer. But nevertheless it would be such a great scene!

Music to my ears. If Lana is not sure and she is supposed to be promoting OQ I think it’s a pretty good sign:)

Same, Lana, same. For some reason Regina Mills is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hotter and more lovable♥♥♥

those SQ pictures are great, and most definitely have some Snowing vibes


Has anyone really noticed Emma’s outfit? She’s not dressed as a royal or a knight, she looks more like a pirate. Look at the type of sword she has, it’s not a knights sword, it’s a sailor/pirate’s sword. Also look at the edges of her gloves, the design kind of looks like little “hooks,” and also if she were to put on a long leather coat she would be wearing Hooks outfit from S2-3. I’m thinking she might be one of Hook’s shipmates, maybe works for/with Hook.

I’m not saying we wont see some great SQ scenes, also hoping for some interesting and fun Swan-Mills family scenes. It definitely looks like Emma is trying to protect Regina. I’m guessing since Rumple is a knight (looks like it at least) he’ll be after Regina (since she is in the role of Snow), or he is after Emma since she’s (potentially) a pirate/delinquent and Regina will want to help Emma. I wonder if Emma ran away from home and ended up “befriended” by Hook, now evil queen!Snow will capture her and lock her up in that tower from the promo. 

I don’t know, I’m just trying to be very careful. Not get my hope too high, especially after the last episode.

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Wait? Not all of you know about that deleted…



taron is always going on about it and how he “thinks” it’ll be on the dvd

VAUGHN:  Oh no, they’re so important. Family screenings or test screenings, they’re really important, because even you get close – the thing I want to know is – is it too long or too confusing? There was this section, for example, when Eggsy starts learning how to be a gentlemen we had this long two and a half minute scene of Colin teaching Eggsy how to eat, about breakfast and how all the cutlery works. It was a really great scene, but the problem was where it was we were trying to keep the narrative trussed to the danger of Valentine. When you’ve got Valentine saying, “I’m going to destroy the world” and you cut to them having breakfast and learning about eating, it didn’t work, even as much as we loved the scene, it let the audience off the hook. It felt like you were watching Downton Abbey with a twist. So that went in that section purely for pace.

Likewise, in the first act there’s a really fun sequence of a thirty year old Michael Caine, who we’re doing digitally, robbing a bank in a way that only Michael Caine could, but again, it was too much in the first act. We had to settle in and then going off on this tangent of seeing Michael Caine robbing a bank in Russia in the ’60s – it was fun to watch, but it just took you out the movie. it was too much. So the sequences like that that were in and then you could feel the audience sort of sagging a bit, and I mean how can you sag watching young Michael Caine robbing a bank? How? But it wasn’t the right thing for the narrative. That’s what I think is wrong with too many movies in Hollywood. They don’t think about narrative, they think about the biggest spectacle, which is cool, but after a while just too much of it gets boring.

and heres matthew and taron talking about it http://www.mtv.co.uk/kingsman-the-secret-service/news/the-kingsman-secret-service-cast-talk-unintentionally-sexy-deleted-scenes?adbid=558290555721879552&adbpl=tw&adbpr=16807528&vcs=social39208247

Just got back from seeing the new Avengers movie and you know what?  I really, really liked it.  I was concerned going in because of all the hate I saw on the internet, but I really enjoyed it.  Was it perfect?  No, but it was still very good!  The dialogue was great, the action scenes were visually stunning and I thought the Natasha/Bruce romance subplot was actually quite endearing.  Just because a woman in involved with romance doesn’t detract from her character, like Jesus Christ they way people were going on made it seem like it was the entire focus of the movie.  I thought it was cute.

All in all, really solid movie and Marvel and Joss Whedon have continued to please me immensely.


I don’t want to feel it. I don’t think I can. I don’t think I even want to.