great scene

That one scene from chapter 6 of The Big Three Alliance(¬ ‿ ¬) 

Jason hovered both his hands near Nico’s cheeks. “May I?”

Nico had no idea what the hands were for, but he nodded anyway.

Jason cupped his cheeks and began to gently wipe Nico’s tears using his thumbs. It surprised Nico, he definitely wasn’t expecting that. Jason’s hands were cold and it made him shudder when their skin made contact. But it was a good kind of cold and Nico decided he liked it. 

You have to understand how beautiful my draft for this piece was. Nikthan and I decided to draw the same scene! So here’s his version


- I knew that when I kissed this girl..I would be forever wed to her. So I stopped… I stopped and I waited, I wanted for a moment longer.

- He knew that his mind would never again be free to romp like the mind of God. That falling in love would change his destiny. Forever.

- Then I just let myself go…

This movie is so fucking perfect.

strawhat-titan  asked:

Hey Hajimama thank you for making attack on Titan I look forward to it so much every month it is really important to me, your an amazing person and artist, and I wanted to ask what was the hardest thing for you to draw in the manga. I hope you have a great day :)

Some fight scenes are pretty hard tbh

Comics to Read, August 24

Time for another week of comics! Here’s this week’s picks and we’ll start with a number one.

I loved, loved, loved Ted Kord as Blue Beetle especially during the Blue and Gold days. And while I was sad to lose him I loved, loved, loved Jaime Reyes first run. Hated last thing about the new 52 run. But now? Now we have Ted and Jaimie together. FINALLY! Also Brenda and Paco and Mrs. Reyes and Milago!!! Keith Giffin, of course, knows his way around Ted Kord. His joined by Scott Kolins and Romulo Fajardo, Jr. on art. The result? One of my favorite new comics of Rebirth. 

I’m mightily impressed with the work that Hope Larson has done on Barbara Gordon so far. Still traveling in Singapore, Barbara is both getting some love and kicking some ass. The art on this is great - Rafael Albuquerque does great fight scenes and more intimate ones as well. There’s a fun Easter Egg for those of you who are long time Babs fans. Let me know if you caught it.

Steve is being held captive. And there is the appearance of a character that fans of the writer will recognize. Otherwise? Just indulge in the best Wonder Woman run in years.

This is a fun, fun book. Pere Perez is on art and you know he also did Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl run which had a similar tone. So if you aren’t reading this and liked that run, pick this up. 

That’s it for me this week. What’s on your list?

FIC REC - Bonnie/Damon

title: Seeing Stars
author: Coraxes // @attolirene
category: the vampire diaries
rating: teen
genre: romance/friendship
status: wip
word count: 6k+ 
summary:  Bonnie’s sick of Mystic Falls, and death might be the only chance she has to get out of it. Damon comes along too, of course. [Bamon ficlet series, 1994 AU. No Kai.]

why you should read it: both bonnie and damon are in character. the snap-shot quality of each scene is great and really gives weight to each individual moment. the banter is fantastic and very them. the slow burn is nicely paced, giving us little moments where it’s clear they want more even if they’re in denial. it’s fun, well written, and worth the read. 

read: AO3 | FFnet
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