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my daily to-do lists are shorter this summer because i’m working full time, so i’m experimenting with spreads a little. last week’s was “3 things i’m proud i accomplished each day.”



if any of my followers are fans of GBBO im just letting u know that a new season of ‘the great pottery throwdown’ starts tonight at 8 on BBC2 and its like GBBO but with pottery and there’s a kindly judge who cries almost every episode due to his overwhelming love of pottery and its just. perfect british tv and if you like shows like GBBO id definitely recommend watching pottery throwdown and if u watch it and u liked it pls let me know!!

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vicky!!! i just spent 6 hours straight working on my first pot for ceramics class that's due tomorrow i'm!!! super proud of it and myself bc i think it is rly good,,, ((also i spent 9 hours total today workin on it and i like. never felt discouraged or unmotivated!!!)) sorry this is random it's just my first time workin with clay nd i'm rly excited,,,

wow!!! that’s something to b proud of!!! i’m happy for u and a little jealous bc after watching all these ceramics videos on stim blogs i have a desire to try out pottery-ing!!!

great job good shit bud

RFA High School HCs Favorite Classes

The 3rd installment in the series is here! (1st, 2nd 4th 4th(cont) 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th ) Feel free to request high school scenarios if you enjoy these. You guys are probably better brainstormers than I am. XD 


  • For some reason REALLY loves his home ec class.
  • Cooking, sewing, cleaning… he finds it so fascinating.
  • He especially loves making pancakes (Jumin’s route, am I right?)
  • The first time he… uh… used baking soda instead of baking powder…
  • And anyone with basic cooking knowledge knows how that turned out
  • When his food turns out bad he looks absolutely devastated.
  • The teacher meets his dead eyes and just flips.
  • “Jumin, Jumin! Don’t worry, I’ll let you try again. You can redo it! You can redo it! Just… Just don’t-”
  • And that’s how Jumin learned to make pancakes and nothing else
  • But, omg, he loves taking care of the robot baby the most. 
  • I mean, he just secretly switches it out with Elizabeth the 3rd and then…
  • “I can see her all day. … … THIS IS THE BEST.”
  • The thing is, the robot baby has stuff programmed into it that calculate your grade based off of how well you did
  • And since Jumin didn’t do anything
  • He completely fails his home ec class. Poor Juju


  • This poor baby doesn’t do well at any of his core classes… 
  • Even in animal science, all he does is coo over all the animals
  • That makes the teacher very mad because he specifically said not to touch
  • Yoosung would be best at pottery.
  • At first all his cups would turn out lopsided
  • but over time he got so pro at it
  • Now he can beat the teacher.
  • And, you know it, they have competitions every day
  • Maybe Seven would be in class with him narrating the whole process
  • “And there he goes! What material is he choosing today… The great pottery master YOOSUNG! Boom boom, shaaaaaaaa”
  • And Yoosung wins every frickin time probably because his classmates don’t want to see him cry
  • The teacher is really salty but still gives him a passing grade
  • Yoosung is ecstatic because this is the first time he’s actually had fun passing a class if only he was this good at math or English


  • Jaehee’s the best at Chemistry.
  • She loves learning the details of things.
  • She doesn’t have as good a memory as Seven, but it’s pretty good regardless.
  • so she knows all the elements by the first week, plus their oxidation numbers, plus their most common compounds, plus… you get the point?
  • To her, chemistry is the only place where she can truly let go
  • so, in the labs, she’s the one with her hair frazzled and face blackened due to some “experiment” she was performing after completing the assigned work
  • Chem labs are supposed to have eye-washers, and she’s used it more than once 
  • Jae-chan your eyes are already bad (not really, her glasses are fake)
  • Her fav class lab is the one where you dip cotton balls into different liquids and light them on fire.
  • All the different colors are just so pretty
  • Her classmates are all happy that she’s showing some positive emotions for once
  • until she starts chasing them with flaming cotton balls


  • Everyone knows his favorite class is theater, but for sake of making it interesting, let’s say it wasn’t.
  • Zen loves English.
  • Due to him reading so many scripts, his vocabulary is huge
  • Because of it, his essays are so fabulous
  • His teacher love it and thus strokes Zen’s ego a hella ton more than he should
  • “Your diction is spectacular, Zen! Absolutely sensational!”
  • “I have to say, I am a sensation.”
  • Despite this, Zen fails all his vocab quizzes because he only knows adjectives
  • “What the hell is ‘largess…?’ ” *sighs*
  • Nobody likes it when students do live performances for projects because it’s just awkward
  • But when Zen performs…
  • “Mic check… one, two…”
  • Everyone is just speechless.
  • He captivates. And just like that: “Ah, I get it now.”
  • The meaning behind the passage that the teacher spent two full days trying to show was revealed instantly by Zen’s performance.


  • Physics. The genius is a genius.
  • It’s all math-based, so Seven knows everything from day 1.
  • He probably taught himself calculus in elementary school the smarty-pants
  • His favorite topic is projectiles. 
  • Why? Projectile labs, of course.
  • He knows exactly where everything is going to land
  • And eventually the teacher finds out, though it takes them a while.
  • “Oops, why did the egg hit your face? I was aiming for the target…”
  • “Luciel…” 
  • He is therefore banned from all projectile labs restraining order requested
  • Do not ask him for Physics homework help because he assumes everything
  • “Hey, Luciel, can you help me with this?”
  • “Okay, so you solve for time using y-velocity and use that to find your x-displacement.”
  • “Wait… where did you get that value for ‘a’?”
  • “Are you an idiot? That’s acceleration due to gravity. -9.8m/s.”
  • Yeah. He’s a terrible teacher. unlike fabulous Zen
  • What he is good at, however, is double checking answers. He’ll tell you straight out whether you’ve got the right answer or not.
  • “Hey, Luciel, is this right?”
  • “How the hell did you get that?”
  • Go easy on me God Seven ;;


  • This fuzzball loves animal science.
  • I’m sure you’re already imagining it
  • Allllllllll the smol cute photos
  • Fluffy chicks and ducks, kittens, puppies
  • Saeran holds them in his smol hands right next to his face and everything around him just brightens
  • He’s not wearing black anymore, it’s shining midnight blue
  • His black hair highlights aren’t creepy anymore, they’re shadows that add depth to this beautiful moment
  • Other classmates try to find ways to take photos with him and the animals
  • He’s so good at handling them that the teacher puts him in charge of them
  • He takes it so seriously
  • He’s there every day after school
  • He’ll often find himself with company as people want to see him with the animals
  • Feeding them… brushing them… cuddling…. *fangirl squeals*
  • doesn’t know how to act around so many people???
  • If there are too many visitors, though, he’ll chase them out with his death glare
  • If you come any closer I’ll… I’ll accept anything from you my smol emo child>~

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Random headcanon: a child of Hephaestus who isn't that great with machines, but then learns they're great with anything fabric. Like, if someone needs a dress, they can just look and make the exact pattern needed without having to measure anything. Or, if one of their younger siblings is upset, they can make a stuffed animal in less than 10 minutes. Just, they're so good with fabric and sewing machines and patterns... (I thought it would be cool. :D)

That’s awesome!! Someone sent me a headcanon about a hold of Hephaestus who is great at pottery, so it’s along those lines. And maybe their siblings make them a tip of the line sewing machine for their birthday and it has all kinds of awesome features like a snack dispenser and iPod dock! Very very cool! Thanks for sharing! xxx