great pose though


I was practising dynamic poses with some doodles and I really liked this one so I decided to colour it. And then I added the quote but I couldn’t decide which was better so yeah…

You will probably recognise the stock photo this was referenced from. You really don’t have to look far on google lol

Does anyone else watch Voltron and see this?! I love Coran a lot but he does have some very familiar design features…

to celebrate getting 100 followers (THANK YOU ALL!!) i drew this meme. he looks way too kawaii but oh well (edit: kawaii phil here!)


Deer doll progress!  Finished her cloth body and painted her sculpted bits, still some things to work out but for the most part finished! She’s fully poseable though can’t really stand on her own.  She’s great at sitting poses though!  Her sculpted parts are made from Sculpey III clay and took me, about 2 days to make.  Painting took another day.     Her body is cloth, took me two days to make the pattern and hand sew it.   I keep telling myself I need to start using my sewing machine!  Hand sewing takes forever.  And I wish now I’d used a prettier fabric for her body, because I like showing off her doll joints so much. Perhaps painting the fabric or dyeing it?  I don’t know.   I used buttons and beads for the joints.  Her hair is made from dyed teeswater sheep locks.

   Eventually want to make her a dress too, made a little concept sketch of what I’d like to do, no idea how to sew it but I didn’t know how to make a doll either and I muddled my way through that, lol.   But for now she’s wearing a raouken minifee corset (oh dear an excuse to further fuel my raouken corset addiction!)

I learned a lot making this and I have a lot of ideas how to do it better the next go around.  This one was large because I was going off the head which was a rejected faceplate attempt for my lillycat BJD.  I’d like to make smaller dolls, I think they’d do better being able to stand and having more stable joints in smaller size.  Just, you know, maddening to sew, ha!