great plains spca


Money is getting really tight with my family right now, so I decided to start doing commissions! Prices are starting off pretty cheap, because I want people to buy them, so please don’t hesitate!

I’m currently offering:

$1 pencil sketches (shown: @lightsandfrights’s Miso)

$2 pencil sketches colored with digital marker (shown: @goofyshelterdogs’s Ginger)

$3 pencil sketches with details/shading and simple coloring (shown: Crayola from Great Plains SPCA)

$3 simple pencil sketches with detailed coloring (shown: @tybeethesheltie’s Delta)

$4 quick and messy digital painting (shown: @muttdogs’s Kylo)

$5 digital paintings (shown: Damian from Great Plains SPCA and @salty-sighthound’s Brum)

$7 digital paintings (shown: @maxandmaeby’s Maeby and @tybeethesheltie’s Tybee)

Please message me if you want a portrait for more information on the process! And please reblog even if you’re not interested to help me out!!!