great plains spca

Chicago W9 Thursday

Tempo run that went better than I expected pace wise but wasn’t a solid run. Between the heat, the hills, and my hip rest breaks were required.

My marathon goal pace is 8:35 so I really made an effort to try to stay in the 8:45-8:55 range with a few miles close to goal pace. With the heat I’ll take that as acceptable. 

Our company volunteered at the SPCA today. We worked behind the scenes helping to organize all their donated items but we did get to go look at some of the dogs when we were finished. This shelter is one of the better animal shelters I’ve seen and some of the larger dogs get their own room (about the size of a small coat closet). I came across this little guy that would be the perfect buddy for my own 6# dog:

I think that pic was probably taken when he first arrived because he was nowhere near that timid when I approached his kennel. I don’t need a second dog….I don’t need a second dog…I don’t need a second dog….


Money is getting really tight with my family right now, so I decided to start doing commissions! Prices are starting off pretty cheap, because I want people to buy them, so please don’t hesitate!

I’m currently offering:

$1 pencil sketches (shown: @lightsandfrights’s Miso)

$2 pencil sketches colored with digital marker (shown: @goofyshelterdogs’s Ginger)

$3 pencil sketches with details/shading and simple coloring (shown: Crayola from Great Plains SPCA)

$3 simple pencil sketches with detailed coloring (shown: @tybeethesheltie’s Delta)

$4 quick and messy digital painting (shown: @muttdogs’s Kylo)

$5 digital paintings (shown: Damian from Great Plains SPCA and @salty-sighthound’s Brum)

$7 digital paintings (shown: @maxandmaeby’s Maeby and @tybeethesheltie’s Tybee)

Please message me if you want a portrait for more information on the process! And please reblog even if you’re not interested to help me out!!!