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It's In the Bag

Author: @lovelizziekins

Rated: T    

No trigger warnings.  Kept it short, sweet and light-hearted.   Hope somebody enjoys!       


“What,” I mutter back to Madge who is bellowing down at me from upstairs.  I can only imagine what she wants now.  She’s the one planning this trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but I seem to be getting stuck with all the last minute errands that go with it.  

I don’t even want to go on this trip.  I have too many other things I could be doing with my next-to-last week of summer and it’s called working.  Earning money.  Getting paid.  I don’t have parents paying my way through college or paying for me to go on fun vacations with my friends, so how Madge talked me into going; I’ll never know.

“Katniss,” Madge says as she tumbles down the stairs, stopping short as soon as she sees me.  “Wait, are you really wearing that to the beach?

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