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Colossalcon was a wild ride. Between some drama, and health issues before the convention, I’m surprised that I made it there all four days. Overall, it was a success and I’m really glad I went. Had a blast on Thurs with @playrozrewind in our little Archer Duo, as Pam and Cherlene. Friday held The Evil Within adventures with the fandom babes @shinybunearyy , @sheezyshacks, @detective-joseph-oda and our new addition, Connelly played by @supercerealg! I also got to see my darling @pharaohastrid for some JoKid adorableness as con wives! ♥ Saturday was the debut of Nuka Girl, which included a lot of pain, but it was so satisfying to finally wear her after I decided last year I wanted her to be my big project. Finally, Sunday was filled with chill times and OTP gayness with my bb @detective-joseph-oda in our Yuri on Ice cosplays!

We got some great pix and made some wonderful memories, and despite the hard times, my fandom family has only proved time and time again how lovely and loyal and utterly sweet they are. I love you all so much. Thank you for being so amazing! ♥♥♥

treflev  asked:

I really like your writing! (And Pix looks great, haven't been through all the tag yet though). What ships do you like writing?

Oh jeez! Yeah, thank you for going through my blog and liking all of my stuff… anyway, I like writing Hanapix (whoops!), Hanamai, ProSatch, Spacepix(oops), Spacetown, Spacebutter, Jirardpix (again, OOPS), and anything with the Salty Boi.


HEYO!!! i’m in college & trying to get by
>sketch/lineart (top left pic): $7 min, +$2 per extra character
>bust/simple (bottom left pic): $12 min, +$4 per extra character
>elaborate (top right pic): $15 min, +$5 per extra character
>no explicit nsfw/anything morally dubious lol
>paypal only rn
>msg me thru the tumblr dm feature or email me @
**to view more/full versions of my art, visit this link (super easy 2 navigate)!!! THANK YOU!!! hav a great day