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I felt like I should share this on here. One of my friends, who was in my prom group, has cancer. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy. His immune system is very low so he had to wear a medical mask to prom, but with the amazing friends I have, he didn’t have to do it alone.

The Hawks won the cup and recently I hit the 1,000 follower mark so I wanted to make my first ever follow forever to commemorate the awesomeness!!!!! So here are some really awesome people who I will follow forever:


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And because I definitely forgot some people here is my blogroll. You are all so great and nice to me and this website can be really annoying sometimes but the people I follow definitely give me hope that there are truly good people left. Have an amazing day!

Fishy's Top Ten Hobbit/LOTR Fanfics Fic Rec

(Mostly Bagginshield)

1. Sanûkh by determamfidd, this is the monolith of all LOTR, and hobbit fics! It exploits wonderful plot, drama, and action combined with the multitudes of efforts from fanworks to create a work of art! Death is only the beginning. Also you should check out the Sansûkh Podfic which is coming soon! Link to Sansûkh:

2. An Expected Journey by MarieJacquelyn, as you may soon notice, I love time travel fix it aus, but this one in particular! It’s a wonderful mix of smut, and psychology in the POV of Thorin AND Bilbo! Link:

3. Shades of Red and Gold by lily_winterwood, this fic is a modern au with a very insightful and accurate take on BDSM as a whole, all together its a great read! Link:

4. My Hills, Your Hills by orphan_account, this fic is (in my opinion) the absolute best representation of Dark! Bilbo, it hints at past bagginshield but really it delves into the mental issues of Bilbo as a whole, it really wonderful! Link:

5. Prayers To Broken Stone by avelera, hoo boy, I love this fic, everything about it is perfect, from Thorin’s portrayal to the downright tone! It’s simply a gem! Link:

6. The Tale of Two Time-Traveling Hobbits by Liliume, a little bit more obscure on the fanfic spectrum is this wonderful take on a time travel au! It deals with the question of what would happen if Bilbo AND Frodo were sent back, a wonderful read! Link:

7. it’s killing time, and times killing you by KaavyaWriting, another more obscure fic, this is a wonderful modern au mixed with ghost au! It’s super entertaining and its lovely to watch Bilbo and Thorin’s personalities bounce off each other! Link:

8. My Fair Hobbit by erinye, a shorter fix by the rest of these standards but no less as well written! This is a bagginshield take on my fair lady and is truly entertaining so far! Link:

9. Bilbo son of Durin by Ulura, not a baggy shield fix but sure as hell is well written! It deals with the trope of one of the main characters being found as a child and what happens next, the sequel is also a LOTR au which is really entertaining! Link:

10. Katabasis by LittleBigSpoon, A wonderful crossover bagginshield fic that crosses into the realms of alternate universes! It’s really great and wonderful! Link:

I have many more but these are my top ten!


» how are you so awesome? → andrew garfield

I need to feel like I’m doing some kind of good. It sounds cheesy, I know, but I feel like I have a really big guilt complex and that if I’m not doing any kind of good then there’s no real reason for being. I believe that doing movies like this is positive because they can inspire and be entertaining.