great park

There are skies and then there are Blue Ridge Parkway skies. The southern end of the parkway in North Carolina winds through the highest elevations, offering dramatic mountain top views. When photographer Robert Stephens chanced upon this scene at Bear Trap Gap, he said “It almost felt like an out of body experience. You can’t believe what you’re seeing, but it’s there! I was so in awe of the light filtering over the ridges I had to remember to snap my shutter!” Photo courtesy of Robert Stephens.

Actual thing that happened during Ask Got7
  • Jackson: Mark...
  • Jackson: Why are you so hot?
  • Jackson: Just kidding that's not the question
  • Jackson: Mark...
  • Jackson: Why are you so daddy?
  • Jackson: Just kidding again!
  • for anyone who doesn't think they read what we say...