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Do you really think dirk and rose would hate each other? :( I always thought that they had a lot of shared Interests?

Nah, I don’t think they’d hate each other, but I really don’t think they’d get along as swimmingly as people seem to think- they definitely have a ton in common, but part of this is why I think they’d grate a little too much sometimes.

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This was by far my fav thing about sims 2. My friends always teased me but I made sure at least one sim from each major family married another sim from a different major family so I could find all my sims through distant marriages on the family tree. It was fun.

Oh man let me tell you about my Goth family in The Sims 3. It started out normally, I got like four generations in, and then one of the current gen’s kids ended up marrying a genie that Bella Goth originally freed from his lamp. (He ended up staying in the house as just an extra Sim to help take care of kids and stuff). The genies age REALLY slowly, so he knew her as a baby and basically helped raise her but by the time she was an adult I was like you know what, you’re gonna marry him. So I got him the potion that turned him human. EXCEPT they had already had a genie baby. 

So the parents die, their kids have kids, so on and so forth, and freaking, that one genie daughter is still alive because they age so slow. Even the game lost track of who she was in the family tree and I had to be REALLY careful when she would come around that her like, great great great nephew or whoever didn’t try to flirt with her. 

It got crazy near the end. I still have their save file somewhere. I should try playing them again. By the end there were even fairies involved in the family and one of the heirs had a divorce and a child from the divorce and then he married a fairy so there was all this half fairy sibling stuff going on too.

Man to this day they’re my favourite ever Sims family and I’ve been playing The Sims since the beginning lmao.


Rey is Jesse’s wife. She is a bartender for a majority of her time but is a marine biologist the rest of it. Likewise, she is a skilled Water witch and helps both Perun and Burrasca control storms. Although the clan has never faced a tsunami before, they are resting easier knowing Rey is in the clan.

She’ll get a wardrobe upgrade when I have a better idea of what will look good on her, but for now she’s joined the family. Jesse loves her dearly and is always going to Flint for relationship advice and what gift is good for a birthday versus an anniversary.

James is so proud of his little bro and has tried writing to their older bro Woodson about the happy news that Jesse is getting married but the paper is always tear-stained and Sophia refuses to send it in that state.

I honestly think the Puerto Rico fat tax is a great idea. The parents are given diet and exercise help programs to get their children into to get healthy and if nothing is done then they are taxed like 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 proud to know my native island is getting off their ass and doing for something about the obesity epidemic. And hopefully no one will have to pay the tax and they will help their children before it’s too late.

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✍ + parenting (like i said they'd be GREAT parents)

Tobin had no idea what he was doing. Lila was looking up to him with big old eyes, she had just asked him where babies come from, Faye was giggling behind their daughter and he was sputtering like an idiot.

“Well Lila.” He cleared his throat. “Babies are made from clay, and then through a blessing that only true lovers can get, the clay gets life and turns into beautiful babies, like you!”

Faye came over and gave Tobin a kiss, agreeing with him and Lila ran off to play with her friends some more as Tobin slumped on the couch. Faye sat next to him and snuggled a bit. “You know, that was kinda funny Tobin.” She said as Tobin gave her a playful scowl.

“I can’t believe after everything this is where we’re at Faye, you and me, and a child, it’s a funny thing, and I’ve never been happier.”

but imagine Laurelle shipping Tronnor while Shaun ships Troyler and they would have small, playful ship wars whenever Troye wasn’t around and eventually Sage and Steele join in cause why not? But then the teams were even so they start trying to get Tyde to go to either Tronnor or Troyler  and Tyde does his best to not be involved so he sticks with Troye the whole time cause the Mellets don’t talk about Troyler/Tronnor whenever Troye is around. And once when Tyde was in Troye’s room, hiding, he hears the familiar Skype jingle indicating a Skype video call so Tyde goes to answer it since Troye went to the bathroom and to get them food. He clicks the accept button and before Tyde could even say anything, he hears

“Hey babe, I miss you so much. I wish I could go back” To which Tyde responds

“Sorry not Troye.” And Tyde sees how quickly Connor’s face turns to face the camera (He’d been looking through some papers outside the screen)


“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.” Tyde winks before hearing the door open and in comes Troye with a jar of Nutella and a bag of cookies. 

“Connor’s waiting for you,” Tyde smiles while taking the cookies and walking out the room. They need their space, right?

Then came dinner and Tyde makes it a show to sit next to his mom, and after dinner and after Troye had left back to his room. The whole family confronts Tyde about which side he’s on and all he says is:

“Their secret is safe with me."