great papaw


So its been a very strange day so far. I woke up and got ready for church. I haven’t been there in years, so of course there were lots of awkward hugs and questions. After my sister got called up for her graduation thing, we got dragged into going to some lady’s house for lunch. We had pizza and chips and fruit salad, and I had fun but it was still very awkward. Then we went to a big green house/flower shop to get something to plant at my great papaws grave for memorial day. I saw these cool roses that I always thought were fake. I got this little aloe, its so tiny and cute! So then we went and planted them, and we took puppy and walked around a little. And then I finally got home, and we had to start cleaning. I have no idea what else we have to do today, hopefully not much because I really dont feel good.

Tomorrow we will have 15 people here.. And I’m really not looking forward to it. Its going to be an all day thing. My head hurts already. 😂