great oyster bay

Great Oyster Bay, Tasmania, Australia.

I have no idea what my dad and I were picking up. Anyway, we saw a huge stingray in the bay! I saw something moving in the water at first, and you know how stingrays do that thing they do with their bodies? I have no idea what it’s called but let’s call it flapping. I saw it flapping in the water and at first I was trying to figure out what it was. AND THEN I REALIZED IT WAS A STINGRAY. And I smacked my dad so hard on his arm to get him to look and when he did, we both got all amazed and excited! Yeahhh silly asians. Okay, my dad wasn’t as excited so it’s more like silly 19 year old who has never seen a stingray in its natural habitat. Hahahaha. It was quite a distance away but we could still see it flapping away in the shallows. I stared at it till it disappeared and even after it was long gone, that amazed, fluttery, excited feeling I get when I see animals in the wild was still in my stomach. Yeah silly asian. Hahahaha.