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Gold Digger - A Roman Reigns One-Shot

Roman is having a hard time getting rid of his gold-digging ex-wife. What exactly does he have to do to get her out of his life permanently? Roman Reigns/OC. AU one-shot.

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“Do you need anything else, Mr. Reigns?”

Tearing his eyes from the paperwork on his desk for the first time in hours, Roman Reigns looked up at his secretary. “No, that will be all. Thank you.”

“Okay. Have a good night, Mr. Reigns.”

“You too.”

Once she shut the door behind her, Roman shook his head, chuckling quietly. He was well aware of the attention his secretary had been giving him these past few weeks. And not just her; there was a bunch of other women in the fray; fellow colleagues, clients, family friends; most of them far less subtle about their intentions than she was. When you were a very successful, newly single young man, such was to be expected. But as flattered as he was, he had no plans for another relationship, not so soon after his divorce.

He sighed heavily as she came to his mind. Sabrina. The redheaded goddess. The seductress. The Jezebel that nearly ruined his life.

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LII - Handsome

Sportarobbie Fanfiction - The 52nd Shortie

Loosely Based On A Promtp

Warnings: None :)

Summary: The residents of Lazy Town decide to have a spontaneous party together. Robbie would like to wear an outfit he has made himself, but is feeling insecure - luckily Sportacus is very supportive and manages to convince Robbie to wear the outfit.

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I go where the knife needs to be.

Farrah Goodfairy

My Farrah had such bad glue head; there was a big dark stain on the cardboard  behind her head, when I took her out of the box. I treated her with tea tree oil and corn starch. I need to fix the front curl in her hair. Her hair is mostly blue with a few purple streaks.

Best shoes ever! I have found so many other outfits and dolls that these shoes look great with. I let Farrah wear them most of the time. She also has a cute wand, silver wings and a star headband. I love all her extras including the stand. Her wings especially look cool the way the stars drape over her like a necklace, and it also holds up her wings.

Something very cute about Farrah is her closed mouth smile and stars on her cheeks. She has a cute squinting smile eye print. She has blue eyes and eye shadow. Her eyebrows are brown and her lips pink.

Her dress has a silver inset skirt that is tightly gathered. It looks cute with the blue diamond layer, which is mostly covering it, and has a scalloped edge. The dress has an empire waist and a cutout neckline. 

Just In for Men

Editors’ Picks: 5 new arrivals to shop this week

Each week, we scroll through our new arrivals and choose five of our favorite pieces - a hand-picked selection of this season’s best clothing and accessories to shop now or add to ‘your loves’ section to shop later. View the best new products below and see why you need them in your closet stat.

1. Charcoral Floral Oversized Sweatshirt by Topman

Why You Need It: When layering for the colder months, throw on something other than stripes or plaid. Try this printed floral, oversized sweatshirt from Topman’s vintage collection and pair it with a pair of jeans for a comfy, bold ensemble. 

2. Teddy Jazz Shirt by Still Good

Why You Need It: Anything basic, yet unique is always on our radar and this button-up does the trick. It’s made of color-blocked knit and twill, has a varsity jacket collar and can even double as lightweight coat. Available on Eastdane.

3. Axion Jogger Pants by Fairplay Brand

Why You Need It: Trade in your jeans for a pair of sweatpants - because this season, they’re not just for sporting activities. Pair these PacSun pants with a pair of adidas sneakers and a dressy tee for a great, casual on-the-go look. 

4. Herschel Supply Co. Settlement Backpack

Why You Need It: Herschel Supply Co. always makes awesome bags, especially backpacks, and we love this new color way. Its cotton canvas is sturdy and makes a great addition to any outfit. 

5. Stan Smith Shoes by adidas

Why You Need It: With the rise in popularity of Stan Smiths (for men and women), you can bet you’ll come across some awesome new takes on the classic shoe. This version features an open mesh upper with allover reflective foil details and laces, as well as a cool snakeskin-pattern heel tab.

anonymous asked:

Can you post your top 3 favourite outfits and post where you got them? Love your styleee xx

Yeah sure

Got this whole outfit HERE (minus the shoes) A really great website :) check it out.

Got this whole outfit (minus the flannel - thats from H&M) HERE