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For anyone who ever doubted Sehun’s talent after today you really have no right to do that anymore (not that you ever had the right because this boy IS TALENTED!!). Not only did he dance and SING this song (which btw he did an amazing job at) he also co-produced AND wrote the lyrics to that too and on top of that worked really hard to show us his body which he promised us. Sehun really works so hard and always wants to improve, I feel blessed to stan such a dedicated man who wants to show a better side of him each time he gets the opportunity and I’m beyond proud of him for doing so

I never realized how fucking annoying people commenting on lives are until I couldn’t turn the comments off

i am a:



🔘massive musical theatre nerd

looking for:



🔘more pro-shots of Broadway musicals with the obc to be made publicly available so that I don’t have to resort to shitty-quality illegal bootlegs

This doggo is so cute, Shiro went full Steven Universe for a moment there

EDIT: I drew a sequel to this comic!