great now i want fanfic

Oh no

I just had the worst/best AU idea for the anime’s Memory World arc

What if the Thief King sounded and acted like Ryou when Yami Bakura wasn’t in control…. because Yami Bakura put Ryou’s soul into that figurine

And that means everything after Zorc/Thief King/Yami Bakura was destroyed could have just been Yami Bakura acting as him, since Ryou’s real-life body still worked. He’d have what he wanted in Duelist Kingdom–a vessel without a mind of its own. AND he’d know where the Millennium Items were buried because he saw the Ceremonial Duel.


…Great, now I want a fanfic of this.

mariianadaydreamer  asked:

Could you write one about what happened later the: "i love you"?? Maybe a Shamy slow dance?? Or a Kiss?? Or maybe the two??:)

I also received: “Hi, NerdGirl! I’m simply fascinated by and passionate fanfics … Congratulations you’re a great writer …. and now I want to ask you if you could create a fanfic based on “The Prom Equivalency” as if it were continued, they dancing, talking in baile, saying that Amy loves him, even when she goes away … wish both know the end of this episode …. please… *—-*“ from miragefabi

I’m not going to lie.  I might have over done it with the "I love yous."  I still hope that you enjoy.

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