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DEXTER - T.H.I.N.G. [135bpm]

This week we’re keeping the vibe underground, deep in the basement. 

Dexter has released the “Great Northern Diver EP” on the fantastic Clone Basement Series, and that vibe is strong. When we last spoke about Dexter, it was for his banger house track “Fat Skinny People” on the Clone Crown Ltd. series; which can be heard here

“T.H.I.N.G.” is drastically different, but we can still hear Dexter in it.  The beats are future, the tempo is high, and it lingers in a realm of breakbeats that is nearly indescribable. We get teased with the distorted, gritty vocals at the very beginning, and are left patiently awaiting their return.

This release is not to be missed. Be sure to order the limited vinyl from your favorite record shop, and prepare for Dexter to take the world of techno in a completely new direction.
Great northern diver
The largest of the UK's divers, it has a bigger, heavier head and bill than its commoner relatives. It is largely a winter visitor to our shores although some non-breeding birds stay off northern coasts in the summer.

Ok, I know this is a bit ridiculous of me but I just got really excited on discovering they’re actually real birds. So I went and found proof (although most of you probably know more about birds already and have realised this years ago). For those who didn’t, here is a link to some information about Great Northern Divers. 


Looking very similar to the extinct Great Auk, Boobries are curious magical creatures with the ability to shapeshift into wildly disparate forms - while often in avian forms such as cormorants, great northern divers or even great auks, they can also take the appearance of water bulls and horses (Tarbh Uisge and Each Uisge), large insects such as horseflies (more common in the summer). Found throughout the Scottish lochs they refuse to share territory with other magical predators, often fighting other such creatures in their territories (fights between Boobries and Kelpies and Each Uisge are considered some of the more spectacular fights between magical creatures found in the wild).

Highly predatory, Boobries are considered malevolent, as they will hunt apparently for sport (though this is speculated by some to be more a test of skill exhibited during mating season than “for fun”) they are carnivorous creatures which feed preferentially on livestock transported on ships, though, in recent years they have moved more and more towards land where they will shelter in overgrown heather and hunt those passing nearby, as well as preferentially on otters.

While capable of running atop the surface of lochs when in their equine forms - often leading to Boobries being confused with Kelpies - they are perfectly capable of sinking beneath the waters, which they usually do after hunting, devouring the carcass underwater. Due to this, as well, they are often further confused with continental the continental water horses called Bäckahäst which are known to drag their prey beneath the waters only for intestines to later float to the surface.

Boobrie feathers are very occasionally collected for use as wandcores, and are incredibly powerful transfiguration cores - much more powerful than Kelpie hair, but not as powerful as Phoenix feathers. They are especially good for transfiguration on living things, as well as for conjuring creatures such as Transfiguration Mice, but also at the arts sometimes called “Torturous Transfiguration” in which people are transfigured in ways intended to cause them pain. As a result Boobrie feathers are carefully monitored, but they are extremely rare and thus the issue rarely comes up.

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(Read about the Boobrie of lore Here. Image is of some Great Auks. I hate that I have to include this but PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE IMAGE SOURCE OR MY CAPTION.)